Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Services Not Needed

It all started on Day 233 Tuesday, May 10, 2011 when I received a response to become a contestant for a project entitled "Japaneses Style Game Show." This is what the breakdown said:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been chosen for the first phase of our Japanese Style GAME SHOW casting! Please carefully read the below instructions so that we can submit you to our producers and move you to the next phase... We cannot tell you too many details about the pilot, but it's for ANIMAL PLANET, so you KNOW it will be GREAT! MUST HAVE the kind of adventurous, up-for-anything personality that game shows love! Also, although it will not be overly strenuous, you MUST be in good physical shape, as running, jumping, spinning etc could be involved...

Now... for the next phase! TAPE INSTRUCTIONS: - 3-5 minute VIDEO submission...

Tell us or show us some physical skills you have.... also, brag about some physical accomplishments (mountain climbing, marathon, tiger wrestling etc... :) COMPETITIVE SPIRIT- give us some examples of how competitive you are, in life, sports, games, etc... ANIMALS - tell us your favorite animal stories, imitate an animal, if you were an animal, what kind of animal are you? tell/show us about your pets! WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE YOU AS A CONTESTANT? TELL US SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT YOU, THAT WE WOULDN'T KNOW BY LOOKING AT YOU. BE YOURSELF... and HAVE FUN! SEND ASAP....

There was much more in the message but furthermore, I was extremely reluctant about it at first. I was at the point where I was tired of putting video submissions together. In the past I put so much energy and passion into video submissions because video production is how I made a living for so long. I take pride in all the videos I produce. Moreover, I decided to do it based on a quick recycled idea from my Expedition Impossible audition video. It's one of my less detailed videos in which I completed it in one take and it did the job.   

By Day 238 Monday, May 16, 2011 I was a top 20 finalist.

By June 2nd & 3rd (Week 37) I had the impression I was locked and sealed. The following week (Week 38) I met with the producers on Monday. Then I met with a doctor for my medical test on Wednesday. Then on Friday June 10, 2011 I got an email indicating that I am alternate. I'm not in the top eight but I'm an alternate. Meaning if one of their top eight drops they'll make a space for me.

They communicated with me all the way up until last Thursday, June 23rd asking for more information. Then informed me that I would be on hold as an alternate all the way up until the day of by 7am. Today was the day of and exactly at 7am I received this email. 

Hello Alternate Contestant,

Thank you for auditioning for our pilot as we greatly appreciate your involvement.  It was a pleasure meeting you and unfortunately, we will not need you to report to our set.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Once again, thank you.

Within the last week I started to think maybe they are playing a game and everyone is an alternate for the show until the day of. Then in the last couple days I figured they're not choosing me. If they really wanted me they would of told me by now.

The most frustrating part of the process is being kept on hold for so long. On my calendar I blocked out June 29th, 30th, & July 1st. If they would of selected me, they would of put me up in a hotel for 3 days, provide a stipend, plus a possibility to win a grand prize. They were very firm about being available. I passed up submitting for other projects on those dates because of what they told me.

Not to mention Judgment is approaching. I will fully explain that in my 2011 Mid Term Evaluation (Coming soon). Considering the that fact that this Thursday/Friday is my last day in my current living arrangements this would of been an ideal opportunity to support my transition process.

Its pointless to spend time pondering on why they didn't choose me. Overall, I think I did great but for some reason two thing points out in my mind. At the meeting the executive producer asked me where I worked. I told him a supermarket. There was a weird pause at that point. Or maybe it was an energy shift. No one else would of noticed but me. If I had to play inspector gadget I would say maybe my job wasn't interesting enough of this show.

They also didn't know about any of my experience in front of the camera. They asked me how I think I'll do in from to the camera. I mentioned stuff I did in college but maybe that wasn't convincing enough

Going into the interview, I thought the producers knew more about me going in. I don't think they even saw the video above. Apparently, I learned that the casting team doesn't share any information with the producers. The casting department just passes on the people they select along and the producers learn you from scratch. At least that what went down in this case. 

Final Thoughts

Yesterday, for about two minutes, I felt some moments of anger but in a flash it was all over. Anger because I denied submitting for other opportunities. I was totally committed to this show. I don't like being left hanging on a cliff like that, but its the chances I have to take. This is the process that my successors had to go through. Being on hold or being told "We went another direction" is the inaugural stages of Hollywood. As I build another foundation from this disappointment, I'm looking forward to graduting from this "We went another direction" phase.

By the way, the last name of that show that was revealed is: "Who Is The Most Loved By Animals"
I wish I could share more about but this is is all I know. You know just about as much as I do. They really keep show pilot details on lock.

As a standard gratitude, I replied back to that disappointing email that say, "thank you for the consideration. I wish you the best with your pilot..."

Believe me, at one point, I really wanted to say "Thank you for leaving me hanging on the cliff for so long. You knew darn well you wasn't going to choose me. Why did you waste my time? I could of been working another project..." lol, but of course I know better then to say that. As disappointing as the results are, through a process of elimination I was considered for a great opportunity and indeed it is something to be appreciative about. I have grown from this and I'm much smarter and stronger now.

As the quest continues...

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Motown Maurice


  1. So you are a werewolf...jk : ) Sorry 'bout the frustration, but I think you have figured out a very good way to get it out. Cheers, Motown!


  2. hang in there bro. man I watched your video and all the sports stuff is so true. I was laughing when you were talking about track. You did get fast senior year. That took heart to stick with it like that. I can't wait until you get the ball rolling like you want bro. I can't really think of anyone else who deserves it more man. Good luck bro.


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