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GodSpeed - JuneSpeed (Judgment Day is Revealed)

Its hard to believe but I've been in LA for approximately 8 months and 18 days now. The fact that I'm still here and striving strong is amazing. Every other day I think about how I got here to begin with and and it makes no sense. Truthfully, when I think about how I got to one place to another within the last year plus of my life, it makes no sense.

I would like to get in depth about the last year plus of my life but I can't right now. I will do that in an upcoming post. I want to focus on the the last 3-4 months and the significance of the month of June. Most importantly its time to reveal what this Judgment business is all about.

Since I arrived on September 19, 2010 I've been blessed with the best living situation possible. To be blunt I haven't had any pressure paying any rent or utilities in LA. To be frank with you, I haven't paid any rent or utility since March of 2010 while still in Tampa. I can't even find the words to describe how blessed I've been.

Furthermore, some blessings comes to an end. New blessings will arise but some will come to an end.
I knew since February that this particular blessing will soon come to an end. In foresight of the end arriving, I gave myself an ultimatum because I didn't want to freeload from my roommate any longer. I whined about it in my Woe is Me.

Between February and March my roommate indicated that she has made the decision to find a roommate and move to another apartment in the effort of saving money. I then knew that something significant had to happen by the end of March or I would be out on the street. That's why I posted: March Month of Madness Begins Now

So March was declared Judgment month. Judgment meaning something big better happen or I'll be homeless soon. I know its hard to swallow but I'm not afraid to be homeless. I figured if my quest required me to be homeless then I would do it with the utmost integrity.

When my roommate declared the date she was going move I requested to move at the same time she moved. Subsequently giving me an extra month extension (Judgment Month Is Over. Now Whats Next)

So for the last 3 or more months I've been anticipating homeless and I was going to embrace it with courage and some how over come it. Miraculously, it never happened. During the last couple weeks of May I was certain that I would be out on the street by June 1st because my roommate said she found a place. She was debating for a while where to live and at the same time she had a lot of trouble finding a roommate. When she recently found roommate she had an issue with living with a animal. The person had a dog. I encouraged her to meet the dog and check whether its friendly or not. When she met the dog she liked it and felt comfortable about it. However, when she found out that dog will be getting companion soon, that broke the deal. 

My roommate has been having unique and odd irregularities trying to find a new place which has been providing me additional stay extensions. If you read my posts for the past few months I've made many references to Judgment and to my surprise it never happened. 

Now its the month of June and I have been extended another month. This time I'm certain July 1st will be the end of this era. The end is near (The End is Coming) but in all positivity of course.

Now that judgment is officially official, great things are staring to happen. Great results started taking place during the last two weeks of May leading into a stupendous month of June. My audition schedule is off the roof and I have already confirmed participation in something really huge. 

The type of results I'm receiving right now is what I was demanding to happen by the end of March (March Month of Madness Begins Now) This just just proves that you can't control the timing of your blessings. Everything always arrives in Godspeed.

I'm not going to try and predict all that's going to happen in June but I just know that this month is ushering in something special. I can feel it. As I mentioned in week 36 I'm in a great space in my life and my intuition tells me my space is getting bigger, better and greater.

This month hasn't even completed a full week yet and I have already elevated to a level not yet since before in my quest. On June 1st alone I had 2 SAG auditions and one was a call back. On June 2nd I was selected from the audience for the game show Lets Make a Deal hosted by Wayne Brady. My participation for a reality contest was also confirmed. This contest is big and you will be reading about it soon.

That's just a blurb of the first 2 days of June and I'm just getting started. If that's not a great introduction to a life changing month, I don't know what is.

The month of June has also landed my appearance on my 3rd nationally syndicated show 3 weeks in a row. 2 weeks ago I was on Baggage. 1 week ago I was on Excused and this past week I was on Lets Make a Deal. How great is that?

I've been using the term Judgment for certain situations since the summer of 1998. During the time my first girlfriend asked me for some space and I deliberately imposed 2 plus months worth of space. When the space was over she had the option of calling me back on Judgment day. If she called then that would give us a chance to work things out. If she didn't then it was over.

Judgment Day was in August of 1998 on her first day of her senior year in high school (I think it was her first day of school). I had already graduated. She never called and it had an affect on me but believe you me her not calling was one of the best things that ever happened to me. That's a whole different blog. 

I still don't know what the future holds but its not going to be my Judgment. I'm getting too many calls right now and so many auditions are coming my way. A few days ago I had a conversation with my sponsor for life Pamela Y. Robinson and we joked about how I broke the Hollywood code.There is still much to learn but in less then a year I now generally understand the frame of things operate. It took me 8 months and I'm starting to really get some promising results.

The space around me is really positive and I'm loving it. Its honestly really hard for me to tolerate any negative energy in my space. In another words, I can't be around certain people for a long time anymore. Its been like that for a while and its becoming more difficult to tolerate certain peoples energies period. 

I still haven't booked anything major with my agent yet but that doesn't mean I'm doing anything wrong. The producers know the type they are looking for and when I fit that type I will get it in at Godspeed. Which just might be in JuneSpeed. It has become obvious that I am liked by some casting agencies because I keep getting called in and a called back.  

In conclusion, I am writing this post in the spirit of gratitude for the month of June. June has been a good month for me over the years. I graduated from High School in June. I launched a significant program called Wide aWoke Wednesday's in 2007. Wide aWoke Wednesday's opened up the path for me to be in LA today. I also launched The Variety Night Show in June of 2008. I didn't know it at the time but it was a taste tester of my purpose as a late night talk show host.

Bottom-line this is a great month at a great time. I'm at an even greater speed and a wonderful space in my life. I'm really looking forward to continuing on this elevated path of greatness. 

As the quest continues

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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  1. And you have done a lot and met a lot of people..networking..representing your brand..putting yourself out there..keep your ear to the ground..staying humble enough to be given advise..going where you need to go..doing whatever is necessary.....just remember will all of the noise to be careful of too many distractions..stay focus..and stay prayed up bruh..some of us are quietly listening and watching you..but we are still with you..keep it up! And may God keep ordering your steps!


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