Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dollar Miracle

Post Represents: Monday, June 6, 2011

On the way to meet the producers for Code name Japaneses Style Game Show, I had to transfer on a Santa Monica Blue Line Bus. I didn't realize I had to ride the Blue Line until someone told me the number 5 was a Blue Line.

I got on the bus only with a $20 bill. I have a pre-paid Tap Card for all the metro buses but it doesn't work on the Blue Line. When the bus driver told me the cost was $1, I began to pat my pockets trying to indicate effort toward finding the money. He didn't have change. I asked a few people on the bus and they didn't have change neither. 

By the time we got to the next stop he told me I had to get off and get change. This was shocking to me. I've been here since September and several times I didn't have enough money for the bus but I've always worked some magic to my advantage. Never have I been asked to got off the bus.

Let me remind you that I'm on my way to meet the producers and executive producer of Code name Japaneses Style Game Show. This is a very important meeting and they gave strict instructions not to be late.

The crazy thing is, I was kind of passive about the bus driver telling me to get off. For some reason I wasn't going to put up a fight. I was leaning toward just walking out. As I leaned toward the exit, a few new people walked on the bus. I reluctantly asked one person if he had change for $20. He said, he didn't have change but he had a dollar he could give me. I was not expecting that. What are the odds and the chances of that one person offering me a dollar? 

I thanked him repeatedly at that moment and as I was leaving. I don't know how you perceive this Dollar Miracle but this is an amazing story Dollar Miracle in my book. I'm really blessed and my Dollar Miracle is just another recurring confirmation.

As the quest continues..

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