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Important Information Regarding Motown Maurice. Please Read!

Some of my die hard fans and groupies may have already read the message below. Originally, I sent it out to approximately 4,000 people on my mass email list. It was sent on September 7, 2010 and its brief recap of the first 8 months 2010 and it introduces to the world my quest to become a Late Night Talk Show Host in LA. I know its a long message but I received so many response from it. I plan to post the responses so check it out on the next page. 

1st Season 
 As most of you may already know, when I launched The Motown Maurice Show during the first quarter of this year (January 23, - April 3, 2010) I literally exhausted all of my resources to make it happen. My main objective was to create jobs and revitalize Tampa Bay’s economy by adding a late night talk show as a major entertainment attraction.    

My First Hiatus
Although all 8 episodes were successful in many ways it forced me into my first creative hiatus. I have been out of the public eye for over five months and I’ve been growing a beard which represents my personal form of protest throughout the duration. I must admit, this has been the most painful period of my life. Not necessarily because I’m in thousands of dollars of debt or because I was no longer able to pay my rent and I was forced to move out of my apartment. Neither did seeking bankruptcy consultation really bother me. My five month hiatus has been painful because for the first time in over ten years I was frozen, inactive and forced to be patient.

When Oprah launched her “Your Own Show” contest in May, I thought maybe this is what I’ve been working so hard for. It had to be more than just a coincidence that only a few days after my season finale I heard about Oprah’s opportunity to give someone their own show on her new network. I almost immediately put all my eggs into one basket.  It seemed destined and perfectly designed for what I was trying to achieve. It was an ideal chance to help receive national recognition, put Tampa Bay on the map and support job creation. For those of you that are not aware of the results, I was a finalist and communicated with Oprah’s producers multiple times but unfortunately I did not make the cut in the end.

State of Depression
I must admit not being a part of Oprah’s “Your Own Show” contest put me in a slight state of depression. It’s even worse when they suddenly stop communicating with you and your wondering what’s going on. The fact that it was the 2nd contest I didn’t make made it even worst. I was also very close candidate with The Chamber of Commerce “Free Enterprise” contest but in the end not close enough. Within in the period of five months I’ve spend many days lifeless and unclear on what to do next.

Season Two
Unofficially, it’s the fall and I owe you all an update about The Motown Maurice Show season two. Regretfully, I have decided to cancel season two for now and propone it until another time or place. Season one was an outstanding achievement. With over 50 volunteers and the exclusive sponsorship support from Attorney Pamela  Y. Robinson ( we created a first class late night talk show in front of a live studio audience. It was an amazing experience. I am also thankful that so many people still want to be a part of the team and we are still getting guests requests for the show.  However, many factors have leaded me to my decision. One of the main reasons is because my goals to create jobs have not been fulfilled and I refuse to build another season or endeavor again without job creation.  

June 2009 
June 2009 I attended The American Black Film Festival in Miami, FL. At one of the events Vivica Fox hosted a forum. Toward the end of it, I had a chance to slightly flirt with her then ask a very serious question. I said “Vivica, I know you’re from Indiana but in you never relocated to Los Angeles do you think you would as famous as you are today?” She looked at me and said “that is a very good question. I was always very active back then but if I never relocated, I probably would have just become a news reporter or a model… but if I didn’t relocate I probably wouldn’t be as successful as I am right now.”  That stuck with me and has haunted my mind ever since.

Sunday, September 19, 2010 
Currently, I don’t have much going for me right now in Tampa. Business is extremely slow and I’m practically homeless. Furthermore, it seems everything I do and everything people tell me reflex what Vivica Fox told me back in 2009. Without any further a due, I am announcing for the first time to my fans that I will be heading to Los Angeles, California on Sunday, September 19, 2010. I made the decision in a split second last week and a few hours later I was able to find an old college friend in LA on Facebook that is willing to help me get my feet off the ground.      

The Future 
Less than two years ago I would have never imagined leaving Tampa. Less than two years ago I never even considered the thought of being a late night talk show host. Nevertheless, I have been lead to pursue greater horizons through disappointments, frustrations and the will to achieve greatness. I still feel in indebted to many people who have helped me over the years and of course all my goals to create jobs. Moreover, my burden is taking me on a quest outside of Tampa. I am fully convinced that the only way for me to bring to life any of my visions for Tampa is by leaving for a while. Sometimes life takes on a journey outside your comfort zone to enhance your abilities and I strongly believe this is the case for me.  

Los Angeles & Tampa Bay 
Consider both Los Angeles and Tampa bay my home. I will not confirm that this is a permanent move but I am going out there with intentions to find work in entertainment and placement for television hosting opportunities. I want to be the best at what I do and I know I belong on television. As a result, I have to be where the best are. All my contact information will stay the same and I will most likely be back and forth very often. Business clients please don’t hesitate to call for service. If I’m not available I can still provide proper referrals.

Starting next week I will no longer be sending out mass emails like this. Look forward to one more email then I will be putting this communication method to an end.  If you are interested in following my progress I suggest you take note of my new blog. It’s called The Quest of a Late Night Talk Show Host in LA by Motown Maurice. Please resister to follow me by visiting: 

Also feel free to add me as a friend 

Exclusive Emails/Media Contacts Currently, there is close to 4,000 people on my mass email list. If you would like an exclusive email informing you every time I post a blog or every time I make the news in LA please immediately email me back with your name. As I stated above I will no longer be sending out mass emails as I been for the past three plus years. I will accept a very small and exclusive list of 75 people. In you are interested please email back ASAP.     

More than likely I will get a few replies from you with encouragement and congratulations. In advance I greatly appreciate it but please also consider making a small donation to my LA Quest (Smile). I’m heading out there with no money and every little bit helps. Whether is $5, $10 $15, $20 or more?  I would greatly appreciate any amount. 

Also please keep in mind the entertainment industry is based on who know. If you know anyone in California that may be able to guide me in the right direction in entertainment please put me in contact with them. Representation is a key factor on my quest. I’m going to need an agent, entertainment attorney, publicist,Will Smith’s and Tyler Perry’s personal cell number (lol). Even if you have a relative out there that may be able to help please let me know.

Final Thoughts
I know this email is a long read but I haven’t sent out an email in a long time and I have to give some type of back ground before I get to the point… The few people I already told asked me if I’m excited. I’m honestly ready for a new challenge more than anything else. I feel like a freshman in college again. Fall of 1998, I entered Hillsborough Community College and after the very first day I made a decision to transfer to Tallahassee to attend FAMU. None of my friends believed me but two semesters later I was in Tallahassee, FL. Now over 12 years later I’m on another mission getting ready to learn a new place. My friend who is going to help me in LA has known me for years and told me I should have already been there with my talents. Maybe it has always been my calling to compete with the stars in LA and I was avoiding it… Whatever the case is I’m thankful of all my accomplishments and even the pain it took to get where I am right now. If I went to LA years ago my story wouldn’t be as interesting.

I will do my best to continue to make each of you proud. Please consider my requests above and reply back  accordingly. Thank you very much for everything. Look forward to much more greatness.

Motown Maurice


  1. Keep away from people who try to belittle
    your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great.
    -Mark Twain

  2. God bless you on your journey Motown. I wish you the best out there in LA. I know things will work out for you.
    Eric Durham


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