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Mediocre Executive...

Post Represents: Day 182 Monday,  March 21, 2011 and day 183, Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

The origins of this post stems from day 176 Tuesday, 15, 2011 & day 180 Saturday day.

So I attended and joined this creative meeting this mediocre executive producer put together. From the interview I noted a red flag and at the meeting noted a few more. One was how he devalued my talk show at the interview and  the other was the amount of times he tried to instilled in the group that he was the leader. Thus, I let them slide and I didn't put much attention to them.

I personally thought the meeting decent. Besides the fact that he talked too much and one of the 2 times I spoke and shared an idea he told me that, "I don't care about that show idea." Honestly, that response did throw me off and is a huge red flag for me. I have a problem with any leader that tell tells one of his or her followers they don't care towards an idea. After that I was felt uncomfortable but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by saying to myself that's probably how most executives in Hollywood are.

Towards the end we all pitched ideas as he requested. He didn't like my idea but I wasn't the only person in the room who didn't have great ideas according to his standards, I guess. Nonetheless, I knew it was the first meeting and we were all learning the process. I knew by the next meeting things would be more on point.

The immediate next morning I received an email entitled: "Not Cool" This is what is said:

i told you that to be in the group you have to bring your 'a' agreed.
last night i dont know if you were high or tired, or both, but you were definitely not present.
im not sure this is the right fit for you.
if you want to give it another try, then join us next monday. if not, then withdraw.
but if you show up,  you need to bring your 'a' game.


I was shocked to receive such an email after only the first meeting. This was my response to him.


To me it sounds like you are uncertain, indecisive or doubtful about my presence in your group.  By all means, please don't let me inconvenience you any longer. 

I haven't fully grasped your style of leadership or your total approach on life as a person but the fact you 'don't care' about certain ideas and thoughts creates an hindering environment for followers.

I personally have never worked well with any leader that verbalizes the "don't care" response towards what someone has to say. All thoughts and ideas are powerful sources of energy and should be protected, not destroyed.

In my perspective, a leader has every right not to like an idea, not to agree with..., to think the idea makes no sense or to think that idea is another idea and has nothing to do with the topic of discussion. Nonetheless, when someone chooses a 'don't care' approach/statement it displays a lousy attribute in my opinion. That attitude works very well in a military base but within a creative group its mostly poisonous.   

Nonetheless, I am not making this statement because I was sensitive or was offended. That is seriously not the case. If you see any value in my advice I hope you benefit from it. If not, that's okay also. I do my best as a person to share words of wisdom and advice when I can to help another person.

As far as me not bringing my 'a' game. Apparently, I was unaware that you are pressing the fast forward button. The greatest golfer in the world has to adjust whenever he or she plays the game in a new environment. In many cases, they have to adjust to the slope and the wind by choosing the appropriate golf club.

On fast forward, I don't even have enough time or the opportunity to completely assess the clubs I own. Believe me I have many clubs but since your golf course obviously has a time limit my best clubs won't ever be used.

I won't debate your assumption of my state of being last night. I was probably as high and/or as tired as you but since we never worked together you wouldn't know how I operate. I was very coherent. Creative energy has the ability to naturally stimulate the mind. Most importantly, my first time in a new environment is always full of observation. I was more present than you realize but since you are on fast forward, I probably won't properly adjust to your speed. 

Very important: Please note. I have written a lot of emails in my time and a lot of them are often misinterpreted. Please know that I am not writing this email with the attempt to burn any bridges or with the sense of animosity. With honor, I will keep my ideas to myself, respect the privacy of everything that was said yesterday and I will step down for the benefit of the group and the sake of your comfort.

Your are probably twice my age and without a doubt you know more than me. I was sincerely looking forward to learning from you. At the same, time I wrote this email in detailed to share with you some words I thought you could benefit from in the future. Most people don't recognized my powers and abilities off of appearance, first glace, or speedy judgment.

With all sincerity,

I wish you the best with your projects.

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Peace and blessings



I probably put too much energy in that response but that's how I wanted to express myself. No bridges brunt. I'm just moving forward.  I since then communicated with one of the other people I met in the class and he was also shocked. He wrote, "WTF."

What can you say, its all good. Its no wonder he was fired from a previous TV show. Like my roommate said, how serious can he be if he's looking for people on Craigs List.

I'm not worried about it. I'm moving forward.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice

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