Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Money Miracles on 35th, 36th & 37th St.

You all remember The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St? Basically, I was in money crisis and didn't know how I was going to pay for my bills for the month of March. Then out of now where I finally got some extra work for another Chris Brown Music Video called Look At Me Now. With that $100.00 I earned, I was able to keep my phone on and a little more.

After I took care of those bills, I had less than $25.00 in my personal account and less than $45.00 in my business account. In that same The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St post I stated how great my mom is and she just knows when I am in need and I never ask her for anything. It just so happens that my mom read that post and she was shocked by what she was reading.

 Amazing Money Miracle on 35th St.

A few days before I wrote The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St she sent me some money in the mail and never told me. So when she read what I wrote she really surprised. The following Monday I received my moms donation and it really helped through the next week and few days. What an Amazing Money Miracle. Love you ma. Thank you so much. 

Amazing Money Miracle on 36th St. 

* Just this past Wednesday, I received an email from papal stating I received a donation from my high school comrade Jermaine Smith. This came out of no where and we haven't spoke in months but somehow I came to his mind and he felt lead to send me a donation. Believe me everything helps and it was on time. The donation came on March 3rd and I had approximately less than $33 to my name. I had about $16 in my personal account and another $16 in my business account. Chase is now charging for not having a minimum amounts and I am being penalized.  The bottom line is, times are hard and Jermaine sent me an Amazing Money Miracle Blessing. God Bless you Jermaine.  Thank you very much. Jermaine actually joined me on my quest on day 17 at The Tonight Show  

Amazing Money Miracle on 36th St

As week 24 came to an end, I still had financial struggles even with Jermaine's donation. With approximately only $30 to my name, I had to figure out how I was going to pay for food for the weekend and transportation for week 25. Then Crissy arrived in LA for visit. Not only did we have a great time at Universal Studios, she also took care of my meals, put food in fridge/shelve and paid for my transportation for week 25. I started off Sunday, day 161 by revisiting my old ways by not paying for the train because I knew how bad money was for me. By the time the day ended she voluntarily took care of my transportation expenses. I didn't even ask for anything thing or any help. She just happens to be one of the most giving individuals I've ever met and she was at the right place at the right time.

You may look at those pictures of us a Universal Studios and say we had a fun time. In deed it was fun but I honestly would be in the negative if she wasn't in town last weekend to help me through the weekend and another week on my quest. Before she departed for plane she even blessed me with a hefty monetary blessing.

Words can not describe how important her presence was for me, my quest and the progression of another week. Crissy you are truly the blessing and I appreciate your generosity, kindness and indescribably giving heart. The next time your in LA I vow to bless you she same way you blessed me.

I don't ever let money worry me and if you read my track record you will understand why. Every other day someone asks about my story and how I got to LA. Every time I recite my story I realize more and more that my quest is ordained. I can barely make sense of how I got to LA in the first place. All I know it that I know my purpose and there is no stopping a man who knows his purpose. Everything he needs will be aligned for him. I have to do is stay aligned, focus, be patience and continue seeking. As long as I do that all my paths with be directed for me.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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  1. Motown it was great seeing you, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you, you were a great tour guide. We did a lot in the short amount of time, next time I come we can go to LA Live, Santa Monica Pier, check out some Museums, and go on some tours. I enjoyed seeing you in the Vampire Masquerade you and your castmates scared the crap out of me, Great show excellent acting! Vampire Masquarade is a must see show! I enjoyed Universal Studios, still can't get over how CA literally has homes, buildings, and structures on top of and embedded into hills with huge poles holding them up...Crazyness! (Got to get out of Florida more often)I know you turned down being in the Keri Hilson video to hang out with me, I hope another opporunity, make that a way better opporuntity comes your way, Keri is super cute and talented it takes a true friend to turn down that kind of opporunity Thank-You! So I told my family I took pictures with STARS they were so excited and wanted to know which ones some of them asked why I didn't give out there phone numbers, so I showed them my photo album with me nealing down on Hollywood Blvd next to the STARS/Stars on the ground you can guess my family members reaction..I thought it was funny, I'm still LMAO! Gets them everytime..Lol..I can't leave here without mentioning the subway system, I loved riding on the Metro "train" Once I figure out the Dynamics on which train to catch where it was be an even better experience. It amazes me how there can be such as elabrate system UNDERGROUND no clue how they built that under already exiting structures, it confuses the mess out of me, but I like the way the State utilizes its resources and space. Thanks again Motown for showing me the time of my life I enjoyed myself a whole lot, must do it again in the future..Thanks


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