Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 10 in L.A. (The Motown Maurice Bunch)

Today had one or two interesting moments but I'm going to try my best to keep today's post short and sweet.

Yesterday, I'm mentioned my conversation with my agents inspired a marketing idea.Well, I started working on it and its hot. First, it simply started off as that picture of me at the desk above with some added text to it. The other side looks like the that picture of me on the bottom right had side of this page. Its the picture with me and all the other talk show hosts in the back. When I showed it to my agents they liked it but they said it didn't represent all my personalities and acting abilities. When I'm passing it out it needs to catch the eye of television sitcom producers as well talk show producers. Cythina then started to describe an old show that use to appear on television back in the days. With in a few seconds I said, "your not talking about the Brady Bunch are you?" She said, "yes that's it." Ironically, when I went to the book store on day 9 there was a book about the story of The Brady Bunch that really caught my attention. In a few seconds I received the visual in my head and started working. Please let me know what you think.

Its the way they became The Motown Maurice Bunch.
Its going to one side of a 3x5 ins flier. I'm really excited about it. My agent is also excited about it. 

When my agent Sandy saw it this is how she responded, "Oh Motown,  this is soooooo good!!!!!  There is no end to your talent, and you are a sincere and nice person as well.  We are very fortunate to have you in our "family". My agents are so great. I'm really looking forward to making history with them.

I used Photo Shop CS5 to design it. Photo Shop and I normally never get along. It seems like I'm getting the hang of it again. Please let me know what you think of the flier. I'm going to get it printed from my long time partner Trim Printing in Tampa, FL.
They are going to ship it over as soon as I give them the word.

After I completed my first draft of the flier I went on a ride around town with my friend Moon from FAMU. He called me on day 4 and we just hooked up for the first time day. He familiarized me a very useful place that allows you to rent all kinds of production equipment for a great price. The company had any and everything you can think of. We drove by a few popular production studios, ate Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles and stopped at his office for a few. Check out the sky view from his office setting.

I think I've seen scene on a video before.

There are beautiful mountains in the back.
On day 9 I failed to :mention how I almost accidentally walked into a CBS audition. I told Moon and he said next time "crash the audition" and walk in there like I was suppose to be there. He said when he came to L.A. back in 2002 he did it and plenty of people do it all the time. That's all I needed to know. The next time I randomly walk by an audition and you better believe I'm going to walk in like I'm suppose to be there. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. I love your take on the Brady Bunch! You got it going on! It is a great piece of advertisement! You sell yourself well!

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  3. Nwannem nwoke, you have truly been blessed! In less than 2 weeks you have accomplished more than most people on this particular journey accomplish in months, years, if they even get that far at all! I am very proud of all that you have done both in LA and back in lil old Tampa. I've always said how weird it would be for you to be famous (its still weird lol) but now that its so much closer to being reality, I'm very excited for you. I hope your journey continues to be as smooth and that if and when the bumps in the road come that you continue to keep a positive outlook!

    ahurum gi nanya

  4. I love the 9 views of Mo. You are very talented. Now, I'm rally mad you're gone. I need you to help me. Lol! I'm so happy that everything is working out well. I'm such your fans are inspired by your persistence and determination to be successful. I have faith that you will make it to the top. Keep inspiring us. It keeps us motivated. Much Love,


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