Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 26: Wait for it...Wait for it....Wait for it...

I ended week 25 by taunting this week (week 26). I generally said week 26 has something I have been waiting for. I'm Ready Bring It On!!! With the Month of March Madness soon coming to an end, that sonic boom should be coming soon right. I've made a lot of predictions and demands so it has too be coming soon. I remember when I was hosting and producing The Motown Maurice Show and I just knew that sonic boom would be arriving at one of my shows. I just new all the sponsors and over flow of people would be pouring in from everywhere. That never happened. 5 to 6 months later I did move to LA and I'm now making new history. The bottom line to my efforts are that I'm making progress.

Now I'm not backing down from any of my demands or predictions. What I am saying is that I have learned that progress doesn't always come the way we initially envision. In many cases if you aim for big goals you'll receive larger results. The truth is something is about to go down and I can feel it. I just not 100% sure where that source is yet. Then again I might already be feeding from the source right now.
There is a good chance that source may grow from week 24, week 25 or this week.  Or may be from week 22 my most audition filled week. It it might even stem even farther back. I don't know. All I know is that this was a good week and some great things are taken place. 

The amazing thing about whats taking place right now is that I don't even have as many auditions as I did earlier this year. My agent was getting me a lot at first but things have slowed down. I could complain like most actors but I think not having a whole bunch of auditions right now is one of the best things that has happened  to me in a while. The reason for that is because I've been focusing on improving my craft with my acting class which is very important. There is a period of time when we are all excited because we are getting a bunch of auditions but whats the point of having a bunch of auditions if we are not booking. Its really not a race to get a whole bunch of auditions. All we need to do is book one. My class has allowed me take a moment and focus on where I need to improve.

I'm currently not auditioning as much as I was in February but I'm even more occupied then ever. The reason is mainly because I am not waiting on anyone to give me the okay. I'm rehearsing on my own, I'm taking acting classes, I started my video monologue blog and I'm maintaining all of my other responsibilities.

I have really been on the grind. I've been moving so fast that I have seriously started jotting down things in a calendar and created a to do list. I only use my calendar/to do list when I have appointments on top of appointments. If I don't write things down now I'll probably forget something right now. My memory normally does me well but my current schedule is building up fast and I can't take a chance. 

Day 175 Sunday, March 13, 2011

* Missed an audition for Grand Theft Auto feature film. It wasn't my fault. The auditions was all weekend and I waited until today to go. As soon as I looked up directions, I found out that there was no transportation heading to Pasadena anytime soon. The last time the bus went there was the Friday before. That never happened to me before but oh. I got to keep it moving.

* Prepared for my radio interview tomorrow. 

Day 176 Monday, March 14, 2011

* I had a fantastic podcast interview with The Red Viking Show. Stay posted for the interview link.

Day 177 Tuesday, March 15, 2011

* Another Craigs List story. I found an ad from a former TV executive producer of a few notable shows. He was looking for creative, passionate and determined people. I emailed him and he invited me to a meeting. To make a long story short I'm apart of a creative team now that will focus on creating TV show ideas to pitch to networks. I found out I was accepted on Saturday morning. (I'll be writing more about this later)

Day 178 Wednesday, March 16, 2011

* I had an audition for: O.R. It was to know that...and very fun.

* Acting Class, read post: Celebrate All Times, Life, More Tips

Day 179 Thursday, March 17, 2011

* Acting Class, read post: The Revelation

Day 180 Friday, March 18, 2011

* I attended a open audition at an popular commercial company called Dustin Hoffman. 

* The 3rd to last Vampire Masquerade show.

* Received a call for an Industrial Gig. 

* As the count down for X-Factor creeps in, I've been becoming more and exciting and making the necessary steps toward a successful presentation. I basically looked for an vocal coach on Craigs List, found one and sent an email. They emailed me back the same day. More details coming soon.

Day 181 Saturday, March 19, 2011
* As I stated on Monday, today I got the confirmation to be apart of a team of creative minds.  

 * I got a call for some extra work and had to turn it down to because its the same day with X-Factor auditions. I can't do that. 

* I  attended Sacred Fools Theater Company Saturday Show. They have a cool show on Saturday's. Its call Serial Killers. You watch 5 shows and at the end vote what shows you want to see come back. Each week they produce a new episode. It was a great experience. The 3 shows I voted for advanced. 

Final Thoughts
I think I figured out why I've been having some many ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I use to religiously put coco butter on my face every night before I went to bed in Florida. At least prior to growing that extra long beard. Apparently, my face has been really dry which has been causing the problem. I'm still researching everything and finding new techniques and I'm almost certain this is the reason. I can't wait have an even smoother face back again. 

Hello!!! What does my face have to do with anything right now. The month of March is almost over and...

 Wait for it...Wait for it....Wait for it... 

Hold on!!! What the heck am I waiting for? 

Wait for it...Wait for it....Wait for it...

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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