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Tips For Your Next Audition

March 9, 2011 (yesterday) I completed my second of four free acting classes. Again it was a great session. Check my post about the first class here: ...Some of The Best Things in Life are FREE
Since I posted it on March 3rd, it has be updated and revised by the teacher himself, Mr. Allen Levin. 

As I said, the second class was great but I didn't take as many notes this time. However, I did managed to ask a few questions concerning what a casting director is looking for at an audition.  The answers I received was useful and of course I'm sharing it with you. 

To Memorize or Not to Memorize that is the question. 

I asked if the casting directors expect you to memorize the scene with the script/sides in hand or not? The answer I received was, "Yes." Meaning you should memorize your scene to your best ability with sides in your hand. If you keep it in hand and not look at it, they will be so impressed thinking you know your part so well. They will be like, "Wow, he/she didn't even have to look at the sides. He/she is really good." 

I needed that tip. In all my previous auditions, I read the sides too much and sucked at it. Now, I'm going to definitely start memorizing my sides.

Its also important to keep your sides at head/eye level. Its okay if you need to look at it, but it will be a negative on your performance if you have to keep looking downward. You have to keep your head and eyes at the level of the casting director and the camera.

Just in case your not exactly sure what "sides'" are, its basically a part of the script or part of the scene on paper.

To Improv or not to Improv that is the question.

Another question I asked was about using improvisation during the audition. I was told its okay to use improv but not too much. You should stick to the script as much as possible. Then when you gain star power and build more credibility it becomes okay to add your own flavor to the script.

Hopefully, these tips can help you book your next gig. If you have a particular question leave a comment and I will ask for you at my next class. 

As the quest continues...

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  1. Very informative!!! I am auditioning for a character. On the 1st day, I read from the side. After I left, I've improv'd the script a little and i've memorized the portion I read. The organization i'm with encourages improv'ing. Question: Do I need an agent to sign up for auditions?


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