Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indiegogo Fund Raising Final Results

Post Represents: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 

On this date, my fund raising efforts for my new late night pilot came to an end. The amount received is no where close to the initial goal ($10,000.00) but its exactly what we need to accomplish the new focused pilot. The following names are the angels who are not only responsible for bring life to this project but they also brought hope.

Alonda Thomas
4 days ago Anonymous

Rose Bilal
15 days ago $25 – Late Night Friend

Maria Douglas
17 days ago $10 – Late Night Offering

17 days ago Anonymous

Rose Bilal
21 days ago $25 – Late Night Friend

Patricia Cruse
22 days ago $25 – Late Night Friend

Clausell Mathis
22 days ago $50 – Late Night Legend

22 days ago Anonymous

Yolanda Anthony
23 days ago $100 – Late Night Hero

Pierre Solutions, LLC
23 days ago Anonymous

John Forgas
24 days ago Anonymous

Dion Sherman
25 days ago Anonymous


Donations Through Post Mail:

Gwendolyn Duncan: $40.00

Reginald J. Nickson Sr: $200.00

W.G. $20:00  (Updated: Monday, June, 4, 2012)

Final Thoughts

Subtract about $100 from the amount earned online for Indiegogo fees and the difference will go to the project. Yes, I initially desired $10,000.00 and the amount raised is no where close to that amount but believe me when I tell you I have exactly what is needed. Add some recent work I booked and my ma's sincere support and the vision will come to life. It will also be better than the first plan. This project has been through some changes but all the for best. Upon planning this project I did say I would evaluate things and tone it down if necessary. Everything worked out for the best.

Most of all, I am so blessed to have all those people support me they way they did. There are people on this list I haven't communicated with in years yet they reached out and planted a seed. Its a humbling to know there are people out there that sincerely want me to succeed. I will not only do my best to make you all proud but I will also want you to know that I consider your donation and investment. An investment I will somehow, someway return to you in the form of a blessing for blessing me.

Thank you so much. In the new few days I will call each person personally and respectfully thank you.

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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