Thursday, May 10, 2012

Willing in Pride

I'm not sure how well I conveyed the significance of this proud moment but its true about what they say. Where there is a will there is a way. Low on energy, I woke up late and decided not to do my show. Guilt of not achieving my set radio show goal began to resonate. After 2:30pm I made the decision to find some find someone online on Facebook and the very first person I instant messaged was willing. I have never worked with anyone on any of blog talk shows that responded so quickly. Before I could blink she emailed me her photos. By the time I started to set up my show I realized 3:30pm was my last chance of the day until 8pm to schedule the show. I informed Tamara Diahann and within 18 mins we got on the call in line, performed a pre-interview and at exactly at 3:30pm (PST) we were on the air.

Tamara, thank you so much for pulling through last minute. It was truly last minute Not until after the show, I checked our previous corresponding messages on Facebook and I realized I initially invited her to be a guest on The Motown Maurice Show in 2010. I totally forgot about that. She wasn't able to accept at the time but she was definitely on time today.

I don't get paid to do my blog talk radio show but I certainly reap rewards for maintaining my commitments to myself.

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As the quest continues...

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