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The Amazing Race Audition Entry

Post Represents: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 

Week 55 on Friday, October 7, 2011  Raewyn invited me out for a jog. I'm not a fan of jogging unless there is an imminent challenge or motivation. Thus, I gladly accepted the invite because the opportunity to exercise should always be welcomed. In addition to brain storming for the upcoming Doritos endeavors as we ran, I started to realized how competitive Raewyn is and immediately suggested we audition for a dual reality competition show together.

I was so certain about how well we'll do as a team I suggested we take a photo that same day. Preparation meets opporruntiy if you know what I'm saying. Here is one of the photos we took.

Raewyn and Motown on 10/7/11 preparing for what opportunity knocks. 
If I'm not mistaken, participating in The Amazing Race came to mind that same day. I did some brief research for that show and other team related reality shows but was unsuccessful. Then just over two weeks later, my main man Chuck Erickson sent me a text link about The Amazing Race current casting opportunities. With all the Doritos production in motion there was no way The Amazing Race could become a priory project. Nevertheless, when we completed the Doritos project, this video below was completed shortly afterward.

The Amazing Race Audition Entry

Motown Maurice takes an amazing photo for The Amazing Race Audition Video. 
Final Thoughts

Exactly one week after the Doritos commercials were submitted I had to focus on this. With barely anytime to rest. Raewyn and I just had to make it happen. Sunday, November 27, 2011 we thought about it for the first time and after a few pitches we were ready to take the video into the labor room. We shot some scenes at Griffin Park that same day and the following day. Today (Tuesday, November 29, 2011), I completed the editing process and submitted it. The deadline was the next day November 30, 2011. Not to shabby, what you think?

Sunshine, one of my biggest supporters watched the video the next day while I was on phone with her. After watching it, she said that was probably one of the best reality show audition tapes she's ever seen. She also watched all the Doritos commercials and was surprised to find out Raewyn and I have only been working together since September. Basically since I moved in with her on on September 20, 2011. Sunshine also called us Salt and Pepper which was king of cute. She taught we were dating. lol

Chuck Erickson, thank you very much for looking out with The Amazing Race link. And Sunshine. Shine on!  Shine on! You are the best.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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  1. Good to see you moving forward with the Amazing Race. I like your video. Its an interesting enough matchup that may just get their attention. You 2 certainly aren't boring. When I saw that out there I thought of you IMMEDIATELY.


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