Monday, September 12, 2011

On The Road Again

Post Represents: Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got kicked out of my motel 24hrs before I was suppose to check out. The same person who told me about the the program (Food Stamp & Motel Rich) needed a little help himself for a few days and of course I did what I could to return the support. He brought with him a friend (Thursday, August 25th) which made our cover a lot more difficult but oh well.

The rules don't allow any guests without paying for their stay. On the way out the owner caught us. We tried to deny that they spent the night but soon after the irate Indian man asked for his key back for for me to leave. See the video for more details.

* The best part about having this motel is that I have been able to keep Mr. Chill with me and not in the storage. I hate keeping him in there. Now I have to put him back there because its the safest place. I'm too worried otherwise. I'm sorry Mr. Chill.  I love you son.

Motown Maurice & Mr. Chill shares their last moment together in the motel. 

Finishing up last minute stuff

Motown Maurice - I got my bags packed up and I'm on the road again.

Motown Maurice - The bus needs to hurry up. 

King Palace Motel

King Palace Motel

I'm in room 19 but they are too cheap to replace the 9

The best thing about that motel was WiFi from the Mark Twain Library Branch across the street

Motown Maurice & Mr. Chill on bus 81 heading towards 5th & Hill

This is a very sad moment as Motown Maurice puts Mr. Chill in the story for his safety . 

Motown Maurice is back to setting up shop at Cafe Novel. 

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Final Thoughts

I like to recognize my purpose for every aspect of my life. In my final Thoughts of  Living Life Golden...Homeless and all I wondered what was my new purpose for living in that area. None of my thoughts were rectified but I did observed a lot of people and their life struggles.

Despite of the rough location, the motel was a teaser gift for me which allowed me to get work done such as this video (The New Hero of Late Night is Emerging). There is a great chance I would of never came up with that idea if I wasn't at that motel.

Or perhaps, it was to inspire and encourage Danny and his friend Famous that was staying with me the last few days. I shared some deep words with Danny in which I really hope stuck with. Yesterday, his two cell phones got stolen. This hit him hard. Overall, Danny is overtly positive but the morning after I asked him how he was doing and he spoke in the tongue of a negative person. I'm normally a listener but at the moment I had to step in and put him back in sync. Afterwards he agreed and from then on he started to look ahead again.

The motel was great while it lasted but I might be better off without it. It took me at times 1-2 hours waiting on the bus and to get back there. Every audition was an extended amount of time to arrive and get back. That's a lot of time wasted on travel. Now that I'm without the motel I'm finding newer and better WiFi spots to getting work done expeditiously.

The only things I will miss are watching my late night shows and the luxury of taking fresh hot baths every morning.

Motown Maurice never fears because there is something much much better waiting ahead. A sky rise condo...hmmmmmm

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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