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Pin Point EBT

Post Represents: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 2010 income taxes has been the most daunting task of my quest and I am amazed on how financially swiftly I was able to get it done. Every since 2004/2005 I've requested extensions for my business and personal return. I'm allowed to do that because I own a business. The thought of completing my 2010 taxes horrified me because of all the expenses I accumulated through The Motown Maurice Show earlier that year.

I finally started piling all the information in week 47. Since then, I've been back and forth with my account about the specifics. In the back of my mind I'm anticipating a bill worth $350- $450. That's generally been the range over the years.

He sent me the bill today and to my surprise it was a bill whooping $659.00. I apparently owned him for my quarterly reports throughout the year. Immediately I'm thinking, "Where am I going to get that kind of money." I know my mom gave me an emergency credit card for food and transportation but not for this.

My last financial miracle: Checks Delayed with a Purpose allotted me some cushion but not enough. After a few moments of thinking I thought of my new EBT cash money. Last Friday, September 9, 2011 
my EBT cash came in for the first time. I wanted to use that to purchase my long desired Toshiba Thrive but my taxes were due the following Thursday. I couldn't waste anytime. I didn't even know how to access that money. I took a wild guess and shocking enough it worked at a Chase Bank ATM. 

I pulled all $240 from my EBT cash another $120 from my personal. Added it together will that bit left over from that Baggage money (Checks Delayed with a Purposeand I had the money for my taxes. 

By the time I took care of the bill I was left with less then $100 in my personal and less than the same in my business account. 

Final thoughts

The moral to this story is the accurateness of the EBT cash. This tax bill needed immediate attention due to the blessing of the EBT cash I got it done. What blessing!  

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As the quest continues...

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