Monday, September 12, 2011

Basketball & The Beach

Post Represents: Friday, September 9, 2011

There is nothing like a video shoot on the beach. Two of my Lifebook classmates (Francis/Josh) who recently started a production company of their own cast me for a basketball spec commercial. It was fun and I got to spend time on the beach. Venice beach appears to be the ideal place for basketball shoots among other productions. I was there in June for a bootleg basketball pilot (See Related Post Below). Moreover, I've been meaning to go the beach for a while now and today I got a two for one deal.  I even managed to record some nice footage of myself there. I plan to incorporate it in a new video very soon.

Motown Maurice, Lifebook classmates on Venice beach. 

Motown Maurice, Lifebook classmates, Venice beach...

One time for Francis who cast me for the shoot. I specifically requested to spend a  night at his place so I  won't haven't any problems getting their on my own in the morning. (In addition to that, it would be a great opportunity to squeeze in a shower.) We both leave Lifebook Acting class late on Thursdays nights so I thought it made sense. Not only did he agree to the idea, I left the next morning with some Jordan's. It was a little big for him, perfect for the shoot and he blessed me with them.  Although its a size 11 and I normally like wearing a size 12 but I'm making it work. Its not a bad fit. This is much appreciated. Thank you Francis.

Motown Maurice and new much appreciated Air Jordan's. Thanks Francis. 

Motown Maurice & Michael T. at the Sidewalk Cafe. Its fruit and water for me guys.
It doesn't seem right eating unhealthy on the beach. 

Motown Maurice - On the the rocks of Venice Beach's Shore
Motown Maurice - The world is mine. 

Final Thoughts

I really like this beach. I remember thinking it would be nice to leave the the beach for a while. What a second! That wasn't a thought, I believe that was a vision. :-)

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