Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 22: I Really Need To Be Careful What I Ask For...

...because I might just get it. Literally! Last week I went on a "I need more work" yelling rampage. Not to forget the ever so infamous tread of "Woe Is Me: I'm submitting for work all day but I'm not getting enough responses. Woe Is Me: I want more work than I can handle..."

I went on a series of exhausting all of these feeling/desires and I got exactly what I asked for. This week has been overwhelming in a great and needed way. I think I had the most auditions this week since I've arrived.

My responses from the auditions are even getting better. That means a few things. I'm becoming more confident at the auditions, I'm doing better with the cold reads and I'm making better impressions. All I have to do now is learn how to book one of these auditions.

Based on these responses I'm obviously doing well but you never really know what they are looking for. Or how much better the other guy was. Either way, all I can do is move forward and continue to do my best.

In most cases if you don't get a call back with in 24-48hrs, you might as well hang it up. There is always a chance someone they picked ends up not doing it and they could call me but that doesn't happen very often.

For the sake of keeping this blog short, I won't even get into details about each audition. The more I write probably means I didn't get it. If I put clueless letters for an audition or interview that means good for now from my point of view.  

Day 147 = Sunday, February 13, 2011

* The day before I got a call to audition for a commercial. When I arrived I had to improv a haphazard magical time-traveler. This was one of my best responses yet. All 3 of them were laughing hysterically. I also thought I had a good chance because the setting was based in the 1980's. Furthermore, I didn't get the part. It was a good experience either way. They also sent an email informing those that didn't make it. That's a first. That never happens.

Day 148 = Monday, February 14, 2011

* Received a noticed to be an extra in another Chris Brown Music video featuring Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes. They even remembered me from the last video in September.

* Interview notice for YATA on Wednesday.

* Audition notice from my agent for tomorrow.

* Attended Improv Class

* After improv class my friend invited me to a Karaoke club. I ended up doing Empire State of Mind with this lady. Of course I was Jay-Z and she was Alicia Keys. Note I was really terrible. I believe it was my first time doing Karaoke. I will make it my duty to redeem myself. One day soon.

Day 149 = Tuesday. February 15, 2011

* Received an ASAP notice to be apart of a new Michael Jackson music video but they needed me there within an hour. I tried but I couldn't make it. It was probably for the best anyway.

* My agents audition was for a commercial that was looking for people with a 70's look. My look ain't actually 70's so you know the results.

* Audition notice for a music video called "No Tomorrow" for Friday. 

* Notice for (SS) interview on Thursday. 

* Got my hair trimmed up. I also added some cool parts on the side.   

Day 150 = Wednesday, February 16, 2011

* Interviewed for YATA. I think it went great, we'll see if I get a call back. 

Pursuit of Happyness Moment

* On the way to the Chris Brown music video shoot I had a Pursuit of Happyness Moment. When I got off the train I had to take a bus but I wasn't sure which direction. I jumped on the wrong bus and the bus driver left me off at the next stop. As I was approaching my staring point, I noticed my bus coming. Immediately I jolted into full speed with my bag in both hands to catch that bus. When I was about 10 steps away from the bus I might of slowed down a bit because I just new the bus driver saw me. There was even one lady still getting on. The moment I walked in front of the bus he closed the door in my face. I couldn't believe it. I banged on the door multiple times, he even looked at me but still drove off. I'm not the type of person to get pissed but at that moment I was livid.

Hey Lil Wayne! How is your mom doing? 

Shortly after I confirmed the music video I came up with a cool idea. March of 2010, Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Ne-Yo's moms were all guests on my show. I figured it would be cool to give Lil Wayne a few pictures of his mom just to be nice. I had no other intentions. I was near certain his mom told him about me and The Motown Maurice Show experience. At the time he was in jail and his mom said she really enjoyed the show. Their was a good chance he new something. 

Moreover, he didn't arrive for the shoot until the last quarter of the day. Note, the shoot lasted from 12pm -11pm. I contemplated the right time to approach him and that opportunity came towards the end. The last scene was shot outside and him, Busta & Chris Brown was on top of a fire truck.

Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne
In between time, I was trying to make eye contact with him. Finally we did and I shouted from the ground, "Hey do you remember your mom telling you about a talk show she was on in Tampa, FL March of 2010?" He said "Yeah." I told him that was my show. He smiled and shook his head. I also told him that I had some pictures for him and I'll give it to him or his peoples after the shoot.

When his scene was over, I approached him, gave him 6 pictures that included his mom and of course my flier was inserted in there. I also told him to tell his mom I said hi and that she the other moms had a great time. We shook hands and I said, "If you need anymore pictures you can give me a call my flier is in there. I'm sure we'll meet again." He didn't really respond much with words but he smiled. 

Sorry I didn't have my camera with me at that moment to take a photo with him but below is a picture of me and his mom at my show in March. Its one of the pictures I gave him.

Ne-Yo's mom, Motown Maurice, T-Pain's mom & Lil Wayne's mom (Jacida Carter)

Click here for a behind the scenes of Chris Brown's new video Look At Me Now!!! 

Click here: Chris Brown's Look At Me Now (Feat. Motown Maurice, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)

They coolest part of the day was when I stepped in the trailer to get paid and I didn't have to show my ID. The two young ladies new who I was, asked if I saw myself in the last video and one even said she read my blog. How cool is that?

* Notice from agent for audition tomorrow. 

* Audition notice (Dooty Brother) tomorrow.

* Audition notice for sketch comedy show on Friday.

Day 151 = Thursday, February 17, 2011

* Completed the interview for SS. It went well. This was my best interview response yet.
(SS translation 2/15/12: Survivalist Show)

* My agents audition was for a commercial called Bojangles. I didn't do that great. I left there knowing I wouldn't get the part. However, I know where I could of done better. I didn't read my script out loud when I got it. It really helps and I'm doing that from this point on. 
* The Dooty Brothers was something special. Sometimes you audition for things and don't have a clue whats its about until arrive there. The description of this particular audition was described as a Hollywood Comedy  & Ready Show (Live and Filmed)

When I finally found out what it was about I couldn't believe it. The name of the event is called The Black Knight Returns, "Nigga Nite 6." They wanted people to come to this even and act like "Nigga's" I don't even want to the details. Its really... You can look up up if you want. I called the next day and told them I couldn't do it. However, I do regret allowing myself to continue with the audition. On camera why asked me questions like, "Describe a Nigga to you?" What do you think a Nigga acts like?" At the end they even asked me to say "Awww, Nigga!!!" I just hate that I went along with it. I never even use that word. 

One good thing that came out of that experience is that the main person took me down the hall and told me about a radio station in the building. He told me if I contacted them I could probably get some air time as a host. I did email the station but no response.

Day 152 = Friday, February 18, 2011

* Attended a meeting to possibly join another theatre called Hollywood Club.

* Auditioned for a comedy sketch show. Great response. I'm even proud of my audition. I read my script out loud before hand and had a great performance. Furthermore, no call back.
* Auditioned for a some type of music video called "No Tomorrow." The description said you had to know how to play basketball and look like a teenage boy. They invited me to audition and everyone one auditioning were literally teenagers. I even had to do a flirting part with a teenage girl. Can you say "awkward"? No call back.

* Performed in my 3rd Vampire Masquerade Show. The crowded seemed to have loved me. I could hear them every time I went on stage. After the show, a few people in the previous cast told me I'm the best "Dog Boy" they've seen in a long time. I guess that's something to be proud of. No one asked or autographs or to take a picture with me but a few people shook my hand.

Check out the latest promotion for the show:  6 More Shows of The Vampire Masquerade Featuring...

* I also had an opportunity to audition for a show the HBO show called "Entourage" but I wouldn't of made it in time. As you can see my day was really busy. I had to let that one go.

Day  153 = Saturday, February 19, 2011

* After a week full of excitement, dullness finally took over today. I would of went to the movies again but money is gone. I went to the post office and made it a Redbox night. I watched Salt. I saw it before but I wanted to see it again.

* I also wrote this post: The Just Enough Money Miracle on 34th St

Final Thoughts

WOE IS ME: I'm getting the auditions and interviews. I just need to officially confirm and book something now. At the least two of them from this week. WOE IS ME WOE IS ME WOE IS ME WOE IS ME WOE IS ME WOE IS ME

As the Quest Continues

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. Motown! Phew! I got tired just reading this blog! Auditions, Improv, Commercials, Videos, Vampires, Empire State of Mind, Comedy and wait for it.."Awww Nigga" OMG! LOL CRAZY! I realize that not only have are you doing the foot work, but you are building a foundation for a very intricate net work. I mean, look at how the interaction with Lil' Wayne's Mother came full circle in you connecting on a personal level with Lil' Wayne. Marvelous! I see you are so bust that you have to turn down interviews and auditions! I understand the WOES, you really need to get em' booked. I feel that you are already so successful in your Quest. I looked up the definition you know, Quest -"A seeking; hunt; pursuit; a chivalric journey undertaken by a knight in order to procure or achieve a particular object or end." Your Quest is an interesting journey, a not really knowing what tomorrow will bring, but forever seeking, hunting, searching..Keep on your lighted path, let your dreams guide you along the way!!
    Your Stalker Fan!

  2. I read your blog this morning. You have been quite busy Good Brother. Just keep reaching for your destiny, your breakthrough could happen today. Peace and Love


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