Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 11 in L.A. (My 1st Call for an Audition)

What am I really? On day 9 my talent agency identified me as Comedian/Host. I later stated in my blog that I’m going to have to start performing stand up. I’ve never really did stand up.  I did a monologue during the opening of each episode of The Motown Maurice show but that’s different.  Ready to take on the any challenge, I knew deep down inside that I’m much funnier doing parody/sketch comedy. Less than 24hrs later my agent called and we confirmed that I am a parody/sketch comedian. Ah, the pleasure of confirmation. 

When I met with them on day 9 they introduced me to a comedian named Lisa. She was very nice and was also excited to meet me. She promised to befriend me on facebook and later that day I received her request. Soon afterward we were chatting and I was sending her links to my work. After she watched the clips she told my agent that she enjoyed them and reaffirmed more of strengths as a parody/sketch comedian. 

I do believe it’s possible to be a successful parody/sketch comedian without being the best at standup. I’ve even heard Will Ferrel say in an interview that he tried standup comedy but it didn’t work out for him and he found his place in sketch comedy. I still plan to check out a few standup comedy clubs and maybe give it a try but I’m glad to know I’m in the right direction. 

After hours and hours of working in front of the computer I decided to finally to get on the phone and make some calls. I have a list recommended referrals I was told to call. While I was still in Tampa a few people told me they know a friend that knows a friend that lives in L.A. and I should give them call. I called a few of them and had one or two decent conversations but nothing significant enough to elevate my endeavors. 

In the middle of one of my conversations I received a call from an 818 number unfamiliar to me. To my surprise it was a call back from an online submission I applied for earlier this week.  They invited me to audition for an improvisational comedy troupe. The person who called was to the point and said I should bring my headshot/resume and block out 90mins for the audition.  While I was talking to him I barely remembered submitting and what exactly I was about to get myself into but I agreed to it. I later got on the internet and looked them up for specific information.

It’s called the L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre and they inspire, train, develop and nurture talent of all ages through the rehearsals and weekly live performances. The website appeared impressive. They have been around since 1977 and they have produced and partnered with or aired on networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and much more. Their famous alumni list Will Ferrell, Matthew Perry, Jon Lovitz and others.

As I’m browsing the site, I’m finding interest in what I see. Without a doubt it definitely poses a challenge I’ve never embarked upon. I’ve accomplished a lot of things on stage over the years but I never quite had the opportunity to be a part of an improvisation show. In the matter of one phone call I now have an opportunity to be a part of a troupe. Those that I’ve shared the information with already said I should do it. Indeed I will do it. If I want to be a parody/sketch comedian this is exactly what I need to hone in on my skills.

I know what you’re probably thinking? You must be saying to yourself “I wonder if he’s nervous?” I’m often asked that question and I always answer by saying “I don’t get nervous.” At the same time this is brand new to me and I wish I knew how to prepare of it. Then again it’s improvisation. I guess you can’t really prepare.  
During the brief phone call about the audition, I couldn’t remember if it was a paid gig or not. My research tells me that there is an opportunity to make money. Apparently if I’m selected, the troupe will split 25-35% of the box office (Varies depending on the job). I’m sure that’s not going to be a lot of money nevertheless, I need the experience. 

I must admit money is slowly going to become a concern. Every day, there is a new expense to further career. I’m really going to have to pick up some paying gigs soon. Some people around me suggested I pick up a part-time job. Thank you all for your suggestions but I can’t do it. I haven’t worked for anyone since March of 2004 and I can’t do it again. Honestly, I don’t know how to anymore and I frankly won’t waste the time of the employer. If I’m working to get paid it has to be geared around performance/production. I’m sure it won’t be a problem getting a few smaller gigs like that to pay some bills. I just have to put in the effort. 

11 day’s in L.A. and now I have my first audition on Saturday at 3pm. Everyone don’t get too exciting just yet. I have no clue what the results will be. Positive or negative it’s a learning experience. Do keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

Looking forward to sharing the results with you soon. 

As the quest continues…

Motown Maurice


  1. You are on the road to success, keep moving forward. You'll do good at anything, so go for it.

  2. Hi Motown!
    I am following your Quest like it is a soap opera. I am sure you will do fine with your audition. Break a Leg!

  3. You're only going to blog for the first 30 days?! What are you going to do thereafter...leave us hanging? smh. (I hope not!) All the best on the audition!

  4. You have the formula: passion, determination and persistent...have no fear, it is yours. We all are extremely proud of you.


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