Friday, September 17, 2010

Final Email - 10 Things You Need To Know!

(This email was sent out September 16, 2010 at 2:33pm)

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an absolute pleasure emailing you all for the past  3 plus years. This will be the final massive email I will be sending out. In 3 days (September 19, 2010) I will be in Los Angeles, California beginning a new chapter of my Quest to become a Late Night Talk Show host. I haven’t really had a chance to feel the excitement yet because I have so many things to accomplish before I go.  However, it seems as though everyone around me is excited for me. It also appears as though some people are living their dream through my trip to L.A. I’m just happy to be able to inspire you. To everyone who is locked down in jail or marriage and are unable to take that trip… I feel your pain and I will do my best to make you proud.

Before I go, there are 10 important things you need to know.

1.      This is your last chance to be on my exclusive email list.  

 ·     You must confirm by replying back and stating your interest.

·      Reply back regardless if we have been emailing each other for 
        the past week or if you are family   or a close friend.
·      To secure your spot please reply back with the subject titled “Please add”

   2. If you are in need of first class legal services contact Attorney Pamela Y. Robinson today. Ms. Robinson and her staff are dedicated to providing their clients with personal, courteous and professional service. Most importantly she will save you time and money. I know this through firsthand experience. Contact her today: 813-418-5259 or visit:
(Thank you Ms. Robinson) 


3.     The reason I sent out a long detailed email last week, was to inspire you through my struggles. The vast majority of you were inspired and encouraged by my trails. I am very happy to hear that. Some of you responded by saying you were saddened. Please don’t be saddened and know that I never thought about giving up. I don’t know how to give up. I have been very blessed and thankful for everything that I have been going through. As a visionary the last 5 months were hard times mainly because I was unable to envision my next steps in life. Nevertheless, guess who’s back? The beard is gone and I’m ready to take on the world again.  

4.      A few people responded to my email last week and questioned why I didn’t mention God. Some also suggested what I should do and say. I appreciate the suggestions but my relationship with God is very personal and through our connection he continues to bless me.  

5. If you missed my email list week here is a link to it on my blog:

6.      Please note: Motown Maurice Productions, Inc will still be operating in Tampa, FL. Don’t hesitate to call for our special event services (Video, Photography, Weddings, Editing, Projectors...)  (813) 951-0794

7.      Remember I’m going to be writing details about my quest in L.A on my blog. Take note and follow:

8.      Facebook is also a good place to keep track of me.

9.      So far I have received 2 donations. Thank you very very much. There is still time if you are interested in helping.

Motown Maurice
P.O. Box 272507
Tampa, FL 33688

10. I love you all.
This is not a goodbye, it’s only the beginning. To each of you, that has been there to support me throughout the years, thank you very much. I will do my best to make you all proud, represent Tampa and fulfill my purpose. I have so much more to share but you will see all my thoughts in my upcoming blog’s. Please follow me and stay in contact. Thank you very much again for everything.

Much love to you all. 

Motown Maurice

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