Sunday, September 19, 2010

Departing From Tampa

One day I'll learn to enjoy traveling but as for now its a dreading experience for me. I was completely packed and ready to go as soon it was time to go. I hate packing. I either over pack or under back. In this case I did both. I arrived at the airport about 10:15am (Tampa's time) and I was 10 pounds over weight with my check in bag. As a result, I had to rearrange some things in my carry on bag and send my mom home with a few things in her hand.  Both my mom and good friend Crissy saw me away at the airport. My father wasn't feeling well and my mom don't drive on airport or interstate roads. About 3 hours before the flight Crissy called and volunteered to take me (Thank you Crissy). Once they reached the shuttle gate we took a few pictures and my mom prayed for me off.
Crissy, Motown Maurice & his mom see me off at the airport.
Then I was basically on my own. After the shuttle is were everything really gets exciting. I had to use a total of about 6 strays to get cleared. I'm sure the major reason why I hate traveling is because I travel with so much stuff. I have one medium back pack with wheels, a lap top bag, a camera around my neck, a book/license/ticket in my hand.... Not to mention all the things I have in my pocket such as my wallet, cell phone, gum, and pens (too many pens). Then there is the process of taking out my shoes and belt... Its just so much. Then of course I'm held back because they noticed all my fancy equipment (Good thing I don't have the beard anymore. I would
probably be in hand cuffs right now).

Motown Maurice sleeping on an airplane
After all that I spent about 5 minutes making sure I didn't leave anything behind. Once I put my bags away it was sleepy time. You got to love sleeping on a plane. It's almost automatic for me. However, this time its wasn't loved as I would of liked it to be. My chair's decline button wasn't working. Which means I probably bounced my head on the two white men sitting next time me a few times (Why I had to get the middle seat). After my partial rest I watched a little TV. Jet Blue has it going on with their instant cable access. I watched Sports Center and VH1's Behind The Scenes with Eve and 50 cents.

The plane arrived in New York (JFK International Airport)  around 2:20pm. I have to take a connecting flight from here. I know its a weird route but I'm not complaining. I got a great deal on a ticket from one of my team members Marsha (Thank you Marsha) and now I have time to chill and write this blog. Its 3:36pm in New York and my flight to L.A leaves at 4:30pm.

I think its best to relax for a while, eat and return a few phone calls before I take off again. Until my next blog in L.A.

Motown Maurice

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  1. I finally got to take a peak of the pics taken at T.I.A.P I know that your flight to JFK in New York city was a success. I realized it was a tiresome, flight with perhaps many connections, however, thank God he brought you through and now in LA working on your dreams which I know by the grace of God Almighty he will see you through. Motown be of good cheer and he shall strengthen your heart. Much, Much, blessing from above amen.


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