Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 8 in L.A. (It's a process)

God willing, soon I will be able to tell you all about my new gigs but for now I have to prepare. I’ve been in L.A. for a week and one day now and I’m still updating my resume, head shots, hosting/acting reels and profiles on various casting sites. For the average person just getting started, I assume it can take some time to get all that stuff ready. Fortunately for me, most of what I accomplished since 2007 (for the sole purpose of the community at the time) is now directly benefiting this process and fueling my acting/hosting career in L.A.What a blessing.

Today, I completed four acting reels and five hosting reels (and I still have plenty of footage for more). They all are approximately 3 minutes each. I started early Sunday and finally finished today. The are all still drafts. Once I get my agent to approve them, I’m good to go. Check out this rough draft sample for one of my reels.

Its a working process. I have many more to choose from.

On Saturday, my agent selected a final version of the primary head shot I’ll be using for casting opportunities. Photographer Chuck Jackson of Photo Active Photography took this picture of me on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 (4 days before I came to California).

This same day I ended my beard protest by cutting it, trimmed my hair, video interviewed myself and accomplished a handful of other things.

Around 4pm in L.A. I received a package from my mom. It came really fast. She sent it priority mail on Saturday at 2pm (Tampa’s time) and it came in today at 4pm. In the package was an additional pair of shoes and lots of mail. Within a few seconds I began to smile because I received two very important pieces of mail. One was my last working check from Tampa. I completed a training video for a construction company before I left and the other was a promised donation from Alice Beatty. Thank you very much Alice. As for now I’m set to survive through October. This gives me plenty of time to start making some real money by November. Immediately, upon receiving these checks I started to make my way to the bank to deposit them and concurrently make payments towards two credit card bills. I’m trying my best to show to the credit card companies. They did loan me the money that helped bring my visions to life.

As I was leaving the bank I noticed the Hollywood sign. I didn’t know it was viewable near my home.

California is a very mountainous state as you can see.

The rest of the day was spent submitting my profile for work, watching a little television and the 10pm news. According the meteorologist I was a part of record breaking history today. Today was the hottest day in L.A.’s history. The temperature reached a high of 113 degree’s. Wow! I didn’t know my presence would impact this city so soon. I haven’t  even started yet and I have this city sizzling up. 

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

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  1. The reel was 2222 funny! I liked the Ja(fake)an accent! LOL That was a good selection for the head shot photo too. It's you but I can still see your versatility potential. You look like a model (flick, flick)

    P.S. and those famous ears! Watch out Will Smith!


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