Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 9 in L.A. (Comedian/Host - Talk to my Agent)

(Day 9 = Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Okay, it’s really officially now. Today, I met with First Class Talent Agency again and I officially signed their paperwork. Last week on day 2 was verbal but today the contact got officially signed.

Everything went really well. I arrived a little early and was pleasantly greeted by the receptionist with my first name. As I was waiting for my appointment to start the 2nd agent walked in with a huge smile on her face. Last week I only meet with Cynthia, Sandy couldn’t make it. Today I had the opportunity to meet her partner Sandy. I communicated with both of them while I was in Tampa.

As Sandy approached me she greeted me with a huge hug and said, “I’m so glad you like just like your picture.” Believe me I know what she’s talking about. I’ve seen some head shots that look nothing like the talent. She also said she came in today primarily just to meet me. Identical to when I meet Cynthia, my first minute of interaction with Sandy felt like I was reunited with a lost family member.

The meeting started again with high energy but this time with a very futuristic tone. They suggested we look into finding a manager for me soon. Even better will be a manager that specializes in comedy. The more people on my team the better they said. A manger is a piece of the puzzle that that will help me on my quest. Managers focus on a different but sometimes similar aspect of my career. I liked the idea and agreed to move forward with the research. Later in the conversation they even suggested when something big hits we look into an entertainment attorney.

My financial stability was a topic but Cynthia noted all the support I’m receiving from Tampa. I told them I’m honored by the support and it seemed to have increased seen I arrived here. Sandy, then said, we believe in you so much we’re going to invest in you also.” She offered to purchase some custom made post cards with my pictures on it. The purpose will be used to thank all the casting directors after I audition. The post card is going to be hot. It’s going to have two pictures of me on one side and one on the other. There will be plenty of room for me to write a personalized message. They recognized and praised the way I’ve marketed myself over the years and I believe they want to do the same in L.A.  I love the idea and the gift because it’s a great way to get my face and name visible in this industry. The conversation later inspired a marketing idea of my own. (I’ll share that later if it pulls through.)

As the meeting continued they threw many more ideas at me such as a book I should purchase. This one book in particular lists all the existing television shows and contact information for casting director and producers. The strategy is for me to pick out the show I would like to be on, inform my agent, and they will contact the right person for me. You better believe I found the store and purchased that book right after the meeting.

What show would you like me to be on? I would love to hear your opinion and if it the show fits me I will follow through. Note: Comedy is my focus so please suggest comedy shows.Every time we interact I realize how impressed they are with me. Today, they both told me I’m on the ball and not everyone works as hard. The continued to recommended that I be proactive and never give up. They said L.A. can be a rough and discouraging town but if I keep at it I will succeed.

This meeting also confirms my identification in the industry. This may sound silly but I’ve never really verbally identified myself as a comedian. Over the summer I started writing comedian down on a few new BIO’s but I never verbalized myself as a comedian. I know how to make people laugh and I’ve done a great but doing so for years but I guess I’m now officially a Comedian/Host. Do you know what this means? I’m probably going to soon have to attend and participate in a standup comedy clubs. I know as a fact that I’m a much better at sketch comedy than stand up. I’m not fearful. Maybe a little reluctant but nevertheless, I have to do what I have to do. I’m probably going to reopen my netflex account and start studying some of standup comedy greats again. Who is your favorite comedian?

First Class Talent Agency plans to send a special press release that will include at least four of their signed talents. I’m happy to announce that I am one of the four they will mention. This really revealed how much faith they have in me and all the time the plan to invest. I think I was smiling throughout the entire meeting. Let’s think back for a sec. If I came to L.A. after college, in my early 20’s or mid 20’s I would just be another no body. Who knows if I would have even got an agent then. Now because of everything that I’ve accomplished in Tampa I’m getting some special attention. It seems as though I’m what some might consider a “pet project.”

For the past several years, I’ve been blessed to be around several great attorneys. My current roommate and her friend she introduced me to last weekend and of course my sponsor for life, Attorney Pamela Y. Robinson. After talking with them I had a few questions about the exclusivity of my representation (which was explained and understood well) and the duration of my contact. Originally, my contract was set for two years. For a moment we changed it to one year. Then a moment later Sandy reiterated the reason for two years. 

This is an industry where talents pick up and find other agents often. They plan to invest a lot into me and it would be completely unfair if I left after one year. I don’t have any plans to leave within a year but I can’t even predict where I’ll be after 12 months. All in unison we changed it back to two years again. Shortly afterward we ended the meeting with another historic photo.

Cynthia on the Left and Sandy on the Right.
After all my hard work over the weekend, I still have to work on my resume and reels a little more as I expect. It shouldn’t take too much time. One of new assignments is to purchase some 8x10 head shots of myself. I also have to look into a few comedy troupes, upload more photos on various websites and keep submitting for more work.

I’m hoping to soon be able to completely focus on my acting/comical craft. For now my technical side of my brain is still working strong.

Until the next post…

Motown Maurice


  1. Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Seinfeld, Chris Rock & drum roll please....MOTOWN MAURICE!!!!

    As for TV shows. I can see u on Glee, On Psych (maybe as Gus's cousin), King of Queens, Meet the Browns, Dont Forget The Lyrics (u singing is hilarious);-)

    Practice comedy standup video's coming soon?

  2. Wow man you are really doing it up. Keep up the good work and keep it mving as always.

  3. I'm glad I decided to return to this post. I have a few ideas for myself. Thanks for sharing. Why are you so shocked about the recognization you deserve? Most of your fans already knew this about you. I will agree with you on one thing and that are so right about not having this opportunity being available to you after school....far-fetched. You deserve it! Keep it up!


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