Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 12 in L.A. (Change of Plans & Paradise...?)

As most of you know yesterday I received a call to be a part of a comedy troupe audition tomorrow. Early afternoon today, I decided not to audition for the comedy troupe. I’m sorry. I hope I’m not disappointing you all. I know talked so much about it being a great opportunity and many of you responded with so much support. I apologize but after I received a phone call to be a part of Chris Brown’s new music video I had to jump on that opportunity instead.  

Yes its true, in a few hours I will be on the set of an all day shoot for Chris Brown’s new music video entitled “yeah 3X.” I think my high top fade had something to do with it. When they called, they asked if I still had “the hair.” I’m even going to get paid a little something something for the gig. It’s easy and needed $150.00 for the day. I was just writing in my last post about my financial situation. Praise God.  Now you understand why I decided not to audition tomorrow. I did call and emailed to reschedule.  No response yet. We’ll see what happens with that.

I don’t even remember submitting for a Chris Brown Music video. I did however submit for a Mariah Carey music video. Maybe they made a mistake. Either way I’m ready to make it happen. I have to be there at 8:30am in the morning so I’m going to keep this post short.

On another note, I also created and submitted a video for another contest (I know…another contest). The travel channel is searching the globe for a host for their upcoming Travel TV Series called "Paradise Hunter". If I win I’ll get paid to travel the world in search of paradise. I’ll explore the sights and cultures of a dozen countries and search for my own personal paradise. In another words, it’s a 52 Weeks Paid Vacation. I’ll receive a salary plus I’ll get to own a property in a paradise of choice on the last episode.  

This is the first contest I’ve entered in which I’m not sure if I want to win. The traveling will be great.  I’ll be on national cable channel but that means I’ll be gone from L.A/Tampa/The United States for a year. Wow! The decisions I have to make. I don’t have the best luck with contests anyway but I submitted anyway. I was honestly vey reluctant about submitting at first but I’m not in the position to turn down any opportunities. Feel free to check out my submission and vote if you like.

Here is the link to vote:

Here is the video on You Tube below.

I know, I have issues.

Thank you for your support.

Until the next post...

Motown Maurice


  1. Brother the more you post, the more relaxed and better you are getting in each clip. I can see you ripening a little more and more. Go for the paradise deal. It's a good idea for the network to get something unique and faces in these types of venuettes, especially someone with humor might pick up you something to visualize and a chance to laugh at the same time.Professor Henry Gates is a prime example of humor combined with research exploration in Africa..and it was a wonderful 1995 docu-series of Africa...

    Not to mention, you can always pick up work in Europe after doing a world series like that portfolio, and swing it back around to talk show later..Don't worry we'll still be here waiting on you...No one ever said the Quest had to be a straight line brother..Agreed

  2. Motown! I love the clip for paradise Hunter. You are so creative and talented. I hope Chris Brown knows that you may very well steal the spotlight in his Video! Music Video- That's a "Good Look" for you. There is no doubt about it, you are on the Grind. I giggle every time I think of yesterday's blog. It is so wonderful seeing so many different aspects of your talent. From the Tampa open forum you hosted to the numerous comedy skits and now you are taking L.A by storm. So Now you are on the Quest for a Late Night Talk Show and Paradise. I am so excited for you.

  3. I love the video. You did such a wonderful. So, i say...Yes, you have MY VOTE, but i don't know if I want you to leave the country. Geez, you're getting further and further away from me. Now, of course....Chris Brown. I love Chris and I am soooooooooooo glad he's back in the spotlight he was gone wayyyyyy to long. I must say in all this, I wanna be just like you when I grow up. And I mean just like you. I'm preparing myself now. I plan to stand along aside you or maybe even meet you to the top. I LOVE IT and I'm sooooo proud of you. Motown, Motown, Motown. lol!

  4. i love love love it!!!! paradise 52 weeks seeing dff places and getting paid...dont just hop on that dive into it and pls make sure whwn you gt to tahiti you send me a ticket!!!!kisses cuzzo johanna

  5. Congrats on the agents. I’m proud of you for going out there to make your dreams come true, I know it was a difficult decision to pick up and go, I also admire people with the courage to get up and go sometimes it’s not easy but you have to do what you have to do sometimes.I know you are anxious for things to start happening but be patient get all the beginning stuff out the way (photos, business cards, portfolios, etc) that way when you hit the streets running you will be ready. Looks like you are going to have to be on the scene to get people familiar with you, so prepare for that, it’s going to be somewhat like the launch of Combination TV and WaW all over again. Go ahead and learn your way around, that way when I come to visit you can show me around.


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