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For the first time in 5 months I'm finally getting some emails (lol). Its amazing how one email can turn your life around. I have received so many responses I have to share it with the world so everyone can know how great Tampa Bay is. Since the response come into my email account I'm going manually post what my fans wrote. Feel free to chime in. Note: Some of the responses are paraphrased or cut short for privacy protection.


Hello Motown,
I believe that you are destined for greatness.  God bless you in your quest to find your purpose.   In Dr. Myles Monroe's book, "The Purpose and Power of Man" (which I highly recommend along with "The Purpose and Power of Woman") he talks about what it means to be a "real man".   He concludes that a "real man" is one who follows his God given purpose.   It can be a stay at home dad, a single father, a professional without children, but the key is understanding God's purpose in your life.  

I wish you the very best in your pursuit of your purpose.  Make sure that you put God first and acknowledge that it is through Him that you have your ideas, talents, and strength which will bring you success.  LA is a town where you are either to "user" or "being used".    Don't subscribe to the conceit, arrogance, and self absorption that the city is known for.  Remember who you are through Christ.

Good luck Motown Maurice.  Don't peck around here with the chickens you are young and free. Go fly with the eagles.  You can do it, but you must pray everyday so God will guide your steps and he will run you into who will help and receive you. To God be the glory.

Tammy Johnson
 Greetings Motown,
 It was refreshing reading your e-mail: I took three life lessons as you wrote they were to. 
*pursue greater horizons through disappointments, frustrations and the will to achieve greatness.
*Go with life as it takes me on a journey outside my comfort zone to enhance my abilities.
*Be thankful of all my accomplishments and even the pain it took to get where I am right now.
Much love your way
Peace and Power

I just wanted to say...

that I believe in you! Who am I? ...I am friends with Queen Unique D'Vine! She shared your most recent email with me, in which you state that you are near homeless and moving to LA! While things may not look so great right now, I KNOW that with you having FAITH enough to up and move to LA, in spite of what you don't have at this moment, that you will be blessed beyond belief! It starts with FAITH, followed by your ACTIONS, and God and the universe will provide the rest. I look forward to seeing the greatness that you will produce in LA.

Remember, I believe in you! Make it happen!

Raven M. Cox

I'm sorry to hear that there won't be a fall season of the Motown Maurice Show.  The Tampa Bay area slept of a grand opportunity.  Our loss will be L.A.'s gain.  I know times are challenging now, but the time will come when you will be interviewed on 20/20 and talk about this part of your life with a smile.  Your heart and head are in the right place so your success is there for the taking.  God bless and "Take It To The Bridge!"

Steven Bell
Bell Entertainment

Please keep me updated with what's going on with you Motown!!
I say.. GO FOR IT!!! When GOD gives you a vision you Obey Him and do what he's pushing/telling you to do "Order your steps according to what he speaks to you"
Atlanta was the best move I ever made... was hard at first.. I was practically homeless also.. but my will to push forward made the I'm settled in Atl (my NEW home away from home)
Blessings Friend
Wanesha Spencer
aka MissUnderstood

Dear Motown,
I wish you the best in L.A. Just a couple of thoughts to go foward in hand. I heard it said when Thomas Edison's lab caught fire he ran into his house and brought his wife to see and said "isn't that a beautiful fire!" It burned down and he rebuilt it. What an attitude. 84% of the people will find something wrong with your promised land, just ask Moses.(don't allow anyone to get you angry at your circumstatnces either, just ask Moses)  And finally, Rats, I was working it up to get in the Retro Rail. 
Alan Fawkes
I'm praying for you my brother!  I can't wait to see that you've made your dreams come true. Remember to keep God first and to BELIEVE!! When we cross paths again in the future you'll be a star and I'll be a star except I'll be the one saying "I use to be his DJ" :o)  
Peace & Blessings,
Kyle aka DJ I AM 
"Got your message Motown..Deep bruh..very transparent..I admire your courage..this is a leap of I know your intuitive spirit man is serving you well on this one..I wish you the best..I pray you hit the mark..if you don't come back..we know where you rep Tampa out there..remember your old teaching..the longer the drout..the longer the blessing...let no fruit fall off the vine before its time.may you get all you want...May God Bless, direct and protect you.."
Derek Porter 

Hi Motown,

As I've always shared...'You have a lot to be very proud of with what you've accomplished' and that still remains the same.  The sentiment remains true and I just know that you will make a good go of the opportunity that's in store for you.  The fact that you were able to do what you've done, especially, as a minority person is quite a feat.  I would encourage you to continue forging ahead and remember that in EVERY negative situation there is a BLESSING!!  You may be somewhat forced to move to Los Angeles because of your dire circumstances but the blessing is that you have a longtime friend there who is willing to help you out in these circumstances and the fact that you are going to Hollywood where there are so many opportunities for people like you who have the desire to succeed that you have is probably 'not by chance'.  Keep your faith and trust in the Lord!!  Above all,keep your head about you and also remember to always make those good choices that will keep you with your self respect.  Do things for the right reasons and never let making money be the sole purpose in your life!  Be careful and pray continually for God's guidance as He will lead you down the right path instead of the wrong one.

I wish you much success and when you do make it (not 'if' but when) remember to keep your head still in the right place.  I have personally kept in the forefront of my mind a saying that I once saw on a Church marquis that became very relevant to me in my situation when I separated and the going was very tough in making the adjustment to a 'single again' status with 5 children depending on me yet...The marquis shared that 'It takes a mixture of both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow'.  So true....and I used to feel that it wasn't just raining but that there were some severe thunderstorms and every natural disaster in the midst.  Basically it made me a lot stronger overall and also I came to appreciating the little things that I once took very much for granted in life!

Be good and stay strong....You've got what it takes to be a success....Continue to believe in yourself and in the Lord as you venture on your newest journey on the path called 'life'
Sandy Isaacs
Hi Motown,
Reading your e-mail made me stop to pray and ask God to help you in your endeavor.  We all have setbacks.  One famous pastor, author and motivational speaker, wrote a book called, "A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback."  Thank God for your friend who will help you. 
My hubby and I saw your first show in Tampa.  We're impressed with what you have accomplished and know you will continue to be successful.  It's always impressive and a blessing to see young black men trying to make a positive difference in his community and in this world.  Keep the faith and keep your head up high. 

Pulling for you,
Valerie C.
Motown Maurice, it is good to hear from you.  My family and I were thinking about you last month.  We were wondering, where have you been over the past few months.  We had not receive any type of communication from you.  We are glad that you are in good health.  We are proud of you and keep up the good work.  We know you will be successful in LA. We will keep you in our prayers.  Please notify us (people, fans, etc.) where to send contributions. Also, please read the note below titled "A Snail's Pace" words of encouragement.

Have setbacks slowed you down to a snail’s pace? Be encouraged. God does not ask for a fast finish.  He expects persevering progress.

Perseverance means steadfastness, constancy, and endurance. 

Tribulation produces perseverance;
and perseverance,
character; and
character, hope.

When trials intrude to slow down your life, 
It would be easy for you to give in;
But by perseverance you will overcome strife,
So just keep on plodding—with Christ you will win.

Remember great achievement requires great perseverance.

Justus Roberts

I am so happy for you! Leave and don't ever look back!!! Sometimes you have to move away to make a way! I know you have a lot of prepping to do. I must contribute to the cause! We have to talk soon! This is great news...I love it!
Smooches xoxo
I believe in YOU
I have watched you and followed your progress since very early on, from your monthly forums regarding issues that impact the black community, to your television show offering QUALITY programming (fresh air!). I admire your tenacity and determination. Above all, I am so pleased to see you pursuing such a positive goal. As a single mother of FOUR sons, I am glad to have you to present as the image of a black man that I encourage them to emulate..Through all of your ups and downs, successes and failures, you have maintained the right attitude and outlook. It is obvious that you understand that hard work and determination is what will win out after all. You expect nothing that you do not pay for with your blood, sweat and tears..Such is life for a black man in America, but you understand that, yet you do not allow it to deter you..In the brief moment that it took to read your e-mail, I too experienced joy and disappointment as you have recounted your travails.. My heart aches for you in your disappointments, but I know that you will persevere..
I think the Oprah thing would have been a blessing in that it would have gotten you the exposure you seek, but I am not sure if it would have done more than that..I have a feeling that you would not have had as much freedom creatively speaking to do what it is you are trying to do...A loss, yes, but not yours...

With that said, I am offering you a gift of $50.00..I apologize for the meager amount, but I am sure that you understand the times..I am sending this because it is the only way I have to offer you an assurance that I am standing here, in my little corner of the world, in support of you.  I will follow your progress through your blog, and I will add you as a friend on facebook...I am also praying for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, as I know that this is what you are now being positioned by the creator to do..When you are down to nothing, GOD is up to something!

I have only one request..I have a son (Donovan, age 11) who has been planning to take Hollywood by storm ever since he could speak, and I firmly believe that he will, as I believe also in you..I am asking that you reach back, if not to my son, specifically, but to another young black male with dreams and aspirations that are as positive as yours? I will share your blogs with my son as a means of insight and inspiration, so that he will have a guidebook/roadmap to his goal..Be blessed in all of your pursuits. You are in my prayers

OMG motown I can'tr believe this. However I do believe it is time you venture out with your talents. and with your talents and hunger you will make it big Motown. I was hoping that we can meet up before you leave one last time. I will be keeping you in my prayers. and is so excited for you knew move. I am sorry that things didn't go the way you wanted them to go in Tampa, but like VIVCa Fox said, she wouldn't be as big as she is now if she didn't leave. MOTOWN, YOU DON'T HAVE LOCAL TALENTS, YOU DON'T HAVE A SMALL/LOCAL MIND. YOUR VISION CANNOT BE CONTAIN IN ONE CITY. IT'S TIME YOU LEAVE AND BROADED YOURSELF AND THE MOTOWNMAURICE ENTERPRISE! God Bless you you and open up every door needed for you. I love you Motown. Thanks for everything. And don't loose focus.
Jane Esther Phoebe Fleurinor
This is the time to step out on faith. You sound so sure that you will be successful, and frankly, that is how successful people think. I truly believe you have that eccentricity and charm that belong on television. You are very interesting to watch, yet humble and approachable enough to affect others on a personal level; indeed, you will do great things. I am forever grateful to you for opening the doors of your show to me and just supporting what I'm trying to do. Unfortunately, Tampa is just a tough market, one because the urban community is comprised of people who do not support the endeavors of others, and two because there is very little demand for anything innovative and "outside the box." We never got to have our one-on-one read aloud (lol) but I will check up on you from time to time to make sure you are working toward living the dream. I admire you for being one of those people who does not sit around wondering "what if?" Maybe once you get established, you can invite me to come out to L.A. and bless your stage again. God Bless You.

Jenna Rae
Motown, So it's official. I'll be sad to see you go, but honestly since it's been a long time coming, it's best you go now.

One thing I've learned as an entrepreneur in Tampa, 1) people say they support your vision...until you start charging for it. 2) Out of the 5,000 or more people I know in Tampa, only a handful including yourself are friends until the end. Thanks for being a friend. If I had any money to my name I would personally sponsor you and help you achieve your vision b/c I believe in it.  Hopefully I'll get that opportunity one day. One thing we have in common though is everyone says they love us & love to talk about how they know us or hang out with us, but few really go out of the way to demonstrate their friendship in action.  I'll put together a short list of LA/Calif people. I don't know alot of people, but hopefully some of mine will be able to help you out. I'll see you before you leave.

Keto Nord Hodges | MBA/Entrep
God's blessings to you Motown. I know you will go make it. You have the right determination, talent, and spirit. Keep your head on straight, and don't let Hollywood shake you up. If anything, you go in and shake up Hollywood.

Peace to you always,
September Penn
“Sometimes life takes on a journey outside your comfort zone to enhance your abilities and I strongly believe this is the case for me.” ~ Motown Maurice~ I strongly agree with you; hold on tightly. Keep asking, keep praying, and keep seeking! The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Ecc 9:11

Wancarlie Garnier
Yo Mo! This is ya boy JB from back in the day pimp!...that was a really strong email... Very motivating! It's a crazy trip, this type of job we do called entertainment, but it's our callin! I hadn't seen u in years but when i saw your personality on air.... Yo I wouldn't lie to you... This IS your thing!! You have always left memory of u as being a real brother so I definitely want to see you succeed! ....


Be encouraged; your greatness has yet to be realized. You are doing what you need to do right now and that is pressing on and being persistent. Congratulations on taking the next big step in your career. Tampa will miss you, but I am sure we will see you on the airways from LA.

Veronica Blakely


"I wish you the best young fella in LA.  You are tremendously talented and I know you will do great...Watchout comes the Godfather of Late Night!"

Victor M. Lee


Post away..I think you are truly on the cusp of your greatest success ever! It's always that way..The Word says "we will reap in due season", but we are required to do one thing: "faint not"..In other words, you have to struggle, push, groan, moan, cry a little but you are doing precisely what is necessary to open the door to the amazing future that awaits you..You should have given up, and a lesser man would have...But, you are persisting in your endeavor...God sees..

Yes, please add me to your exclusive list..I would love to be able to keep up with the goings-on on your path to your goal, as well as encourage and prepare my son who I am so sure will be walking in the same path very soon...

Check's in the mail...Be blessed..



Motown, keep following that dream even if it takes you all around the world. Tyler Perry was homeless. He has more homes now than he could possibly live in.

I pray for your continued success as it grows into something bigger than you could ever imagine.

Don't look down, continue to look up.

Love you, Wanda

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