Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 in L.A.

My first full day in L.A was nice. I woke up around 6am and began returning some old emails from last week. Soon after my roommate woke up and began her routine for work. This is my absolute first time in all my 30 years on earth I have ever lived with a woman so I am going to be extra precautions.  The last thing I want to do is irritate someone, better yet a woman that is trying to help me. Some of my male friends assume there is something going on but let me assure you that our relationship is completely platonic. I met her almost 10 years ago when I was in college through the Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee. I haven’t seen her for almost a decade until yesterday. 3 weeks ago I found her on face book and now I’m in L.A. I feel so blessed to know that she would open her home to me after so many years. 

Moreover, my day took an exciting point when I noticed a posting from a major production company looking for a new host. I immediately started to update my BIO and send what they needed. Part of the description stated: “We are looking for a rugged, badass host with enough experience and personality to stand up to these big machines.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself very rugged but I can be a badass if put the challenge (lol). Shortly afterward,  I received a reply that stated: “Thanks for your response! We'll be in touch if we think you'd be a good fit for the host position.” I’ve sent out my information many times to several companies and it’s often rare to get any type of reply. The reply is positive but it still doesn’t guarantee anything. After a few blank searches I decided to take a walk around town. My roommate wasn't lying when she told me she told me she lives near Korea Town. There are Korean people and businesses everywhere. Even the news papers and billboards where in Korean.

I also saw a lot of Mexicans and noticed very few African American’s. When I got to a main road buses was running rapid in every direction. Much of the area reminded me of New York.

The street lights are very generous to pedestrians. I waited for less than a few seconds each time I needed to cross the street. I walked for approximately 3 hours and had no problem getting back home.
Tomorrow on the other hand, is the day that will steer some direction into my quest.  I’m meeting with a talent agency. Since late July I found a talent agency on Craig’s List looking for new talent. They immediately responded and showed much interest in me. They are actually an agency that just started. There is great potential for us to build a great relationship together. They literally just got their license together this month. The first time we spoke I told them I would be taking my first trip to California late August/early September.

They are very exciting about meeting me and I am even more exciting about meeting them. I don’t know what to expect but I’m ready. Having their representation will be excellent. I have a broad idea in my head on how to bring my quest into fruition. It will take longer than expected but I can envision it coming around full circle. First I have to conquer taking the bus and the train. Since I don’t have a car here,  I am dependent upon public transportation. I grew up in New York taking the bus and train a lot with my mom when I was a kid but since then I never really drove the bus on my own. I can vaguely remember if I did. If I did maybe once in 2006 after I got into a car accident. Maybe!

I’m looking forward to day 2 being something to remember.

So much to write. Such little time.  

Until the next post.

Motown Maurice


  1. Hello Motown Maurice, Sooo happy to see you pursuing your dreams... Have a great week. God bless you! Much Success, Angela

  2. Good on ya bruh. I checked you out a few times when you were here and I'm pulling for you. You have talent and I'm confident you'll succed in your quest. Stay strong and stay prayed up.

    Tony n Tampa

  3. Good for you Motown! Do it for me! I wanted to be a talk show host when I was young so I'm rallying behind you to go for it! Praying for you! Enjoy the journey! Marcus Graddy

  4. It sounds like you will fit right in. Man, you detailed story makes me wanna catch a flight, sounds very relaxing. I am glad to know everything is going well for you. I am pulling for you. I wish you the VERY BEST, and NOTHING LESS.

  5. Wow! Look at God! He is definately ordering your steps! I am so inspired; God is no respector of persons, and if He can do it for you, He can surely do it for us! We just need to step out in faith and allow Him to lead us. Can't wait to read the next entry. Take care!

  6. Man Im pulling for you sooo hard that its causing migraines. But we all are rooting for you.

  7. I hope to come there one day as well. Thanks for being a trail blazer!



  8. See you at the TOP. That's the only direction for you...Much given, much required!!!


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