Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 in L.A.

Let me begin by saying if you're reluctant about making a big move to another state. Just  make sure there is a Wal-Mart near by and I promise you'll feel right at home.

Day 3 began shortly after I finished writing about day 2. It was very early in the morning. I noticed a posting for a reality show seeking people. According to the post the reality show was set to feature unknown/unfamous people with talent. They encouraged anyone who thinks they have talent to audition to be on this show. I will admit I'm not big on reality shows but it doesn't hurt to try. Its not the first time I applied for a reality show and I've received no responses on them yet. They probably don't know what to do with an ambitious, high top wearing, black male who has aspirations to be a late night talk show host. That's unheard of.

Following replying to that post, I went to sleep, woke up early again and started replying to my emails. Then I received another request from someone to set up a paypal account for donations. I've actually had a paypal account for many years but I just didn't bother using it much. That email finally convinced me to start it up again. Planet Ego already agreed to accept donations and I figured marketing from more than one location would improve the chances.

I got into my account easier than I thought and realized I had about $45.00 in there since 2008. I was shocked. If I had to guess I would of thought maybe $20.00 because I don't recall ever transferring over money. Moreover, $45.00 was a big surprise for me and a great way to start the day. Within a few minutes I tested the link and now donations are ready to go.

Click here for more donation information. 

As for those who already sent me a donation, I'm in great appreciation for you. God bless you. I honestly didn't expect so many people willing to give. Thank you very much.

After the donation link was created I found another posting in need of a host that loves helping others. I thought the description matched me in many ways. Here are some examples of what they are looking for in a host:

Do you love helping other people with their problems? 

Has the school of hard knocks qualified you as the ultimate advice giver - even if you don't have a degree. 

Do you believe that life experience is just as good as a professional degree in wanting to help others with their problems?
Maybe you're a life author who has written a self help book......a blogger.......started a support group, etc. etc. etc.

Focusing on real people helping real people is looking for a show host who is warm, nurturing and passionate about using their own life experience to help others. 

We are not looking for anyone with a psychology, MFCC, etc. degree.

I find postings like these all the time. I particularly have what they need prepacked. Head shots, BIO, reel and sometimes resumes. Every now and then I have to update my BIO but it never takes too long. I'll keep you posted if I get a response.

My day took its most exciting turning point when I roommate asked me if I wanted to take a ride to Wal-Mart. When I arrived I knew I wasn't too far from home (lol). We ended up going to two different Wal-Marts but the first one was the most unusual to me. It was directly connected to a mall, with two floors and a escalator. I was wondering how in the world do you bring your shopping cart up the escalator. I later found out there is a special escalator just for shopping carts. Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera with me this time. That Wal-Mart didn't have what we wanted so we went to another. That's where I picked up some items to munch on. Like tuna fish, crackers, water, cup of noddles... I know. I feel like I'm a college student again. This is a enormous switch from picking up a week’s worth of full course meals from my mom on Mondays. I wonder how much it would cost for my mom to Fedex it to me. 

There rest of my day was spent in front of the computer replying to emails and preparing for my main task. I’ve always made it my duty to reply back to every business/personal email sent to me. Sometimes right way and other times within a few days or weeks but I always respond. There are pros and cons to that but who knows how long that is going to last if my life continues to advance.

When I finally got all my emails up to date I geared focus on all the pictures my agent asked me for. Since I created Wide aWoke Wednesday’s back in 2007 I accumulated a lot of pictures of myself. I mean a lot of pictures. My agent said some head shots can last for 3 years if your not changing your style often. Knowing that I started pulling pictures from exactly 3 years ago. Although, I haven’t changed too much in most of my 2007 pictures, I’m not wearing my signature goatee, I may not be able to use them but here are a few of my favorite pictures from 2007.  Janesther Fleurino, my on call employee at the time and good friend assisted me with these photos at a studio owned by Tony Gil. 
I've had this suit since 1998 and I'm still rocking it today.

I think I returned this attire to Burlington Coat Factor the next day. 

You say you a gangster!? 
The photo below was taken in 2008. I think I cut my goatee one more time in 2008 and decided to never do that again. All of these photos need a little photo shop. I'll apply it later.
Clothing provided by Attitude Plus Men's Clothing. My clothing sponsor for 2008-2009.

Don't worry my photos from 2009 and 2010 are much better. I'll consider posting some of those later. To all my readers I'm sorry day 3 isn't as exciting as day 2 but believe it or not the less exciting days are somethings the most important days. I have a lot of material to prepare for my agent. Once I get all of this done I'll be eligible to audition for open casting calls. So stay tuned ,there are much more exciting days ahead. If push come to shove I'll take a trip to the Hollywood walk of fame soon and take some photos for your viewing pleasures. If you all have a special request please let me know and I'll attempt to go there and take some pictures. I need the challenge. I haven't met any celebrities yet nor have I been anywhere that I can say the ladies are hot. Thus, I am looking forward to it all.

Thank you for reading.

Until the next post.

Motown Maurice

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  1. Are you kidding!? Trips to Walmart are always exciting. Whoo Hooo Day 3! I sooo wish you would have had a camera for that one. Sounded heavenly! I've only been over that way once & besides Hollywood blvd... Santa Monica pier is sooooo nice! Oh yeah...and shout out to buddy for the pay pal suggestion. I just got paid and would have hated to do the snail mail thing ;-) ♥


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