Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5 in L.A. (Walking with the Stars)

Unfortunately, I have to start this blog with some bad news. I’m going to have to disappoint my new found fans who enjoyed my exquisite vocal display yesterday. For those of you who have your fingers crossed and are looking forward to seeing me on American Idol next season. I’m sorry to inform you but I found out today that I am not eligible because I exceed the age limit this year. The requirements say you have to be 15-28 years old. Oh’s their lost. Nonetheless, the audition boosted my confidence for singing. I'm now inspired to lift some vocal weights from time to time to keep it going. Hey, it could be my second calling. 

Now, before I move on with the rest of my day I have a special request. I know we all love face book. Many of you read my blog and post comments on face book afterward. I appreciate the comments but I would prefer you put the comments here, below each blog. Your comments on face book will eventually disappear but on the blog they will stay forever.  So please make most of your comments here. Thank you.

After a few hours of putting in work on the internet of course I decided to go for a joy ride. I tried to be Mr. Save a Little Money and walk to my first destination but that didn’t last long. Soon enough I jumped on the bus and found the Metro PCS corporate store. (When I found out Metro PCS was located in Cali I knew there was definitely no stopping me now.) Metro PCS is everywhere out here. I’m having minor phone problems again so I had to order a replacement. You can’t go wrong with a new phone at no cost. 

After that I decided to visit this so called Hollywood walk of fame everyone talks about. When my bus dropped me off at the Wilshire/Vermont train station I noticed a visual transformation. It seems as though its fresh market time on Friday's tere. There was all kinds of vendors selling mostly fruits. I love me some fruits so I’ll definitely be back.

Once on the train I noticed the map shows multiple Hollywood stops such as Hollywood/Vine, Hollywood Highland, North Hollywood… Uncertain about which stop to exit I asked a couple next to me and the young lady recommended Hollywood Highland because they were also getting off there for the same reason. That stop landed me right on the center of Hollywood Blvd. It’s an instant heaven for any tourist. There are sights to see everywhere. I captured a few pictures for your viewing pleasures but what attracted me the most was the talk show related eye candies.

Jimmy Kimmel one of my soon to be late night competitors. He tapes his live recordings here.

Kodak Theatre is the crown jewel of the Hollywood & Highland Center retail, dining and entertainment complex located in the heart of historic Hollywood. The 3,332 seat theatre opened in November 2001 and soon thereafter became known to more than one billion people across the globe as the first permanent home of the Academy Awards. 
The El Capitan Theatre debuted on May 3, 1926, as "Hollywood's First Home of Spoken Drama." That evening, limousines pulled up before the theatre's elaborate cast-concrete Spanish Colonial exterior.  
This is one of the many tour buses I've seen out there. Watch out Ellen I might just take your day time spot.
The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is the most famous movie theatre in the world. Millions of visitors flock here each year, most of them drawn by its legendary forecourt with its footprints of the stars. Yet the Chinese Theatre is also a fine place to see a movie in its own right, a spectacular movie palace with a unique history.
As you might expect, the new Guinness museum is devoted to the same kind of world records that you would find in the famous Guinness Book of World Records - from the world's heaviest man, to the world's largest apple. Its displays include records set in sporting, eating, architecture, the animal kingdom... you name it.

Batman even was there. By the time I put my camera down to approach him he was gone. I think we was the real Batman.
                       As you would expect here is a huge statue of Shrek so you can take a picture with.

Keep in mind as I'm viewing all of these great attractions below my feet are Hollywood stars. In other words I"m on the Hollywood walk of fame. Every other foot step I'm landing on new star such as John Ritter, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, LeVar Burton and much more. It was cool to see the stars but none of them really excited me until I saw my 3 idols. I grew up particularly worshiping these guys. I couldn't believe my eyes. 

When I saw WOODY WOODPECKER'S star. I literally fell weak to my knees in amazement. This guy is my hero.
My heart skipped 6 beats after I saw BIG BIRD'S star. BIG BIRD is one of the few people in the world that understands me. If it wasn't for BIG BIRD I probably would be living a life a crime right now. Either that or I would be in jail.
When I saw this star I stopped breathing for about 30 minutes. There are no words in the English dictionary that can describe my connection with KERMIT THE FROG. Its like our destiny's are somewhat tied together. Sometimes I feel like we are the same person. He has been through so much but he keeps pushing no matter what. Just like me. Whenever I feel down and out I think about KERMIT and that always cheers me up. I would cut a piece of my high top fade just for the opportunity to meet KERMIT THE FROG. I love this guy. 

As I continued to walk I was looking long and hard for real a celebrity because everyone back in Tampa have been asking have I seen any yet. Just when I was about to give up I saw Samuel L. Jackson and he allowed me to take a picture with him.

Although I am thankful he allowed me to take a picture with him. I was awfully disappointed. He was more interested in looking into my camera than holding a conversation with me. I hate to be judgmental but he was kind of stuck up. I assumed he was a cool guy but he was rather stiff. I promise this will be the last time I take a picture with this phony guy. (Motown Maurice & Samuel Jackson)

After my first 15 minutes or so, I saw enough and was ready to go. I'm really not much for sight seeing. I prefer to be back at the headquarters (home) where I can make history happen. The next time I'll be back will most likely be by invitation. 

As I was leaving I couldn't help but wonder...

Hey... You never know. (Motown Maurice Hollywood Star)
As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. Wow, I like the ending. That was Sweet. Ok, so you like fruit. We have something in common, so do I. In fact, I just made a trip to the store to purchase some. Day 5 seemed like a very interesting day to me. I love sight seeing, thats my kind of day. And what's up with singing. Have you losted your mind? Lol!! I was thinking, I'm glad you don't have a car there. Man, you'd be causing lots of! Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. Wow. Love love love the "Motown Maurice" star!!!! It will happen! -MBM

  3. Please don't start singing

  4. As soon as I saw the star with your name on it, the first thing that played in my head is...
    ♫ Can you feel it! Can you feel it! CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!! ♫ LMAO!!!


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