Monday, September 20, 2010

Ego Planet Interview with Tammy Taylor

Last Friday (Sept 17, 2010) I had a soul gratifying telephone interview with Tammy Taylor. She gave me the opportunity to share Planet Motown Maurice through her Planet Ego enterprise. I literally left earth through the duration of the interview. Check out the full interview

This is what she said about the interview on my Face Book wall.

"Motown Maurice - one of the best interviews PLANET EGO's FB page has had on the topic of healing the ego soul divide. (The hiatus wasn't just for you. The message is evolving;)

"If you’ve ever wanted to hear the difference between motivation by the ego and inspiration from the soul, this show is for you."

She is an awesome host and has made me the Ego Planet feature of the month. In addition, she is attempting to raise $1,000.00 for my quest this week. She is a blessing. Please check out the website and also join the face book fan page:

She has the internet screaming my name. Tammy did a superb job putting the interview together. I'm going need her to write for me when I go national. The intro is hot and she definitely did her research. I can't wait until you interview me again. Its interviews and opportunities like Ego planet that makes pursuing your dreams and visions worth while. Please support Ego Planet (Thank you Ego Planet).

Motown Maurice

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  1. Hi Motown Maurice,
    I am so glad you liked the interview. Thank you, so did I.

    You're right, the internet is screaming your name! The 'Motown Maurice Show' videos you and your team so meticulously created are now being featured on our Facebook page: PLANET EGO.

    Let's get the donation drive underway with 'Motown Maurice' fans and supporters!

    Yes, Motown, I believe people who know you know that difference between motivation by the ego and inspiration from the soul. Whether your blog followers, Facebook friends or Facebook fans have money to send you a check or not, we all can help broadcast your story onto; to raise money for "Your Quest to Do it Again".

    Everyone who posts INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL, AND/OR BEHIND THE SCENES comments about Motown Maurice featured posts on PLANET EGO Facebook page will help to drive participation in the Motown Maurice QUEST FUND.

    By doing this, the uninitiated learn who you are, what your quest is about, and, hopefully, get some checks in the mail to you!

    For my part, for each donation of $5 or more, I am offering a one-time special of five dollars for my eBook, "Ego Planet: Where Every Body Has a Soul". (Normally, the book is purchased for $9.99).

    Thank YOU so much for being obedient to your mission and continuing to encourage,

    Tammy Taylor
    Tampa Bay's New Thought Examiner,
    Writer/ Producer/ Speaker/ Digital Entrepreneur

    "There is no limitation to inspiration."

    (You are invited to join PLANET EGO: Facebook Page to help drive MOTOWN MAURICE'S QUEST FUND)


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