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I get some many great inspiring responses from my fans its only necessary to share them with you. Check out the response I received from my last massive email entitled: Final Email - 10 Things You Need To Know.


I have always told my children – Do not follow anyone’s path; make your own – go out on a limb- THAT is where the fruit is!
I will enjoy following your success stories.   

Linda Meade


There comes a time in one's life when s/he must do what is
necessary to get to where s/he wants to go. As Les Brown
says, "Each one of us fall sometimes, but it's the getting up
that really counts. When you fall make sure you can look up
because if you can look up, you'll get up." Keep the faith.

Dr. John Loblack

Hey Motown its Kita!! I wish you the best. I had to make the same decision and have since moved to Washington DC to stay employed as well as to pursue my dream(s) of owning a business.  I am glad that you decided to continue to follow your dream and did not let the walls hold you down! The way I see it you were put in Tampa for a purpose and that purpose has been served. Now it’s time to turn the page! You definitely inspired me and confirmed that I made the right decision.  

Cherkita Williams
I'm really going to miss you, I enjoyed working on the show more than you know, however, you're only a plane ride away I'll visit you once you get settled.   I fill sad, as it's like one of my kids is leaving home.    When you get to town you let them know that MOTOWN MAURICE HAS ARRIVED.....good luck!!!!  I'll be praying for you

 Marsha Jackson
"Determination and perseverance. Whether you are moving fast or slow always move forward in a positive light... you are gonna always be alright!"

Jovan C. 


Take care Motown Maurice, l believe you will certainly find the success you have envisioned. And yes, a relationship with Christ is personal, HIS greatness is meant to be shared so others can experience the same joy and abundant life.

Tampa is proud of you!

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving this area.  I thought everything was going well for you here in Tampa. You did a lot of GREAT things for Tampa Bay.  I have a DVD that you made initially regarding the Civil Rights Movement which I have shared with many of my friends.  I lent it to my daughter to show to some of her friends as well because her Pastor, Mark T. Jones of Center for Manifestations was also a part of the DVD.. 

Your contribution to the historical events of African Americans and their contributions to equal and human rights in this area will always be remembered.  I appreciate all of your work in the Tampa Bay area and your services to this community will never be forgotten. May you be continously Blessed for Blessing so many others with your knowledge, skills and abilities. 

I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Keep in Touch!


Cynthia R. Bailey 
Hi Mo,

This is Venieka & family. Do not forget to add us to your email list; I would love to continue with you on your journey. Never give up Mo, and I am so proud of you! You have accomplished much...everything happens for a reason in this life we live. You are awesome, and keep up the good work hun!!!! So proud!


  Hi Motown, I am Jarret Harris' mom. Our family wishes you the very best as you transfer to Hollywood.
Please take our love, joy,  peace and lots of happiness. My first impression of you was a well bred gen-
tleman, quite a smart business man, a civic and community activist,one who has a genuine concern for humankind. Don't forget to whisper a prayer to God frequently during the day. Please remember not to be too anxious. But when the opportunity arises; seize it immediately. And if things are seemingly slow; wait on the Lord
and be of good courage. He will strengthen your heart. Blessing delayed is not a blessing denied.
Pray for my family and we will pray for your family. We're wishing you God Speed

 Joann Harris

Hello, Motown

My how time has passed....I still remember the first day that I met you. Chase was having a Black History Month observance and I was invited on behalf of the Black Pages.  We talked for quite some forward several years and you are like one of my "sons in the business" arena.

Do know that I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, and fully understand why you must leave. You have my support, and I will continue to follow you via your blog.

I have been traveling for the last two plus months, and just playing catch up.

Expect to hear from me in the very near future as I, too, would like to be a blessing to you!

Love you son,

God's blessing upon your life and may He direct your paths as you realized your dream as the Late Night Talk Show Host. I believe in YOU!l

Sheryl C. 

Good morning Motown! Wow, off to LA, huh? While the circumstances leading up to this decision may or may not have been the most ideal, I am a firm believer that the Lord still provides even when we are in seemingly barren lands. I pray for your strength and encourage you no matter what or who comes your way, hold strong to your dream, your passion and your faith. I am more than sure that you will accomplish all that is already there waiting for you. Walk boldly and confidently (forget the naysayers because there will always be doubters). Mo...step into your future. It's there waiting for you.
By the way, I've been going through some barren territory for the last 4 years and even though it's been bleak, I have seen God do some amazing things in my life so that is why I can share these words with you. Am I "there" yet? No, but I still have faith that everyday God provides one thing that I need He's showing me that He can provide much more. I have enjoyed watching your show (loved your pitch to the Oprah Network...I voted many times) and I know that you really do have what it takes. Keep pressing!

Angela Judge


Hello Motown,

I can not believe all that has transpired in the last 12 years. You have always followed your heart and done what we were all scared to do. I know that you will do great in L.A. I have been reading your emails and seen all the exciting things that you have done in Tampa and I can truly say that I am so proud of you.

I will keep you in my prayers and I know that God will finish what He started. He never gives us anything that we can not bare. The tests and trails are here to make us strong and we all know that only the strong will L.A. 

Stay blessed and please keep me posted. I know I will see you name in big lights!

Dominique Rock
Leto High Class of 1998 
Hey cuz!!!! I know that in all all you put your heart and mind to it and it willl be great!!!! I mean come on its in the family to be successful lol lol say hi to Kobe and them and live it up! Get ready for another chapter of your life to be full of excitement keep God first and he will always direct your ya much...kisses

Johanna Phillips


I would be lying if I didn't admit to being a bit sad to see you go, but I am very glad to see you following your destiny. You certainly belong where the stars are being a shining one yourself.

The only advice I would offer would be don't forget to call your momma! ALOT! We mom's love to stay in close contact and know what's going on in our son's lives! : - )

Be blessed in all that you do and I wish you only Heaven's best!

Take Care,



Hi Motown,

I would very much like to continue receiving your emails if it's not
too late. Your journey has inspired me indeed and I wish nothing but
blessings and success to you. I know one day I will be watching you on
television at 11pm during the business week.

Stay strong,
Arlisa S. Thomas

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