Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 6 in L.A. (Its Party Time)

On day 2 I was complaining that I couldn't find my dress shoes and I had to attend my meeting with sneakers... Can you believe I found my shoes this morning. It was practically hidden in a particular compartment of my suitcase. I know. Terrible... Well, they certainly came in handy for today and they will be appropriate for my 2nd meeting with my agent this Tuesday.

Today I decided to add an old but new feature to my look. I've always owned sunglasses but I never really wore them in Florida. Now that I'm walking a lot more and the sun has more access to my eyes than ever before I think its a perfect time to be consistent with wearing my shades. Besides that, I look kind of hot in them. Check me out below I'm loving it. 

Motown Maurice: I think the shades go well with the high top. What do you think?

Today my roommate and I was suppose to attend a networking mixer but for some reason the event was canceled.  After debating on where to go next we decided to take a tour through Santa Monica.On the way there I noticed a place some of you might be familiar with by name. 

The Staples Center. Home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Did I mention how close I live to everything?

Santa Monica was beautiful. To my Tampa family its like Ybor city to the 3 power. It's way to detailed too write about so check out this video for your viewing pleasures.

Santa Monica has 3.5 miles (5.6 km) of well-maintained California beach locations and enjoys on average 340 days of sunshine a year plus a nearly constant gentle ocean breeze. Cycling, movie shoots, beach volleyball games, and the finest of people-watching all happen here, and it's no wonder. People love to gather here, partially because it is so pristine.

After taking a walk up and down the strip and vising the mall with went to the Santa Monica Pier. 

The pier contains Pacific Park, a family amusement park with a large Ferris wheel. It also has a carousel from the 1920s, an aquarium, shops, entertainers, an arcade, a trapeze school, a pub, and restaurants. The end of the pier is a popular location for anglers.

On the way out I noticed spider man. I wonder if he knows Batman is on Hollywood Blvd.

After my Santa Monica adventure I attended a RSVP party at the Petersen Automotive Museum. If you love cars then this place would be heaven for you. I'm sure Jay Leno has been here multiple times. Check out me some of their display figures. 

Motown Maurice: Picture taken on September 25th and posted on Nov 6th.

You have to love The Bat-Mobile

A few of the people near by me kept saying that the Petersen Automotive Museum is a great place to have a party. In deed it is.  The celebrities also came out for a visit.
Usher and Bishop Don Magic Juan was two of the biggest celebrities that came out to the party.

Fonzworth Bentley was also in at the party and he performed a few songs.  

As I was entering the party I was text-ing a friend back in Tampa and she couldn't believe I was going to a party. I generally don't party much at all. Those close to me know that I'm a home body unless its business related. I asked a person with me if he goes out to a lot of events like this. His response was "if your in the entertainment business your going to have to be on the scene." Truthfully that does make sense. Back in 2004 -2007 I was on the networking scene in Tampa quite a bit but I slowed down when I started producing shows. More than likely I'm going to have to adjust and try to attend as much events as possible. Parties are now business related for me.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. "Why I'm not in any pictures with celebrities." I'm out here for one reason only and that's to gain nationally exposure in the entertainment industry and make a presence in the late night talk show arena. I've had a hand full of celebrity interaction in the past and I have pictures with some of them. Would I have liked a picture with Usher and Bishop? Sure... However, I would prefer to take a picture with them after I interview them on my own show first.

In the mean while I'm going to maintain a sense of professionalism that doesn't present me as a groupie. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a groupie. I love my groupies. I just have to be strategic about everything I do. For now I plan to be observant at these events. This will allow people to recognize my face and then I'll soon make my approach.

One odd thing did happen at the party. 3 guys approached me. One asked me if I was a photographer. Please note: I had a semi pocket sized/consumer camera with me and I wasn't even taking any pictures when they came up to me. The little camera was hanging off of my shoulder. Its no where close to my professional photo camera back in Tampa. I told him in Florida I'm a photographer but in L.A. I'm here for entertainment. Between our conversation there was a short pause then I told him a little more about myself. I gave him my card/bookmark and he told me that he was in the management business. He also said "Motown Maurice,... that's a good name. I'll check you out."

That whole scenario is weird to me. On day 2 my roommate was telling me I want to start looking into finding a manager soon and 4 days later this random guy approaches me. There is no need to be overly excited for no reason but the encounter was weird, odd and cool at the same time.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. Wow, there is so much to visually digest. It reminds me of Hollywood, California. You should go there to, its very simular to Ybor's strip. to Well first, I must say I'm sing the song 'Your future so bright, you gotta wear SHHHHADES'. I love the look. You fit right in. You are right, you look like Cali. lol!This is by far my favorite post of all. MUAH!!!! Now, who is that friend your text'n? Hahaha Ugghhhh, I wanna come. Lol! You having too much fun with me. J/K I completely understand. Now, on to the beaches. Yes, Santa Monica is beautiful. I am such a beach girl.I love the water. Beautiful setting. Anyways, I like that comment about if you're in the entertainment business you have to be on the scene. Well, I guess I need to get on the scene here in Tampa. That's definitely my area of focus. It's all about Branding. As for Usher, see you're a lot more different than I. I would have....hmmmm. Lol! I'll leave it to everyone's imagination. Dang it man......Well, I guess I better get to my homework. My professor Mr. Wilkinson of University of Phoenix might not be to happy with me turning my assignment in late. Maybe one day, after you've reached the top. We can have a conversation about this post. hahaha! Well, I gotta go, my goal is to ACE my Master's degree, with that being said I gotta stay focus. Until next time.........MUAH!

  2. Them shades just make The BIGGER SEXY!!!!!!!LOL.
    Something to think about, more pictures with big names now, might help get you noticed more. For example, "Hey, who is that guy in the picture on TMZ with Usher?". Just a thought.


  3. I wouldn't use the word "weird", in regards to the encounter w/ the "manager", but I isntead, I would chose the word "destiny" :)

  4. I knew you would love Santa Monica Pier! There is nothing wrong with wearing shades. Just has to be the right pair lol. You are absolutely right I have never known you to be avid party goer. But I think its time to bless Cali with the Pimp dance! Watch out there now!!! ;-)

  5. Hello Motown Maurice!
    This is Cynthia Smith huband Theopolis of USF in Tampa Fl., I glad you made the move, I fell you will be our next super star in the talk show business, you work very hard to get the job done, keep up the good work
    Theopolis & Cynthia

  6. Motown you're some thing else so to speak. Notice you having a good time and thank the lord for good health. Motown you sound like a News Broad caster, a host and everything in the book of wisdom you can be place in. Keep up the good work. Stay bless always and safe.


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