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One Hundred and Twenty Percent

Post Represents: Saturday, September 22, 2012

It was either Friday, September 14th or Saturday, September 15th I received a surprise call from Rebecca Purdum Honett. The call extended an invitation to be apart of her web series. With very few questions I accepted with great gratitude.

Getting ready for the first scene with the Sharks. 
Pierce college music room. 

The Sharks. 

Video (1) Here:

Hey That's Chris Brown.

Video (2) Here:
Video (3) Here:


Video (4) Here:

Look at my face. 
Motown Maurice & Chris Honett

Motown Maurice has a white face. 
Rebecca Purdum Honett & Motown Maurice
Look I'm a mime.  
Motown Maurice & John J. Byford

Rebecca Related: 


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Final Thoughts

Rebecca and I are both with First Class Talent Agency. The last time I saw her was about a year ago at this photo shoot, Photography Love (She's not seen on the link). Rebecca and her husband Chris showed some of the best hospitality that could possibly be provided on a production set. They verbalized their appreciation several times throughout the day and they were so grateful. They expressed much concern about my schedule for the day and for how I was feeling. The past two days I've been burnt and so just being part of their vision to boost my energy was a gift to me more than they could ever realize.

I'm even grateful that they picked me up and dropped me off. It would of took close to two hours to arrive at the location by public transportation. I ended up being in 3 scenes and after ever take their reaction was beyond pleased. Especially with the Chris Brown parody. I'm not a dancer. I'm even horrible at being a horrible dancer but they love everything I did. Chris Honett acknowledge my Chris Brown performance as 120%. Their awesome director John J. Byford mirrored Chris's compliments as well as other crew members. Overall, I don't think their was a moment I we crossed Chris he didn't express his appreciation to me.

I look at this production as a hallmark in my quest. 3 days before today was my 2 year anniversary, leading me into my sophomore year of my quest. Not even a full week into my sophomore and I've already upgraded my participation level as an actor in a project that wasn't one of my own. All in one day, I hadspeaking lines, danced, kicked a dog and did some voice over work. The amount of work in this one project is very significant in many ways.

As I close this post out, two things stick out in my mind the most.

1. Once again my blog talk radio show has assisted in merging an substantial working relationship.

2. Two years in Hollywood means something. It shows to those that have their eyes open that I'm consistent and I'm here to stay. Upon pick up, Rebecca and Chris told me they've been wanting to work with me for a while. The opportunity obviously arrived at the best of times.

As professional and appreciative Rebecca and Chris was throughout the shoot, it was also extremely inspiring to see a couple in Hollywood equally yoked in a industry that is known for tearing relationships apart.

I wish noting but an abundance of success to Chris and Rebecca Honett. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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