Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Coolest Guy in L.A.

Post Represents: Thursday, August 30, 2012 

Nathaniel Simons and the chosen ones celebrating his 
birthday at Bossanova on Sunset. The year of the Jordan. 
Blow out the candle!
The Freshest Scavenger Hunt Begins 
You can't pull a late night scavenger hunt riddle by me. 
Conspiracy! I want a recount. 
Nathaniel Simons & Motown Maurice 
I think we're going to need tranquilizer dart for this one. 
Last stop Mel's Diner.
Motown Maurice, Nathaniel Simons, Chidinma Ezeani, Makiah Green & Luz Maria Kumpel 

Final Thoughts 

Nathaniel has got to be the coolest guy in L.A. I had a few prior appointments today. One with Obama and another one scheduled to check out the Issa Rae/Awkward Black Girl event. However, once I received the invite from Nathaniel everything else got canceled. Nathaniel is the most appreciative and humblest person on the planet. In addition to that, he's a great conduit that continuously brings good people together.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel and thanks again for the invite. Its the year of the Jordan!

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Motown Maurice

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  1. MOTIZZLE! Dude- what an honor! I made your blog... not once but twice! Thank you so much man- I'm beyond humbled & I digg the pics man! Thank you again for making it out- you are one of the freshest cats I've met in a long time & the only person I know capable of reviving Late Night! Blessing brotha.

    (via: email)


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