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My Father was White?!! -- Motown vs Allen Fight

Post Represent: Day 312 Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm not an actor. I admit it often and correct those who refer to me as an actor. I feel much more comfortable referring to myself as an entertainer. I do desire to star in at least one or two theatrical feature films within my lifetime and I'm confident those offers will come in time. For now I'm blessed to be apart of The Lifebook Acting Academy. The experience and knowledge I'm exposed to makes me a better performer and a more powerful presents in general. 

I'm very devoted to my class and my leadership role (stage manager) however there are times I get agitated and restless. For the past few weeks I've been dissecting those signs as a soon to be paradigm shift in my life. I even told my instructor about my expected paradigm shift in an email when I missed class last Thursday. A week ago my chances for Craftsman Screw*d looked great and I sensed my time in Lifebook was drawing near the end. 

Most classes I observe and take photos for the Facebook page. Today I was in it to win it. I participated more today then any other class and it felt good. I produced some of my best work and afterward that restless and agitating feeling was no longer present. I performed several times in class today and it resulted in a rejuvenation of my enthusiasm. 


We started rehearsing for Sister/Brother a few weeks ago (From the Table to the Stage) and today we gave birth to this scene for the first time. It worked out pretty well. In the scene I found out I had white father and I met my white sister.

The feedback I received from the instructor was based on my evaluation and energy. I know the power of my energy but I thought if I gave anymore of it in the scene I would be perceived too sitcomy without any belief. Allen Levin continued to provide feedback and I understood. He also told me my energy needs to be higher every-time I speak. He mentioned that at times in the beginning of the class when we give announcements that my energy is high at times then its low sometimes. He also mocked the way I cleared my throat before I speak. He encouraged me to be enthusiastic every time I speak and less of that laid back Motown or it will affect my chances as a late night talk show host.

I agree and I know better. I will also make sure I do better. At the same time, I like laid back Motown. My energy is an on and off switch for me. I did learn a lot from what he said. I tend to personally dislike being taught a lesson I'm aware of but we have to refresh ourselves at times. Nonetheless, I needed to be told this so I can be more aware and conscience of my energy levels. Laid back Motown ain't going no where but I will monitor better now.

Check out photos for the Sister/Brother scene

Motown Maurice & Phoebe Spence

Raewyn Bailey, Phoebe Spence & Motown Maurice

But she's White!!!

I can't believe what I'm hearing!!!

Your my grandmother!!!

Motown Maurice, the Writer/Director Sharon Spence, Phoebe Spence & Raewyn Bailey

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Motown vs Allen Fight

We ended out class with several improv exercises. I think I did great in 2 out of 3. In the last session, I walked someone to their car and when I arrived my fellow classmates acknowledged that I was the only person that didn't do the last improv activity. Then Kelly shout out Motown and Allen. Allen as in our instructor. Little did I know it would be come Motown vs Allen. This improv was some of my best work yet in this class in my opinion.  We went from roommates arguing about the condition of the couch, to him furiously asking when I put his pills and finally I was fighting to prevent him from throwing his life away. This was a great improv and I even got a chance to beat Allen up a bit in the process. 
Motown Maurice & Allen Levin
Motown restrains Allen
Is this what you want? Is this what you been looking for?
Are you really going to throw your life away?
Look at yourself. You need help!
No. You can't have it.

I won't allow you to throw your life away.
More pictures are available here

Final Thoughts

In the last two pictures, Allen is scrabbling to get the capsule that I literally through across the room.  It became a really intense scene and it was a lot of fun. 

I don't know what type of magic took place today but it was necessary to ease my restlessness. I'm in no rush and I will continue to cherish this bless until I graduate to the next blessing. 

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. Niice, the pictures look comical. Looked like they were some really funny skits:)

  2. Motown, it has been an honor and a blast working with you. I don't care what you say, I think you can call yourself an actor among the many other talents you have.


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