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The Never Ending Intuition of God's Omens

Post Recaps: Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Sunday, July 17, 2011 my day started with a table read at Sharon’s house, one of my Lifebook Classmates. As we waited for one person to arrive our conversation spun into philosophical yet metaphoric dialogue. I think it started when I told Sharon and her mom that I told the Craftsman Crew*d Contest that I was a life coach. 

Then I started to figuratively expound on many of the potent messages Hollywood pours into its movies. From Inception to The Green Hornet, I broke down several thought provoking points that are displayed in movie magic. 

If I’m not mistaken, after mentioning the message of creation/imagination with The Green Hornet I tried to quote something Will Smith said in this video I posted while back. At a certain point in the video Will Smith mentioned how he loves the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I probably couldn’t even say the authors name right but Sharon new exactly what I was talking about. In the same moment she said to her self, “I believe I have that book.” In less than 5mins she came downs stairs with the book and she gave it to me to read. 

As I glanced through the first few pages, I realized its was a story. I thought all along it was a self-help book similar to Napoleon Hill’s writings. Sharon expressed thoroughly how great of a read the book is. Then the person we were waiting for arrived and she noticed the book in my hand and she shouted, “The Alchemist! I love that book,” Of course more conversation elevated our thoughts and we began to share so much wisdom and knowledge to each other. I even left lead in my spirit to encourage both Sharon and Raewyn (the last person to arrive) to join forces and write a movie together.

Not only did they both agree it was a great idea to write something together, Raewyn opened up a book in her hand for the first time and she landed on a chapter called, “Two heads are better than one.” That was a clear and precise omen from God. An omen is a commonly used term in The Alchemist. I’ve been reading that book ever since I left her home and I’m loving it. 

The reason I like it so much is because I am Sheppard Boy Santiago in the book. His epic journey profoundly parallels my quest. Santiago left everything behind in Spain to follow his dream, travel to Egypt in pursuit of a treasure in which he has no clue what it is. We’re talking about a boy that never left his homeland and all he ever knew was his sheep. 

For almost 10 years all I knew was my video camera and my photo camera. I had a comfortable life at one put but my desire to professionally take pictures was no longer fulfilling my soul. I put everything in storage, left the east coast and arrived on the west coast, Los Angeles, CA for the first time last September. Thus far, all my experiences are greater then I could ever imagined. Furthermore, I still have no clue exactly how I’m going to become a nationally syndicated late night talk show host. 

All Santiago knows is that he has to got to Egypt to find his treasure. All I know is I have to be in LA to accomplish my personal legend. Throughout his journey he received many omens to let him know he was on the right path. I would be writing this post for the next 10 days if I listed all the omens I constantly receive. There is a point in the beginning of the book when Santiago meets this old wise man who is actually a king and he claims he knows where Santiago must go to find his treasure. Santiago agrees to give him 1/3 of his sheep and the man tell him his treasure is in Egypt, near the Pyramids. Santiago became furious because he was expecting more information. He just met a gypsy that told him the same thing. 

The old man, then said, “In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you?” 

1. anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; portent. 
2. a prognostic. 
3. prophetic significance; presage: a bird of ill omen.

Ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as coincidence. God sends us omens and I have distinctly received several omens all my life specifically for the last 3-5 years. I haven’t finished The Alchemist yet I’m on page 100 and more than likely I will complete it pretty soon. Each page tells the story of Santiago the seeker in a unique and colorful way. Santiago and I are both in two different worlds yet my intuitive 6th sense tells me that he and I are one in the same.  

“The boy was beginning to understand that intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it's all written there.

When you want something with all your heart, that's when you are closest to the Soul of the World. It's always a positive force.”

The Alchemist

Englishman to Santiago

On Friday (July 22, 2011) I had a sudden epiphany. It dawned on me that I am actually reading my story as it unfolds just like the 80’s childhood classic, “The Never Ending Story.”

“Bastian steals a book from the store called The Never Ending Story which Coreander has been reading; he hides in his school's attic, where he proceeds to read the story through the rest of the day and the night, not realizing that he has effectively become a part of it.”

- Wikipedia

Not only am I living my quest I am also reading about my own quest in other stories as it unfolds. In some other ways I am narrating it too.

Final Thought
An important lesson that I have discovered is all seekers, adventures, heroes, brave men, protagonist, risk takers, and warriors all endure very similar adversities, trials and tribulations. All the histories of these type of men are connected. The souls of most great people whom have roamed the earth are connected. That’s why I've been noticing my commonalities with great seekers in movies and/or stories.

I won’t publish this post until Wednesday 27, 2011 is over, because I’m leaving my blog's home page to the promotion of Craftsman Screw*d. I’m also writing this message from Tully’s Coffee shop off of Wilshire and Normandie because I’m in no rush to get back to get back to the community housing facility. Yesterday I wrote from the bunk bed of a strange place and today I’m writing from a coffee shop. I am truly a Rolling Stone. Without any clear knowledge of my future, I am confident and observant to the omens.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice 

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