Thursday, July 28, 2011

Voting Period is Over!!!

The voting period finally ended at 12:00am. There is no big relief to express, I'm just glad I can start posting again. I've been holding back from posting because I wanted to keep my blog home page designated for Craftsman Screw*d promotion. In regards to the voting process, I decided to take a particular stand after the first day. By taking the stand, I was able to do some great reading (The Alchemist) and I also wrote some of my blogs best work.

I'm really proud of my most recent writings. They are a must read. For easy excess here are the links.

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Motown Maurice vs July 2011 

Now I'm going to pose a question to myself. "How do I feel?" In a brief acting class I took in Tampa, the teacher use to make make the students get in front of the class and ask ourselves that question. I never had an opportunity to perform the exercise but I've observed and then read about it in "Irreverent Acting" by Eric Morris. Okay, now here we go. "How do I feel?" I honestly feel claim. I'm not anxious. I'm not nervous and I'm not stressed. I feel cool. There is no anxiety at all in me. I feel relaxed. Most of all I feel indomitable.

In less the 24 hours I will know the outcome of the Craftsman Screw*d contest and without a doubt the results will have an affect. A positive affect of course.There are no more negative affects with me.

I just received a comment notice from my friend Raymond on youtube (12:55am) and I clicked on the link. This is my first time looking at the view count since last Thursday. I currently have 772 views. When I started I didn't pay attention to the views. I was focusing on the Youtube likes. I later found out that was the wrong focus. When I looked last (Last Thursday) I had approximately 109 Youtube likes compared to one other person who seemed to bring the most competition (Ron). He had 78 Youtube likes. 

Currently, I have 174 Youtube likes and he has 118. Nevertheless, those likes aren't a factor. We really can't even tell how many votes we have. The total votes are hidden because the banner on the video is the correct way to record all the votes. As for views I have 772 and he has 1,603. 

I am certain that if I continued promoting harder I would of stayed above his views and votes. I can only assume he has more votes because he has more views. That was my goal when it started and I did maintain dominance while I was mostly active. Furthermore, I made a precise decision and I am still comfortable with it. The voting is only about 33% of the final score and very soon we'll all know the results. 

Throughout the week, I felt really good about the potential outcome. After declaring and making the choice to win on My Past Does Not Direct My Future the only way for me to feel great. 

Final Thoughts

I won't begin to discuss my past but there are a handful of contests I haven't triumphed in previously. Through it all, it has only made me stronger. I couldn't help it but I at one point during the week I began to ponder about this hold process. It made me wonder if all of this has been too easy. So many of my blessings have manifested during unexpected circumstances. I am very positive that a break through is coming soon in my life but the advancement throughout this contest has almost been effortless to me.

Than again, many of my blessings have been near effortless compared to many hard tries. Through it all, it doesn't matter. Note: I'm not second guessing myself. I'm just pondering.

I'm currently in Cafe Novel off of Wilshire and Western. They closed at 11pm but the bar is still open. That worked out great for the writing of this post. I thought I had to find another post at 11pm.

Motown Maurice is enjoying a grilled chicken sandwish meal at Cafe Novel on Wilshire and Western, Los Angeles, CA

Since I moved into the community housing I've been spending a lot of time at cafe shops using the internet and drinking tea. I'll share more about my new found pleasure in tea drinking later. 

Well... I guess I should end this post now, get some rest and wait for the results. More than likely, I won't be impulsively waiting like I have with other contests in the past. I have too much going on to put so much of my energy into waiting on one thing. That's probably part of the reason why I seemed to have advanced so effortlessly. Throughout the process I just submitted, did what the asked me to do and I moved on. My mind was far from the thought of the contest when I received the first call back info. 

Lastly, I only spent one day of promoting and the people answered. Everyday for the past week, people made comments and expressed their support. Someone who heard me mention the contest during an interview on The Electric Carnival last Monday reached out to me on Facebook (Karen). She submitted her vote and shared with others. I don't even know this person. She said she was inspired by what I said on the podcast. The people indeed want me to succeed.

To all the people who have voted for me, Thank You Very Much.



As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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