Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 28 in L.A. (Beat L.A., Kobe You Suck!)

Today represented what Sundays are supposed to be like. I probably would've spent the whole day working until my roommate told me her friends had an extra ticket for a pre-season Laker game. I took on that offer pronto. The ticket was brought to me by Angelica and Pernell. They picked me up around 4:45pm and we headed on our way.

Pernell & I in front of the Magic Johnson monument at the Staples Center.
On the way there I found out we were attending a double header. The first game was the L.A. Clippers vs The Denver Nuggets.

This game wasn't that exciting. The Clippers were close to winning at one point but they found a way to lose.

 The second game was The Lakers vs The Utah Jazz.  

The Lakes right before the game.

Its half time baby!
In the most recent NBA finals I was passionately going against the Lakers. Now that I live in L.A. I don't plan to start being a Laker fan. I'm also learning I'm going to have to be careful of what I say around some of these die hard Laker fans. I don't think they embrace non-Laker fans very well. As for Kobe Bryant: I'm also not a fan but that man is dangerous. He didn't really play much in the first half but he was on fire in the 3rd quarter. Again, I'm not a fan but you can't hate on that man's talents. For your viewing pleasure, I captured some of the Laker game for you to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the record button cut off during the exciting Laker intro. Sorry about that. Most of what I recorded was Kobe hitting his shots, but I was honestly trying to record him missing.

A special thanks to Angelica and Pernell for bringing me along. I'm hoping to connect with Pernell in the future and play some real basketball. He plays ball often and is a part of a few leagues. I was playing ball every day in Tampa until I arrived in L.A. I need to bring basketball back in my life.

The Lakers were actually losing in the beginning but they were winning by 4 points when we left in the 4th quarter. We left a little early.

Very soon I'll be evaluating my first 30 days in L.A. That is going to be a very important post. Be on the lookout.
As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. LOL@ "Kobe suck!" You take that back, Motown?!

  2. Hey Motown!
    Nice to see you finally take some time out and have some fun, especially on Sunday! Miss you so much and congratulations on 30 days tomorrow!

  3. I love the first picture. Send me one.


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