Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 22 in L.A. (Still in my Pajamas)

The last time I told someone I spent the whole day working in my pajamas they told me that was "too much information." Thus, whenever I have a pajama - filled day, it prepares great things for me ahead. You can't expect everyday to be super exciting.

I know, I'm even sexy in my Pajamas.

Today I did managed to get a lot of things done. I'm still working on my acting profiles and demos. I spent most of the day editing some of my 3min demos to 1min demos. I was also inspired by a random person who was being interviewed on television. This person in particular is an avid blogger about Oprah. She started an experiment to do and live everything Oprah says. I don't plan to do that, but I noticed how she linked her website to her blog. I somewhat thought of that before, but at that time, I didn't understand all the available functions for my blog. Now that I know so much more, my blog now operates like a website. Since my website designer has been backed up with a lot of work, I figured I'll forward all my domains to my blog temporarily.

So far, so good. For example, if you visit: www.MotownMaurice.com or www.TheMotownMauriceShow.com it will take you right here to my blog. I'm excited about it for a couple reasons: One reason is, I have total control when I desire. (Check out my links on the right hand side.) The other reason is all the exposure from my domains will now be bring to my blog. If you have any suggestions about my new site/blog, please let me know.

Its amazing how many people that lady has following her Oprah experiment. She's been interviewed by multiple national television and radio shows. On that same magnitude, the world needs to know about The Quest of a Late Night Talk Show Host.  

I'm really ready to hit the streets now. The fliers I've ordered have arrived and they look hot (Thank you TrimPrnting.com). There is no stopping me now. To some extent, I'm waiting for a phone call. I spent a great potion of the day submitting myself for work. Someone is bound to call soon. It just so happen that I had a missed called from a production company today. The name on my caller ID looked very familiar. I think I submitted for work with them recently. The phone rang maybe once. After a few minutes I called back and the lady said she called by accident. I don't know what that was about, but I see that as more positive than negative.

The more I think about it, I literally didn't see outside today. I'll definitely leave the house tomorrow and hopefully come back with a hot report.  Once again I appreciate all for your comments and support. Please share my blog with as many people as you know. I would like this quest to be as big or even bigger than the Oprah experiment. With your help my quest and this blog will soon be a world phenomenon.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

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  1. So, I was thinking about the last blog and your mention of adversities. I really like this song and it couldn't have come from 2 better people. Check it Out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9qZz-m6BL4 Pajama days are the best days. I wish I had more of them. Much Love Always, Lala


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