Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 27 in L.A. (Music to My Ears)

(Day 27 = Saturday, October 16, 2010)
Doritos anybody? Today I finally took part in the Doritos commercial I've been telling you all about. Please refer back to day 13 for audition details and day 21 for the casting call.

Within the past couple days I finally started to get a better understanding of what this Doritos commercial is all about. Apparently, its a contest that takes place every year. I'm not sure how long its been going on for but they definitely had one last year.  Its called Crash The Super Bowl. The winner will be awarded a lot of money plus their commercial will air during the Super Bowl. From what I've been told the competition is fierce. One person told me there was 1,500 submission last year. Another person told me there was over 15,000 submissions.

I'm not 100% sure about the contest guileless but I think Doritos will pick the finalists and the winner will be chosen by the people on youtube. I know what your probably thinking, "You want me to vote for another video again Motown?" If that's what your thinking, you may possibly be right. For now you don't have to worry about it. If we do advance, I will inform and you better be ready to vote.

Below is a finalist from the 2010. I remember seeing this during the Super Bowl. It still
makes me laugh. I guess its also safe to say this is the type of competition we'll be up against.

As for the video I was in, I'm sorry but I can't and won't release the details. The director/producers
put a lot of work into their concept and I wouldn't ruin the chances of the commercial winning. For now just know its was excellent concept. Myself and a few others were casted because we were unique and interesting.

The shoot was located at the Brooks Institute in Ventura County. Its off the coast of California and an its 1 & 1/2 hours away from L.A. Initially I thought I could take the bus or train but as I wrong. It may be possible but I couldn't pull up any directions on the website I normally use. Thankfully my roommate arranged for one of her attorney friends to drop me off. Thank you very much both of you.

When I arrived at the scene I realized for the first time that I've been casted by students. Which in many ways in a great thing. My agent said, "Student filmmakers around here are the future directors and producers of tomorrow. When they make it big they will remember you when they need you for a part." Moreover, these students had it together. I don't know much about the Brooks Institute but I can safely assume film is a major focus.

The moment I arrived I was warmly greeted and informed about the set up. I lingered around the free food for the first 30-45mins. That's one thing I love about productions out here. They sure know how to feed their talent. While eating I told one of the directors that I wasn't sure how I was going to get back. Suddenly, finding a way for me to return home became his top priority. I didn't expect him to response so immediately but he did. Thankfully, one of the other actors lived in the L.A. area and was able to take me home at the end.

There were 2 other actors present when I arrived and we all had to wear a costume. The scenes were shoot separately and I was the second actor up. Everything flowed smoothly and took less time than expect. I want to tell you more but just know the scenes were fun, different, awkward, funny, uncomfortable and very creative. Be sure to stay up with my blogs because I will be posting it when its complete. I want to show you all a picture of me in my costume so bad, but you will have to wait. I believe the commercial has a chance, lets see what happens.

My notable mention goes out to the actor who took me home, his name is Quincy. This is another story of motivation. This young man is only 20 years old and 2 months ago he left his hometown Minnesota to pursue his dreams. On the way to California his car broke down 3 times. When he finally arrived in L.A. he had to sleep in his car for 1 week until he found a place. Now he's living in a garage and using that as a motivation to work hard and move out. He has no agent, yet he's been making some great moves on his own. Both of us has found some success using Craigs List as a resource. 

At the institute and on the way way home we had great conversations. He told just by looking at a mountain and finds motivation to continue. He puts a picture of his niece on his keys for more motivation. He thinks about his family back home and finds the motivation he needs to keep pushing. I was very impressed with this young man because he is a prime example of will power and determination. After he told me he taught himself how to plan the piano in 9 months just from watching tutorial videos on youtube, I was convinced that he will be successful. One thing that we shared in common is our desire to inspire. He wants to be an actor that inspires others to do great things. 

His original plan was to relocate with a friend back home who also wanted to be success but that fell through. Quincey said that person worried more about the possibles of failing that actually making things happen. He then had no choice but to pick up and go on his own. He also said, "Being successful in L.A. isn't rocket science, if they can do it I can do it."

I love hearing about other peoples stories like this. I know I've made a lot of sacrifices but I'm not sure if I could of relocated to L.A. without knowing someone. Nevertheless, when you are determined there is no obstacle that can deter you.   

Before I close, I have to explain to you why I wrote "Music to My Ears," as the title of this post. Shortly before my scene I was shaving and getting ready in the rest room, then one of the directors walked in. He asked me, "Have I been shooting any more R&B videos." I didn't understand what he was talking about until he explained what he remembered about the day we met. When I auditioned for the commercial I literally just left the Chirs Brown music video shoot and I told him about it. After that was clear I told him that my focus was hosting shows. He responded by saying, "I think you would make a great game show host." At that point I pulled out my latest flier and said, "Well, my ultimate goal is to host a nationally syndicated late night talk show..." I believe I told him most of that at the audition but I think my new flier is what sold him. After a few seconds he said, "I'll love together with you and shoot some pilot episodes." Now that was "Music to My Ears."

Did you read day 26? If not, please go back and read it. I talked about the signs that have been pointing in my direction. I have no doubt that we'll make an awesome team. Seeing their work ethic with this one commercial enlightened all kinds of possibilities. Now, I'm overwhelmingly excited because there is not telling how serious they are. My eyes are just open to all the signs I've been receiving. If I don't work with these young men, its just a matter of time before I hook up with the right production crew and bring back The Motown Maurice Show live from L.A. 

The more and more I think about all the signs I've been receiving it makes me want to... However, its not time yet. I'm still stuck in a financial hole. If I can just get one big gig that will take me out of my deficit I could make a strong come back before know it.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice

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  1. aye Motown I appreciate the shout out! We're on the verge of greatness out here we just got to keep pushing! It was nice meeting you man, and we'll do some more work in the future GUARANTEED! Aye, I found your hair pick in my car too. It fell in my side door spot that's why I didn't see it before.
    - Get at me,
    Quincy Ndekwe


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