Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 24 in L.A. (The Day Before)

Day 24 = (Wednesday, October 13, 2010) 

The Game Secret Part 2

Most of today I had internet problems. I struggled to download the application for my upcoming audition among other things. That could be seen as a sign of evil forces trying to stop me from attending my upcoming audition. Does it ever seem, when there are good things waiting for you, something odd tries to stop you? For example, have you ever experienced random car problems before an important job interview. Is it coincidence, evil forces or superstition? Who knows? 

Today I went out and purchased a few colorful shirts for my coming up audition tomorrow (Thursday). I picked up a green, red and blue shirt. I asked my roommate what color should I wear. We both agreed on green (Represents money, lol). Then I said, "So if I get the audition with this green shirt, should I wear it again for the real show?" She responded by saying, "Are you superstitious are something?"

I'm not really that superstitious but somethings I like to create my own craziness. Throughout my life I've attempted to do certain things and I kept some of it secret for various reasons. I believe its necessary to approach things different at times. This may also be my way of creating my own special element of excitement or anticipation.

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Things are moving very fast so I'm going to give you an update with whats going on.

  • My Doritos shot is rescheduled for Friday instead of Saturday now. 
  • I have a dinner meeting with one of my agent's husband. I was informed that he is well connected in the industry and might be able to connect me.  (Did I mention how nice my agents are? They are the best)
  • The non-paid project I was about of on last Sunday is still incomplete and the last day is pending. I was suppose to shoot it Friday but the Doritos commercial bumped it. 
  • My top secret audition is approaching slowly, there are a few things I need to do to be prepared.
Again, there is no guaranteed money being made this weekend but I'm definitely plowing some seeds in various areas. I'm looking forward seeing how they will grow.

The next 4 days are going to be a little different. Before I moved out here I was informed in advance that there will be a few days in October, I'll have to make different living arrangements. Since I'm not really close with anyone else out here, I'll be in a hotel for the next few days. Some might look at this as a challenge but I think its going to be a cool experience. You never know who I might meet in the hotel. Every aspect of life is an opportunity. You just have to know how to take advantage of it all.

Before I close, allow me to give you an example of how contagious inspiration can be. This is also an example for that quote that I've been saying throughout this blog, "Everything always come around full circle."

About a week before I moved to L.A. my good friend and partner Rodney Gibbs aka Knledge told me I should start a blog. I thought the idea was genius. Of course I started it and now I'm making history with it. On day 17 I inspired my friend Jermaine Smith to start a blog and he did. Its called Perspective of a Married Man!!

Now today, I was talking to Rodney and he took moment to ventilate about a particular issue. Probably about an hour later I inspired him to write a blog and he thought it was a great idea. He planted a seed in me and I planted it right back in him. "Everything always come around full circle." This is what life is all about. 

The name of his blog is TBA but I will definitely share with you once he publishes it. I haven't been in front of a camera in a while but I"m still fulfilling my purpose. I live to inspire, entertain and make improve the lives of others. Very soon I will be able to fulfill my when my desires, purpose and quest on a national basis. How I know this? I know this because "Everything always come around full circle."

"Introducing Motown Maurice.... The New King of Late Night."

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. As I'm sitting here in this restaurant reading this inspiriational blog, they're playing a Kanye West's song: "What don't kill me, will only make me stronger..." and its like the perfect theme song to this quest that you're on. Perhaps you can use it in one of your video vlogs one day. :)

  2. "Everything always come around full circle" I guess you should put your seat belt on...GOOD STUFF Motown


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