Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 14 in L.A. (Korea Town's New Host)

(Day 14 = Sunday, October 3, 2010)

As gratifying as day 13 was I’m happy that today was more relaxing. Sunday’s are supposed to be more relaxing anyway. I started my day typically on the internet (Meaning no real plans). Then my roommate told me that there’s a festival down the street and I should check it out. It was literally 2 minutes away walking distance. Little did I know, I arrived at the 37th annual Los Angeles Korean festival. The set up was similar to most festivals but of course Korean’s culture was vivid and present. There is no way I could capture your attention as well by writing about it so I decided that this post requires a visual guide. Enjoy!

Maybe next year I'll be the featured host. (Introducing the 38th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival hosted by the one and only Motown Maurice….)  

Hey, you never know. They might cast me as the host of it next year. I can’t limit myself. The universe is the limit. This is what you call thinking outside the box.

As the quest continues…

Motown Maurice


  1. Wow looks like you had fun. Keep it movin Motown.

  2. Wow, the video was really nice. I can actually see you doing the travel show you talked about on day 12 i think it was.


  3. Motown!
    If it ain't happening! You definitely will MAKE IT happen! Wow! You just created a whole new show! The Everyday "Korean's Hustling" killed it with the lil old Korean Man keeping the beat..I Got That.. lol. The cuisine could be questionable..Thank God for KFC! Keep doing ya thang Motown.
    Penny in Tampa

  4. Motown! I know you were the tallest person at the Korean Festival. I bet they tried to get your autograph too. You should talk to some of the Korean ladies, tell them you're a journalist researching Korean culture & cuisine. That's how you get 'em to cook for you on the FREEEEE!

  5. Thank you. I have been reading some of your statements on Facebook and I want you to know that I believe you are a true warrior. You have done more in such a short period of time than you truly realize. There is absolutely NO way your momentum can stop because, quite frankly, my brother, you are unstoppable. I am excited to see what the next chapter of MOTOWN will be. I’ve seen so much but I know this is just an introduction to the main event.


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