Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 25 in L.A. (Go Go Motown Senses)

When I begin to mention to people about my super human powers, they tend to think I'm somewhat crazy. One day I'll be able to explain exactly what I mean entirely. For now, just know, if you believe you can achieve, you can be super human. Thus, if what you believe is surrounded by greatness, then you will have to learn how to hone in and develop some super human abilities.

Out of all my super human abilities, I sincerely believe my energy is my greatest power. I don't use my energy for every situation nor do I give my full energy to everyone I meet. Someone's energy shouldn't be taken for granted nor should it be wasted. If your local electric company sends out notices and tips about saving energy, why not save yours? My energy keeps me alive; it advances me in my endeavors and I simply despise wasting it.

Today I woke up fired up and ready to go. It's the day of my big secret game show audition. My energy was almost at full capacity. As a matter of fact, I was so fired up, I put on one of my favorite songs and started, "Taking it to the bridge." My energy was that high. (I even made a video but for particular reasons, I'm not going to post it. I'm going to keep that video exclusive and underground until further notice.)

I arrived at my audition on time and ready. Before I left, I was still dealing with internet problems but I managed to print out my application and filled it out. There were a few people on the audition line with incomplete applications and one person even asked me if I had an extra one with me.

Moreover, I was ready. I didn't waste any time looking at my competition. I remember when I tried out for the basketball team in high school, I wasted a lot of time sizing my competition. For example, I would try to figure who will make the team over me and wouldn't. "Okay, he's taller so he'll make it but that guy sucks, I'll make it over him." I even thought that way about other competitions since high school. Now I'm so confident and tuned into my strengths/abilities, nobody phase me.

When the group outside arrived inside, they wasted no time with an introduction and displaying the type of energy and people they were looking for. In response, I channeled that energy right back. Everyone was fired up and excited. After the introduction, they broke everyone up in groups of 12. There was about 4 or 5 groups. The casting directors then split up, assigned themselves to a group and started conducting interviews. At the same time, the groups where playing a game from the show. Once again my energy was very high.

Before you knew it, I looked up and my assigned casting director gave me a signal and called me over. I was his second choice. The closer I got to him, another one of my super powers started to hone in. I have a discerning ability to know when I'm not what they are looking for or when I'm wasting my energy. The real challenge when you're auditioning for shows has more to do with the type they are looking for than anything else. 

I can also sense another person's energy. That casting director's energy told me I wasn't what he was looking for, among other things. Respectfully, I attempted to shake his hand first. He returned a natural hand shake but I sensed he wasn't interested in one. Note, this game show has nothing to do with my quest but they asked that you tell them something very interesting about you. Immediately after the hand shake, I told him my name. He then cut me off and asked me what's my real name. Instantaneously, I knew I wasn't their type. That is the first person to ask me that question since I came to L.A. Afterward, I told him, "I'm on a quest to become a nationally syndicated talk show host..."

I told him how long I've been in L.A. and what I did in Tampa. He asked, "who were my biggest guest?" I told him Bern Nadette Stanis from "Good Times" and Tommy from "Martin." He said, "What the heck has Tommy been doing? That guy just fell off." Then he may have asked something about my living situation and how I'm playing my bills. Finally, he asked me what I would do with all that money if I won. I told him I would create jobs and I showed him a picture of my team from Tampa. I'm sure that's what officially took me out of the running. I even started to notice a lack of eye contact from him. I tried to say more but he stopped me and said "we'll talk more later."

Even though I noticed all the signs, I still kept my energy high throughout the interview. At the end of the interview I decided to start saving my energy. Take a few lessons from what I've learned if you intend on trying out for a game show. To a degree, I knew better but I had to be myself and give it a try. If the game show you're trying out for is going to interview you, then you better have a somewhat pitiful story. August/September of 2009 I tried out for "Bank of Hollywood" created by Ryan Seacrest in Miami. The results were also the same and negative. I am way too ambitious and in their eyes and I have too much going for myself. Both times, I stated I wanted to create jobs and I know as a fact that's when I lost their interest. Somehow you would assume they would support someone who wants to boost the economy but I think it's the total opposite.

I also believe actors and hosts are black balled in the game show industry. I could be wrong but I think it's even harder to get  picked for a game show when you're doing those type things. Your story can't sound like one of a businessman and it's probably best to have a dying family member who needs surgery when pitching your story. 

Soon after, they sat us down and said they are going to call out some names. They wanted the names that were called to stay for a second interview and the names that wasn't called had to leave. They also said, the ones that were called aren't guaranteed a selection and they the past some names that wasn't called at first, got a call later and ended up winning a lot of money. I knew "what time it was" at that point.

They didn't call my name and walked right out. As I was leaving the huge studio complex, I noticed one of the casting directors at a distance greeting everyone as they left. A light bulb lit in my head and I thought, "I'll give her a flier on the way out." I approached, shook her hand, thanked her for the opportunity and presented my flier to her. I told her, "Feel free to look me up if you have time." Nevertheless, my "Motown Senses" honed onto something. Something seemed weird. She maintained a cheerful smile and said "thank you", but something was awkward. Maybe, I may have surprised her with the flier but I definitely sensed something about our very short lasting interaction.

About 30 feet away, I stopped at a table and looked in my bag for a second. In the corner of my eye, I noticed the lady walked a few feet in one direction and started walking back towards another. I looked at her and I didn't notice the flier in her hand. I doubted she put it in her pocket, then I noticed a garbage can nearby. I walked up to the can and there it was. My flier was creased vertically while laying on top of a rotten beef patty with smothered cheese. She didn't waste any time. It was laying there in less than a minute (cough, cough). 

I really wasn't bothered by it. My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of it in the garbage can to show you. Another super power I have is my ability to take negative situations and make them positive. Since I've been to L.A., many people everywhere have warned me about phonies in this city. That person may have been one of them. Plus, I might have interacted with plenty others and have not realized it. Regardless of the of people that are in L.A., it doesn't phase me. I don't have time to worry about these types of people. If you do, then it will become an intimidation factor.

There are phony people everywhere. L.A. might seem to have a lot more because it is a very competitive city. I can't hate on the lady for throwing away my flier; what good is that going to do? Her actions clearly told me, "You're not getting into these gates that easily. This is Hollywood." What's wrong with you?" As I said before, these are heavily protected boundaries. Once they made it clear they didn't need us anymore, they showed us the door. Everyone inside is secure and I'm not.

Now I know after all this reading you're probably still wondering, "What game show was it." I"m sorry I'm still not going to reveal it, just yet. If anything, I'm going to leave you all in suspense. No! I don't think they are going to call me 2-3 weeks down the line, but I'm still not going to mention it. For now, I'm going to have you all guessing, but I will let you know when the show premieres on television. Besides, I already gave you a hint in this post. If you guessed what it is, make a comment. Furthermore, I'm going to approach all my auditions this way from now on.

The rest of my day was dragged on by long, pointless travels on the bus, packing and finding a hotel. As I stated in day 24, I'm going to be in a hotel for the weekend. Since I'm terrible at packing, I brought way too much stuff with me. Thank God the hotel wasn't to far away. It was hard enough getting on the bus with my huge, over sized suit case. I'm staying at the Willshire Hotel Los Angeles. It's a nice place, but my budget definitely wasn't ready for their price per night. Its $119.00 plus you have to pay to watch TV and breakfast isn't included. Terrible!

At the hotel. I wore this to the audition.
As my night ended, I laid on the bed and said out loud, "Lord, I need a break through!"

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As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice


  1. Pamela Y. RobinsonOctober 15, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    When one door closes, another one will get your breakthrough. After graduating from law school many years ago I thought I had it made, I thought I was going to walk into a law firm as soon as I passed the bar exam, but it didn't happen like that. Many doors were closed in my face however, with preserverence I didn't let that deter me (of course I was disappointed and let down when it didn't happen, and I wasn't hired as soon as I thought I would be)it only made me stronger.

    I have told you several times how the "resume thing" didn't work for me so one day I was "fired up" as you say, so I went to court and before I got there I said to myself "someone will hire me", and a baliff noticed me sitting in court and introduced me to a couple of lawyers and they hired me and I was working within two days of meeting them. The rest is history, I have been practicing law now for 20 years.
    You are probably tired of everybody's cliches but at the rate of being repetitious I have to give you one more "Timing is everything".
    Be good, take care of yourself, you are in my prayers always and continue the quest.

  2. Wssp bro this Arien from celebrating differences I told u I waz goin check out yo show n comment man I enjoyed this very much I had no idea u went thru all this yesterday that was fucked up of dat lady man ur right L.A ifs full of fake ppl but im glad u didnt let that keep u dwn N eway im gald i met u your a smart dude goin places hope when u make it u dnt 4get bout ppl well im bout 2 read somemore days god bless n keep hangin n there bro

  3. Ms. Robinson said it all in a nutshell. Continue to be you. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. You intimidate them. They all sound like losers anyway. I bet they picked the person who didn't have an application. lol! Your experience will assist you in being an even better Host for the next season. I am looking forward to it. Continue on with the same drive and ambitious spirit, its just a matter of time before your success creeps up on you.


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