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Some Haters Never Change

Post Represents: Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weeks ago an old high school classmate posted a picture of myself, my ex and her sister on Facebook. It was all in fun. I promised to later post a picture of her that she wouldn't like and I did as seen in the photo below.

I posted it with harmless intentions of poking fun. Rarely, I ever participate in Facebook discussions. The only reason I did with this is because I was looking from something on one of my hard drives and I randomly noticed a high school photo of my high school's home coming. I thought it would be fun to post and have a good laugh.

Then it a happened. A friendly conversation became drenched with hate and negativity. I purposely covered up the names of everyone in the thread because I'm not interested in a part two of this nonsense. I posting this because I want to share the full reality of an existing haters in my life.

This same person who is hating on me is the same person I use to call friend. A person who have I done nothing to. A person who I have a lot of high school history with but as soon as I graduated, went away for college college, and started my own business he has constantly created unnecessary competition toward me.  He has been anything but a friend. At this point of time I'm comfortable referring to him as an enemy.

I'm not going to put much energy into this of any kind but the hate will always make no sense to me. Feel free to read the comments below. The drama begins in the colored areas. I also have much more to say before I put this crap behind me. Instead of writing, I'm going to finish this off in a video. Look for the video below.

Motown Maurice and classmates on the way to Leto High School's Home Coming Fall of 1997 in Tampa, FL.

Motown Maurice: Bring it on LH. Bring it on!
October 23 at 8:34pm

LH: gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u suck so bad!
October 23 at 8:46pm

Motown Maurice: You started it.
October 23 at 8:47pm

LH: yeah but the pic I posted of you, u look nice in
October 23 at 8:49pm

Motown Maurice: I can't help it if I always look nice in pictures. You look good though. If anything, its that guy next to you that's throwing the pic off.
October 23 at 8:51pm

LH: I am gonna tell K u jus called her a guy!
October 23 at 8:55pm

Motown Maurice: lol, whatever. You know who I'm talking about!
October 23 at 8:57pm

LH: some things are better left unsaid
October 23 at 8:58pm

Motown Maurice: Exactly. Just like some pictures are better left un-posted Ms. LH. Remember, if a surprise photo goes up again. I have plenty more to surprise you with myself. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
October 23 at 9:01pm

DP: motown a grown ass man and still hating on me all these years.jealous cause she me over you and your other hating buddy huh. find yourself and you will find life until you will never be on my level.
October 23 at 9:02pm

LH: like what?
October 23 at 9:04pm

Motown Maurice: DP. No one in there right mind has any business hating on you. Jealous!? Please!? I won't be surprised if she regrets ever meeting you. lol. The unfortunate reality is that you have not changed a bit from that DP in that picture from 13 years ago.
October 23 at 9:17pm

EE: lol aww shit lmao
October 23 at 9:20pm

LH: y lawd y ?
October 23 at 9:21pm

EE: I just read this uh oh yall a mess
October 23 at 9:22pm

LH: I am not in this mess!
October 23 at 9:25pm

EE: them boys still a trip after all these years lmao, reminds me of the old days
October 23 at 9:27pm

DP: I stepped out but now I am back. reality is you didnt know who you was in highschool and 13 years later you still trying to find yourself. lol. Maybe she does regret meeting me or maybe she doesnt but why is that of your concern. Life is passing you by and you still have no wife,no kids, still cant get no Pu*sy. Really. lol. I got a house and benz and your in cali doing what. boi please. your a joke.
October 23 at 10:08pm

Motown Maurice: Your so right DP. Your life is so much better than mine. I have nothing to show for and your going to be dropping your 4th mix tape next week. Your not lying about your house and benz because you rapped about it in your last mix tape. All this time I should of been paying attention to the lyrics in The Life of DP Vol 3. There's lesson in it for all of us. I had no business moving to Hollywood. I digress. Your right. You win.
October 23 at 10:18pm

DP: mixtape. boy i dont rap. gave that up years ago after me P and JP destroyed you and kinfolk. enjoy hollywood. if you cant never get in it you might as well live in it.lmfao
October 23 at 10:20pm

EE: wow
October 23 at 10:22pm

Motown Maurice: DP, back in 2004 when we did have that rap battle. Do you recall me constantly saying, "I'm taking over?" I'm sure you remember. Back then I couldn't truly explain why I constantly kept saying that but lets just say my purpose in Hollywood is revealing itself. In due time you will understand yourself. Truthfully, I wouldn't of made it to Hollywood without you hating on me so much over the years. You are my number 1 hater and I am sincerely grateful for your hate.
October 23 at 10:30pm

DP: motown im not downing you but you barely survived in tampa. you really think you gonna make it in hollywood. lol. wasted the state of florida valuable time at famu and did nothing with your life. Your number 1 hater is yourself thats y your life will continue to be restricted. Your in hollywood the city not in hollywood the business. Your not business material. your just like the video vixens, your a groupy that will do anything to fit in.rofl
October 23 at 10:37pm

Motown Maurice: I barely survived in Tampa. That's interesting. If you say so. The Mayor of
Tampa certainly thinks different:

Motown Maurice Receives The Key To The City from the Mayor of Tampa.

October 23 at 10:43pm

Motown Maurice: I can't argue with you DP. You know more about me than I know myself. Be blessed.
October 23 at 10:45pm

DP: Motown your a joke. The mayor of Tampa will give anybody a key that tries to put Tampa on the spotlight which I dont recall ever hearing anybody talking bout your show other than your website.seriously.How much is that key worth. What can you do with that key. you make no sense. you gonna be an old man and still chasing the dream of talk show host and hollywood and not accomplishing nothing valuable in life to show your kids if you ever have any.
October 23 at 10:51pm

DP: cause the mayor of tampa gave him a key to the city on his tv show it means something. commit a crime or try to use bad credit with the key and see if it gets him any where what a joke.
October 23 at 10:58pm

Motown Maurice: Damn you are always on point. You rapped about giving up on your dreams and aspirations in your Vol. 2 mix tape. Thanks for all your wisdom. I hope everyone is paying attention to way he's saying. If you do, you'll end up with a benz, a house just like DP.
October 23 at 10:58pm · Like

DP: atleast they will end up with something listening to me. its better than living a dream that will never happen. I would hate to be the one to lead you to a river with no water so thats why I am going to tell you the truth right now. you wasted your time going to cali, do not believe the hype everyone tells you cause they either have nothing or enjoy a black man make a fool of himself to add the staistics of black men that go to college and become nothing in life.
October 23 at 11:05pm

Final Thoughts

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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