Friday, November 11, 2011

EBT & Doritos Tag Team

Post Represents: Saturday, November 5, 2011

The financial burden of this Doritos endeavor has solely been handled by my roommate Raewyn Bailey. She hired the team, the lights, purchased the props and so much more. I'm barely surviving off of my little food stamps and that's been in jeopardy lately.

On Tuesday (November 1, 2011) I had a scheduled appointment with my GROW case worker. Basically, its the division that overseas my $200.00 monthly EBT cash and also makes sure I'm following the GROW guidelines. I had to complete one of two assignments before my meeting today. My options were to start attending a GROW study class everyday for a few weeks (There's no way in the world that's happening!). My other option was to get a job and show a pay stub. Of course I don't have a job and I'm not getting one. Therefore, my plan was to ask a couple of my sources to write a check for me that shows I've been working/interning. The amount didn't matter, just as long as I can prove I was working. They even accept personal checks.

I tried both sources and they were both uncomfortable doing it for their own particular reasons. I understood the situation from one source more than the other but business is business. I have to respect their decision. My plans failed and I was facing the reality of losing my food stamps money. However, I soon came up with a bright idea. The last time I did extra work was on September 17, 2011 for the De La Soul Music Video. I got $100.00 for that gig and it was the last check I received. I still wasn't sure if it was going to work because they check was made out to Motown Maurice Productions. I figured they only wanted checks with government names.

Moreover, I went in to see my case worker to fight for my food stamps and I didn't even have to put up a finger. He accepted it with it saying Motown Maurice Productions and all. Not only did he accept it, he blessed me with extra cash money. Last month, he told me if I brought in documentation on letter head from my employer stating I need support for uniform and transportation, GROW will finance it.

I completely forgot about it and I didn't even bring up the topic. Once he approved the check he looked at me and said, "Your going to need transportation right?" He pressed a button and it was processing. He also said, "You look like you could use a hair cut and clothes for your job." He pressed the button again and it was processing. In total, I was set to receive an additional $140.00 within 24 hours. I wasn't even accepting this. Praise the lord! Amen! As I was leaving, I thanked him and he said "This will buy you a little more time." He also told me I look like a entrepreneur type. I looked at him and smiled and said, "Yes I am."

I mentioned all this because the $140.00 that I received, that I wasn't expecting, put me in a great position to finally financially contribute to the Doritos contest endeavor. I was proudly able to pay for the food that fed the production team.

Food 4 Less on 6th Street Los Angeles, CA

I'm pushing the cart and Raewyn is doing all the shopping. 

Got to have Bananas 

No body eats salad at a production shoot but  its a must have anyway. 

The cart is fulling up. 

Raewyn Bailey and Motown Maurice at Food 4 Less

Can't forget the Doritos. Its the reason why we're here. 

The car is getting too full now. Whoa! 

Looks like healthy choices!!! 
Check out this exclusive video.

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Final Thoughts

The food cost about $130.00  or so and this is only a small faction of the production budget. Thus, just being able to pay for it with unexpected money is an Amazing Miracle in my quest.

As the quest continues...

Motown Maurice 

The Future of Late Night


  1. Hi Motown,

    I totally agree! Unexpected money is most definitely an amazing miracle! Crazy how those pesky production budgets like to keep growing. sigh... : )


  2. Beautiful update Motown! Keep pressing forward my friend!
    Your Stalker Fan!


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