Saturday, October 29, 2011

Its lonely in these streets - Confessions Vol.1

Confessions Vol. 1 - Its lonely in these streets. 

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. Motown! (((Genesis 2:18))) Your feelings are normal, for you were not made to be alone...Yes that is a great quote by "Optimus Prime" as your comparison to Frodo from "Lord of the Rings", just remember even though this is your Quest, the Ultimate Plan belongs to God. When the time is right, the right one will come along. Now, I remember a certain "Stalker Fan" sending you a text this week...are you calling her a "flake?" LOL! The image that the ladies in L.A. see of you may be the Nerdy Look, but I have seen you host Wide Awoke Wednesdays and seen you recite Poetry, but a type-cast is only that, it is a image. Look at Robin Williams in "One Hour Photo" and Jim Carey in "The Number 23". Both actors steeped out of their "normal type casting" and both movies were marvelous! In your loneliness, you always have your Higher Power with you, Like Malcolm X had Allah, and Jesus had God.. Who is always with you Motown? They say it is lonely at the top so this is just you putting in practice when you reach that "lonely Mountain Top" Sounds like you need a fan, ah I mean friend to give you a visit! Hummm... Keep pressing forward Motown Maurice! Your number one Stalker Fan!

  2. I can totally relate to your topic. While I have bunch of people (you among them) who are on my informal support team (most of them dont know each other) my quest is mainly my own. Its a lonely business but powerful in the sense that I am the creator of my destiny (actually God is, but I'm the one walking the path). Keep walking yours my friend and you will get there or somewhere even better.


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