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Solo Spontaneity with a Two Tone Parallel

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Today, I attended Mosaic Church's Monkey Butler Solo Workshop for the first time. I should of just stayed in my seat and absorbed the information for the following week. Nope. I built up a concept in my mind and showed out. The majority of people in the room room received their assignment a week before and was prepared.  Today's my assignment was based on biographical inspiration. In one way, its kind of courageous of me but lets get real. I thought I was doing something but I wasn't. Its pretty pathetic. I should destroy this footage but I'm man up to it instead.

Video (1) Here: Conan Inspired 

Jessica Lynn Johnson is the instructor and she provided some awesome feedback. As she was talking I realized I did most of the performance wrong but she saw and shared the potential of it. Indeed, it does have potential, I agree to that.

Video (2) Here: Feedback

Final Thoughts

Its easy to be hard on myself but that's pointless. I would of never known the potential my spontaneous idea and received the great feedback. Overall, it was worth the risk.

What I truly despise about what I did has something to do with what I said. In video 1, I said something about my pilot and that I'm being considered right now by cable networks...

During my performance or not long after, I had a mental flash back to this event during the summer of 2010 at The University of South Florida.

University Film & Video Association @USF
Presents Summer Film Fair. 
My friend Rodrick Colbert hosted this event and invited me to be one of the guest speakers. There is no video coverage of the event (I have an audio recording somewhere), however, I did have this post interview clip.

Video (3) Here: June 12, 2010

The Point...

Okay, the point of me bringing up this event is because in my presentation I mentioned the possibilities of my submission into Oprah's Your Own Show Contest for my national syndication bid. The results were negative.

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Today, while I giving my impromptu performance, I alluded to a very similar premise with the New York Television Festival in mind and my national syndication cable bid.

The very next day, I received notification that I was not accepted into the festival.

I could analyze this parallel scenario in one or two ways. One way to look at it is that its pointless to think speak positive and hopeful.

Or I can assume something bigger and better is going to happen since that's exactly what happened two months after I received Oprah's Your Own Contest results. After I didn't make it into Oprah's Contest, I moved to L.A. and officially began my quest. That's the best thing that could happened to me at the time. Only time will happen two months post The New York Television Festival.

As the quest continues...

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