Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life in L.A. - The Decision - Day 2

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Dzigbodi Djugba & Cassandra Raphael 
Kevin Boot & Michael Washington

Dzigbodi Djugba & Cassandra Raphael 
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Michael Washington, Dzigbodi Djugba, Cassandra Raphael & Kevin Boot

Dinner time!

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Final Thoughts

The night before yesterday's shoot, I didn't sleep. So my body was playing a little catch up this morning. I was suppose to arrive at 1pm but I arrived at 3pm instead. Which worked out fine. It ended up being another extremely long shoot. The day lasted basically until 12:30am. Tedious at times and at around 10:30pm a storm appeared. A brain storm to be exact. In between time, I found myself watching my character reel vol. 2 on my tablet. One particular skit on that reel sparked an idea. In conjunction with a you tube web series I was watching the night before (The Missadventures of The Awkward Black Girl and Friends) and the fact I've been a production assistant of a web series for the past two days all contributed to this seed I will soon be nurturing.

I wrote down a bit of notes and now everything else is about timing. One way or another I'm going to find a way to make it happen. First, I think its imperative that I completed a long awaited idea called Quest Coach. I got that idea during the last quarter of 2011 and I must soon bring that to life. Following my Quest Coach series, I will bring to life the series that was conceived today.

Motown Maurice

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

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  1. Hey Motown,
    Once again, Thank you sooo much for dedicating your time and commitment to The Life in L.A project. You truly are a creation of a Master Piece. You are a primary example of good people do exist in this world... If you are ever in need of extra hands on set do not hesitate to call. I will be sure to provide you with the proper credit and copy of the project, and keep you posted on the status of where the project is.

    One Love for Life!!!

    Cassandra Raphael


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