Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 13 Review: The Return of The Champion. Tampa Bay Are You Ready?

Special Announcement 

Before I get into my episodic blog of the week, let me first announce my brief return to Tampa. I will be arriving on Thursday, December 23rd and leaving on Monday, January 3rd. While I'm in Tampa, my quest will continue. The quest will never stop, unless its completed. This return is simply a pit stop that will prepare me even more for 2011. 

While in Tampa, my main objective is to sell my truck. If you know anyone interesting in purchasing a 2005 Dodge Durango, please contact me asap. Its in excellent condition. New tires and new brakes. I plan to have it sold shortly after my arrival. 
The Motown Maurice Mobile is for Sale

Among other things I have to accomplish, this will be Tampa's last time to see Motown Maurice before the rest of the world is introduced to Motown Maurice. If you recognized the significance of this, I'm presenting the opportunity for you and I to connect while I'm in Tampa. Since a few people have requested that we do lunch, chat and hangout; I'm now extending the invitation to you if you are interested. 

Please note a few terms and conditions. 

* I won't have a car.
* My schedule is filling up and limited. 

* I have limited funds to no funds.

* My noticeable fans, followers and biggest supporters have priority over others.

* There is no guarantee, it all depends. 

* Please don't take it personal if I am not able to connect.  

* Please don't try to sell me any products or ask me to join organization or group.  

I will be there for less than 12 days so if your interested act fast and contact me quick.
Thank you
Looking forward

Now We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog  

In the words of God Father of Soul, "I Feeeeeel Good." I just realized that for the first time in a long time when someone asked me how I was doing, I responded by saying, "I feel good, or "I'm doing good?" I didn't say, "I'm maintaining, I'm surviving, nor did I say I'm hanging in there." I said, I"m doing good/great." In deed, I am doing good.

I admit this week this did not initially start of in high energy. I was even concerned about the status of this week at first. As you know the outcome of week 13 will mirror 2013. (Read week 11 & 12 for my prophetic details.)

Without any reservations, I'm proud to announce to you that 2013 will be a better year than 2011 and 2012. Not because there is a Big 4 or Big 5. I didn't even receive multiple exiting phone calls as I did the last two weeks. Nor was I super busy. This week actually started off very slow, depressing with specs of non-productivity (my worst fear).      

2013 will be a marvelous year because by this year I will be completely in sync with the powers of the universe. My super powers will be fully developed by then. I sincerely believe I will be fully walking in my purpose and responsibly using it for the better of man kind. (As I'm writing a biblical comparison comes to  mind but I rather make that comparison at a later time.) How do I know this? I know this because I'm beginning to fully interrupt the laws and principles of the world we live in. For you to understand, how I understand, let me help you understand. 

While at an Lawyer holiday mixer on Thursday, my mind broke into a trance as I paced myself throughout a dark semi crowded lounge, while sipping on a glass of Grey Goose and cranberry juice. The for about 5 seconds the world stopped and a light bulb of intelligence hoovered over my head and before it disappeared I captured it. I took it and it begin to spread through my entire anatomy. Ok, yes there was an open bar and I was on my second drink but that had nothing to do with it. I was in sync with the wonders of the world. 

I've mentioned many times before that "Everything always comes around full circle." Well, certain laws and principles of the earth also come around full circle. However, you can't always wait for these laws and principles to work on their own. You have to activate them. The law that I am talking about is The Law of Attraction.  

My confidence and marketing presence among other things ignited The Law of Attraction which made me hot during week 11 & 12.  I was so attractable that I was receiving phone calls from everywhere. I felt the energy in the air and I'm sure that energy triggered a domino affect of phone calls coming from everywhere. Then all of a sudden, this week started to feel cold. As hot as I was the last two weeks I suddenly wasn't as hot. That's typically the fluctuating temperature of the entertainment business. Among other businesses. The question is how do you get hot again?

That's when it hit me right in the middle of the club/lounge with the drink in my hand and all. I realized if I want to be hot again, I have to make one more person, one more casting director or one more anybody to become attracted to me. It all makes sense. To be attractive you have to be able to attract. 

Early in the day, I did get one phone call to be a tester for a physical game show that's working on the pilot. I submitted for it early in the week and hoped they would of called me because I had nothing else going on. Its not a much money but it sounded like fun and a reason to get out the house.

This is where it all comes together. If I want my phone to start ringing again or if I want get accepted for The Big 1, The Big 2 or The Big 3 I have to attract another party. I need new energy on top of my previous energy or that energy will die out. Its an ever going effort to keep energy flowing. I can't always wait for things to come around full circle, I have take the initiative to turn the circle with my bare hands when necessary. 

I decided that when I show up as a game show tester on Friday, I'm going to get them to like me or love even love me. I'm going to leave there so attractive that some way, somehow, everyone is going to want a piece of Motown Maurice. That is one of the basic functions of The Law of Attraction. 

While my name sits on the desk of The Big 1, 2 & 3 I'm going to create a new source of energy developed by my attractive personality and positive vibes of the game show team while I'm there as a tester. This new energy will ascend to universe and pour down nothing but potent nurturing drops of attraction where ever my name is mentioned. 

It works. I'm telling it it works. As i said before, its no different from when a guy is trying to get a girl but gets rejected over and over. Until he finally finds a girl and all of a sudden they all want him. Its magical at the same time its scientific. 

Day 84 = Sunday, December 12, 2010

* Completed two really creative demos and submitted them to The Big 1 & The Big 3. I like them both, its just a matter of someone else liking them. Don't worry, I've sending new energy in the air. (Stay posted I'll post them one day.) 

Day 85 = Monday, December 13, 2010 

* I had a brief and partly pointless audition on Monday. You go in and you say one line and you leave.

* I mailed out my packages to The Big 1 & The Big 3.

* After such an accomplished weekend I spend some time relaxing. 

* Ironically Tangela Walker-Craft emailed me about an opportunity and it was the same one advertising The Big 3.

Day 86 = Tuesday, December 14, 2010

* I had an interview with The Big 2. It was decent. I ended quicker then I expected but its not in my hands anymore. 

* Last week I wrote about a management company interested in me. They first noticed me at The Show Biz Expo. I had to rescheduled the appointment and finally met up with them today. Skipping forward to the meeting. They asked me to read a script. After reading a script one of them asked me if I was tired because I looked and sounded tired. At the moment I thought I gave good energy for the part I read. We all assume maybe because I had a long day. It did take a very long time to get there. They then asked me a few questions about my name and my agent. They looked at maybe a minute worth of my demo and we concluded.  As I was leaving they lady who called me gave me some advice and suggested I that I increase my energy because it was kind of low.

I know, in the past at my shows in Tampa there have been sightings of me having a low energy level. This meeting was the first time someone told me I had low energy since I've arrived in L.A. To a degree it puzzled me but I soon figured out why. The reason I gave off low energy is because they didn't give me any energy to work with. I personally think their presentation as a company was lacking. They didn't tell me anything about companies history or what they offer their clients. 

I know I can't always rely on the energy of others and I have to produce energy at times whether I like it or not but I'm content with what happened today. I'm honored by the management invitation and I know my time will come when I will have one. As for them and that meeting... I don't think that company was a good fit for me anyway. They haven't called and I'm okay with it. 

* The Big 1 responded today. That was hot. Keep in mind I just mailed them my package yesterday and they responded through email using the word "excited." They also requested more pictures. That's definitely a great sign but we have a long way to go before we can celebrate. Anything can happen.  

Day 87 = Wednesday, December 15, 2010 

* Pictures for The Big 1 were emailed. 

* I confirmed The Big 3 received my package and its no longer in my hands. 

Day 88 = Thursday, December 16, 2010 

      * After a week of no phone calls, I started to receive a few calls here and there igniting a small boost of energy. DJ Blenz and the Be Come a Host people called. I also received a phone call that casted me as a tester for the game show I wrote about above. 

·         * I completely confirmed my trip to Tampa.     

            *  I attended the lawyer holiday mixer and somehow I found myself in a profound conversation about the laws of success with an young man trying to definite his purpose in life. It was powerful. I shared with him enough  knowledge to sell in a book. He was inspired and I was really passionate about sharing my wisdom.Our conversation was 10 times greater then the conversation I had with the young man on day 76. 
      Maybe the open bar had something to do with it. 

Day 89 = Friday, December 17, 2010 

·         * Today I hailed victorious. I had a chance to be a tester for an up and coming game show. Basically, the show is still in its preliminary stages and I was the stunt dummy. Don't worry I wasn't the only person there. It was a really fun experience. The show is based on catching a wide array of inanimate objects. It also has a Wipeout feel to it. Everything took place in a huge open field owned by a waste management complex.

      I made myself very attractive during the testing. There was one game where myself and 3 other people were tired to each other with about 6 feet of rope. The challenge was to catch soccer balls being catapulted into the air by throwing machines. The connection of the rope was in the center with our backs turned to each other. If you looked at us from an aerial point of view the rope would look like an X.

      Moreover, after playing a few team related tests, they finally put us against each other. When they threw in a $20.00 cash reward for the person who catches the most balls, I knew it was on. After multiple falls and opposition by my competition, I hailed victorious. I caught 8 balls. 2 of my competitors caught 6 balls and other caught 0. That $20.00 felt good. I gained mad respect from the production team also.

     The other game anyone would love. We can to climb a ladder onto a platform that was at least 15 feet in the air, jump and and balls. Guess where we would land? Our landing pad was a huge pool of square sponges. The pool of sponges was like 6 feet deep. I never did anything like that before. We did test jumps in that pool most of the day.

      Imagine me flying in the air and diving into a pool of sponges and disappearing. Let me tell you... Its easy to catch the ball but its hard as heck to get out of that pool of sponges. There was a few times they had to come and rescue me. They threw me a rope and all but I still couldn't get out at times. 

   I  In this same game, I was put against this athletic girl. Probably for some unplanned reason they put the white guy against the white girl and me against the black girl. We had a $20.00 challenge to catch the most balls in the jumllping the pool game. At one point she was wining at least by one, then when I was stuck in the pool of sponges again she shouted, "Stop being so dramatic and get out of there. I said, "What!!!!!? I was going to let you win since you said you needed the gas money but its on now." She was up 3 to 4 for a while and I was on my last ball and skillfully caught my very last ball and tied her. I didn't realize at the time but she had one more ball. When my back was turned I heard a "Yeahhh.....Awwwwww." Apparently, she had it then dropped it.

      We needed up splitting the $20.00 and I went home with an extra $30.00 total. What a great day. Being there fueled my desire to compete and victorious showmanship which hailed me as the champion of the day is is the main reason why week 13 has been my best week.

      Day 90 = Saturday, December 18, 2010 
     * Believe me when I tell you I woke up sore from yesterday. I relaxed for the rest of the day and started working on my blog. 

 Final thoughts

     The beautiful thing about being a tester for that show is if the networks pick it up, I might have a high chance of being one of the real contestants. My final thought of this week is I'm writing way to much. I'm so glad I' done with this post. I hope I didn't bore you. I'm going to make sure next weeks blog is shorter. See you all in Tampa soon. 

     As the Quest Continues

     The Future of Late Night

     Motown Maurice


  1. WooooHooo you go.......Sure miss that smiley face being around.....

  2. oops....not anonymous....its me....Jocelyn

  3. Motown - You have definitely tapped into your "Chi" or your "Life Force". I talked to you about the Transfer of Energy Experience I shared with you during the Thanksgiving season. The bio-energy field of a human consists of subtle bodies with their energetic potentials, and which give strength and power to the biological field. Energetic potential depends on the conditions of physical and psychic health, and, perhaps, astrological factors. For example, experienced psychics can feel human energy fields with their hands without touching a body, and, sometimes, even see a glowing aura around individuals.
    Many views and hypotheses about bio-energy exist nowadays, and some many researchers call it psi-energy. Special experiments in the laboratories enabled researchers to discover waves of energy emitted by humans. With mental activities the waves changed with speed of thought: THE THOUGHT WAS FOLLOWED BY ENERGY! Electric charges in the human's head/brain change on different levels of consciousness. The electric field of a human is the unity of positive (+) and negative (-) electric zones.
    You are Magnetic! Your Electrons are all in sync. The audition you had with the Company who did not reflect energy in their presentation was obviously transferred to you! I recently had an passive aggressive experience with someone I which to call "HATER"! Well, I made a conscious choice to take they negative energy they emitted and change it to positive energy. I call it "HATER ADRENALIN"! and I tell you this Motown, I ran full speed ahead off of that energy source. I say all of this because this is a energy source that one day you may have to tap into! I can't imagine why any one would HATE on you, but we all know it is part of being successful. The Universe is definitely giving you positive and negative energy, The key is keeping a healthy balance of energy which leaves you feeling enlightened instead of discouraged. (You know that light bulb you harnessed proves this theory even if Grey Goose was involved)To achieve this you must pull positive energy from every negative experience. I think you should plan a Event here in Tampa for friends to meet you out at a restaurant or a Venue so a lot of your Fans will have a chance to come see you and no one will be left out unless they choose not to come to the event. Then no one can say you showed favoritism to any one particular fan, especially 'A STALKER FAN"! You can create a VIP LIST for those you feel have been a constant supporter whether through feedback, phone calls, words of encouragement, financial, blog follower etc. I know I am in because I fit every single category! (Lights..cue..ACTION!..blushing..and CUT!) OMG! A Motown Maurice sighting in Tampa, Florida! I better get my autograph now!
    Keep reaching for the Stars Motown! I am sure to see your name on a the streets of Hollywood one day!
    Your Stalker Fan!

  4. I've been following all of your posts buddy aND WISH you tall my best in your I said before I am doing it the same just here in Tampa. Keep up the good work, sounds like you are doing great!!!

  5. I have a visual of you in those always make me smile, I look forward to seeing you when you return to Tampa.

  6. Motown, Are you gonna compile all of your blog post into a book? I can tell you this, it has certainly been interesting reading all the post! The blog is full of comedy, tragedy, excitement, intrigue, glamor, success, anticipation! Your journey is so inspiring. I think your journey should be a Reality Show! It would be a hit!
    Stalker Fan!

  7. you definitely have what it takes to succeed. When your a megastar don't forget about me, lol


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