Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 12 Review: The Big 1, The Big 2 & The Big 3

Week 12

What can I say? When your hot your hot. Without a doubt I'm certainly hot right now. Remember the prophecy I wrote last week? If not, here it is: 

"I would like to extend my prophecy throughout the last 4 weeks of 2010. I believe week 12, 13, 14, & 15 will usher in a glimpse of success I'll see in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Based on the progress I'm receiving right now, I better buckle my seat belts and get ready for take off."

In a few words week 12 has been fabulous. 2012 better watch out. Let me debate for a second on which week was better between week 11 and week 12... Hands down I would have to say week 12 for a couple reasons. The first reason is because of The Big 2 and The Big 3. The other is based on what I accomplished. Week 12 has to be my most accomplished week creatively. I put a lot of time into two videos I'm very proud of. 

I know what your thinking what is The Big 1, The Big 2 & The Big 3. Sorry your going to have to continue to tune in and you'll soon find out. All I can say for now is that The Big 2 and The Big 3 are two new phone calls. The infamous phone call from last week was The Big 1 and you'll soon find out about that also. I know your sick of the teasing but you will know in due time. 

I was on a sincere creative high this week. Its been a while since I had a creative high like that. I had two important tasks at hand and my creative mind ran with it and conquered it. I was telling my roommate the other night that at times I feel like a creative magnet. I started noticing my magnetized abilities last year and early this year, until my hiatus. When I say creative magnet, I mean I can attract an idea just by leaving the house in almost any environment. Its a dangerous power. I think its from consistently being creative for so long. Its an amazing high no drug can induce.   

Day 77 Sunday, December 5, 2010
* Today is an continuation post from my last. If you visit week 11 you will also see what I started to write day 77.

Motown Maurice and a guy who apparently wasn't having a good day.

Motown Maurice at The Show Biz Expo 2010

* Irving is a call guy I met on day 16. He's also the same guy that prayed for me on day 38. He was inspired by me and what I'm doing and asked for an interview. He even called me later in the week sharing such get compliments and told me to tell my mom that she did a great job with me. Below is the brief interview he did with me. I'm sorry I look so cheesy. Irving is one of the people that have been making me feel like a star since I've been here. Thanks Irving.

* Started writing the poem for the Box Start Talent Contest.

* If you have been reading my blog I've vaguely posted about a transportation system I established in the past. Well, my system finally caught up with me. (lol) Since the day 2, I started to write about LA's transportation system. In a few words their paying system is lacking. Which is why I developed my own system to make it through my financial hard times. Basically, I wouldn't pay for the train and I would tell the bus driver I only had a dollar instead of a $1.50.

Well...the train finally caught up with me. I was initially taking the bus to get to The Show Biz Expo until my friend told me I could take a train. A different train in which I only took once before. Moments after I sat on The Blue Line an officer arrived on the train and said, "Everybody please take out your ticket." Just great, I tried a new route and this is what I get. Have no fear, I was gracefully prepared for this type of situation

I pulled out my Florida's drivers license and played dumb. I was like, "I thought since I was from out of town I can ride for free." She said, I can't, held my license and told me to purchase a ticket. When I came back with my ticket she told me next time she's going to write me a ticket. That ticket she's talking about is a $250.00 ticket.

Later that night, I rode two trains on the way back but I only purchased one ticket. I got off one stop too early but it was still a familiar stop not far from home. Believe it or not they were checking again. The officer pulled myself and 3 others to the side. He had no intentions to give us a ticket but instead he was trying to educate us on the right way to ride. This one dude was trying to give an full explanation but the officer wasn't even trying to hear a story. Some people just like to talk so much. Why talk when the officer wants to do all the talking. The officer spoke for a few and let us go.

That same dude told me he knew exactly how the ticket system works but he was just doing his thing. We then both agreed they need to do a better job with the paying system. They need a system more like the one in N.Y. The irony is, the day before I got for my first real paying gig. I believe its the universe saying I don't have to do that anymore. Indeed, I will and I have started doing better.

Day 78 Monday, December 6, 2010

* Here are the details for my call back for week 11 day 75 the Tosh.o audition. When I auditioned for the commercial I had no clue what was about to go down. I had an opportunity to briefly read the script when I got their and I noticed it had something to do with The Roots. The Roots is an American Hip Hop band that currently plays for Late Night with Jimmy Fallen. Automatically, I figured I should put my Afro pick in my hair. When I was called in, the lady smiled and said I don't have to do that. I started to take off my pic and I said, "Okay, but I thought it was The Roots. That's what the roots do." As in that's what Quest Love, the drummer for the roots does. She quickly responded and said, "Okay, I didn't know."

I did a few things they asked me to do and that was it. The exact the next day I got a call back stating I was booked. The lady actually told me my hair pick is what got her. So today is where it all went down. I was basically a background extra for Tosh.o commercial. I did nothing but pretend I was playing a bass guitar in the background. I was just one of the three black guys in the scene. When I say we were just black guys I meant that literally. That's how they had us written in the script, as "Black Guys." No speaking parts for me yet but this was my first real booking that came through my agent. Before I left, I discretely posted one of my fliers on a board near the break room. I wonder if its still there. 

Day 79 Tuesday, December 7, 2010

* I had an audition for an independent film last week on day 75. Today, I came in for a call back and this guy tells me he was impressed with first audition. He asked me how many people would purchase a DVD or some see me in the theaters not just because Chris Tucker is going to be in it. "Hmmmm, Really!" To make a long story short he wanted to make sure I was committed first. Second, he told me I had to purchase 10 DVD's at $10.00 each in advance to be part of the project. In another words, I had to pay $100.00 to a part of his project and he wanted me to sign right now. I've yet to see any of his work or the script. He wouldn't even let me take the contract home with me to look it over.

I've been around long enough to notice the red flags. I saw a few and my biggest read flag was present. I told him let me think it over and I'll give him a call the next day. I did call and said, "No thank you." 

* Finished writing the poem and and auditioned for the Box Star talent show. They literally had me audition in a box booth.

* I was so hot this week that I was reciving love from my bay area family. Former guest of The Motown Maurice Show and inventor of the Go Pillow Tangela Walker-Craft called me to expose me to a on air television opportunity. Since we met, anytime she gets words about an opportunity she send it my way. Much love. Thank you very much Tangela.

*  I received a call about The Big 2. (Stay posted)

* A1 Media distribution told me I had a consideration for buyer looking at my documentary. (No more comment)

Day 80 = Wednesday, December 8, 2010

* I received a call about The Big 3. (Stay posted)

Day 81 = Thursday, December 9, 2010 

* I even received a call about management consideration. Apparently the picked up my information at The Show Biz Expo and they were interested. The conversation lead to us setting an appointment to meet in person.

Day 82 = Friday, December 10, 2010 

* I attended the become a host free class. I mentioned that developing story last week. The class was good. The instructor definitely knows her stuff. I would like to attend her class but I want to time somethings out first. I don't want to pay $600.00 for two days of money that I don't have when I might be busy already in 2011. I will know in due time. 

* Agent informed me about another audition on Monday.

* Purchased some KFC and intensely started working on my demos for The Big 1 & 3  

Day = 83 Saturday, December 11, 2010 

* Working demos all weekend.

* Reschedule appointment for manager

Final Thoughts

I should of completed this blog already. Since I'm completing this blog so late in week 13, my thoughts are conflicting. If I would of completed it earlier I would of probably had a happier ending. Now, I'm some what numb. It was actually hard for me to finish this blog for about 3 reasons. 1 is because I was worn out from all the editing and creative work. 2 is that I was tired of writing about small stuff.  3 I'm probably suffering from withdrawal from the last two weeks. 

That's the entertainment business for you.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. lol..i went to see them play few years back, I actually spotted you so many times in the Chris Brown video..keep doing great work

  2. You and transportation, the laugh I needed all day. I could only imagine your face. (Lmbo)! Wow $250! You better be careful. I see you've become a bad boy since being there. (Lol) Or maybe, you already had it in you. I am sooooo happy for you. It's just a matter of time before you reach the top.

  3. I know of you through my daughter. If you don't mind, I will/am praying for you and your endeavors. May God be with you and give you the desires of your heart. Be Bless Motown Maurice and be careful.

  4. Keep pressing foward, proud of u!

  5. Whats up!!!! Motown iam proud of you chase u dreams, chase you dreams!!!!! don,t forget to smoke them ....s !!!

  6. Motown,

    I just want to take a brief moment to say thanks for your support and to wish you well for the upcoming year.

    All the best

  7. Keep it up Motown!! I believe in you and know you will be a success that the whole world will see!!

  8. You are on a role man. Glad that things are really moving in a positive direction for you (somehow i feel like i've said these exact same words to u before lol). Never once have i doubted you. Keep the momentum going!


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