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Speel iT - Party For a Cause

Post Represents: Friday, June 1, 2012

America’s favorite web series the SPEEL iT SHOW is a hot topic style show mixed with comedic sketches, live performances and celebrity guest appearances.“Party For A Cause” is an event not only focusing on the success of the show but also a way for The SPEEL iT SHOW to give back! The goal is to bring awareness to the LA Food Bank and help increase their donor-ship.

The Speel It Show Party for a Cause Friday, June 2, 2012

There were some electric technical difficulties at the venue at the beginning but with some patience everything worked out fine.

Speel iT Show Creators/Executive Producers Bamm Ericsen & Calvin 
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Official Launch of The EZ Show and Birthday Celebration

The Hula Girl Beverage Crew
Tanjareen Martin Actor/Radio Personality

Tanjareen is working the exclusive red fire truck background. 

Sol Aponte CEO/Full Frequency Media, Jennia Fredrique, Bamm Ericsen & Tanjareen Martin
Special thanks to the Glendale Fire Department for the cool backdrop. 
Bamm Ericsen,  Doris, John The Jeweler of jdbands.com Calvin Brownlee and Tanjareen Martin 
Actors Michael Kangaju & Shannon Chappell
Phillip King, Harpist 
Phillip Related: 

Nicole Murphy hosts Maxwell Dickson’s “Art, Libations & Sound”

Brandview Banquet Hall - 109 East Harvard St., Glendale, CA 91205

Speel It Party with a Cause on ice. 
International Recording Artist & Former lead singer of The Supremes, sisters Scherrie Payne Freda Payne with friends

Video # 1 - Jennia Fredrique shout out

LaMont Wheat Pop Singer 

Charles Flemings of Brooke-Entertainment and wife Valore

Pop Group, Jazmin

Jennia Fredrique, Actress/Comedian "Logo Networks", "Noah's Ark"

Music Producer, Josh O' Connor & Guest
Video # 2 Tanjareen Martin Shout Out 

Video # 3 Tanjareen Martin Call Back

Rock Group Slide

Radio Personality Ms. Harmony of Everybodyradio.fm

Grammy Award Singer, Ms. Monet

Ernest L. Thomas Actor/Comedian 

Keith Robinson Actor/Singer Dream Girls 
Video # 4 - Keith Robinson Shout Out

Hip Hop Artist, Scipio

Miss Jay Singer/Actress aka: Jennah Hughes Taylor

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Grammy Award Producer, Devine Evans, members of Jazmin & Speel iT host, Denise Russo
American Idol's Syesha Mercado

Juhahn Jones Actor/Comedian "Juhann Jones Is Show"
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Miss California contender, Sarah Fontenot
Grammy Award Singers, Delious Kennedy & Ms. Monet

Jonathan Fields, President of Ambi'ance Magazine Southern California's
Fashion & Entertainment Magazine. 

Tanjareen Martin, Sol Aponte CEO/Full Frequency Media& Jennia Fredrique 
Actors Danette Wilson, Michael Kangaju, Shannon Chappell,
International Singer Freda Payne & Senator Curran D. Price Jr.

Jazmin Sisters Girl Group "MTV's Top Pop Group"
Jonathan Fields interviews Freda Payne
Jonathan Fields, Fashion Designer & LaMont Wheat 

Phillip King Harpist 
Motown Maurice and a blue coconut Hula Girl Beverage.  
Hula Girl Beverage Tropical Rum Cocktails 
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The Velvet Martini Girls perform

The Velvet Martini Girls perform

The Velvet Martini Girls perform

The Velvet Martini Girls perform

The Velvet Martini Girls perform

The Velvet Martini Girls perform
Speel iT Cast
Speel iT Show Co-Host Wshana Moss

Speel iT co-host Clark Lewis

Speel iT co-host Clark Lewis
Speel iT co-host Clark Lewis
Event Hosts Juhahn Jones & Spicy Mari
Ernest L. Thomas 
Video # 5 - Ernest L. Thomas Speaks

Juhahn Jones
Miss Jay 
Video # 6 - Miss Jay sings

Video # 7 - Miss Jay sings Part 2

Rock Band, Slide

Spicy Mari & Juhahn Jones doing raffle giveaway
Video # 8 - What is Juhahn Jones doing? 

Tanjareen Martin speaks The Universal Language. 
LaMont Wheat pop singer sings. 
Bamm Ericsen  & Tanjareen Martin
Scherrie Payne Co-Lead Singer "The Supremes"
Video # 9 - Scherrie Payne sings

Mark Kennedy America's Wealth Adviser 
R&B/Pop Group Xcedera
Video # 10 - Xcedrea performs part 1

Xcedrea - Calvin & Alvin Brownlee
Video # 11 - Xcedrea performs part 2

R&B/Pop Group Xcedera
Video # 12 - Xcedrea performs part 3

R&B/Pop Group Xcedera

Video # 13

Jamon Green
Video # 14 - Damon Green performs

Grammy Award Singer, Delious Kennedy
Miss Jay, Ernest L. Thomas & Tanjareen Martin
Speel iT Cast with LA Regional Food Bank
Video # 15 - Ms. Monet sings part 1 

Grammy Award Winner Ms. Monet 
Video # 16 - Ms Monet sings part 2

Video # 17

Video # 18 - Its Party Time

Speel iT cast with guests
Speel iT cast with with show Producer Ted Kennedy


B.J. Drake Marketing Director & Brand Ambassador "The Taste Of Island  Paradise"
Calvin Brownlee with Hula Girl Beverage reps & Senator Curran D. Price Jr.

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Xcedera Twins, Calvin & Alvin and Bamm Ericsen

Calvin Brownlee, Ms. Monet, Miss Jay, Bamm Ericsen

Ms. Monet & Miss Jay 
Calvin Brownlee, Ms. Monet & Bamm Ericsen

Video # 19 - Ms. Monet shout out

For more information www.SpeelITPartyForAcause.com/

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice 

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  1. What a great night!!!! Thnx for covering our event. Great pics and video.


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