Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Kind of Production is this?

Post Represents: Sunday, June 3, 2012 

This whole production was inspired by so many people saying I looked like Larry Black/Cameo because of my mustache. I had to parody it before I cut it.

Temporary Note: More video will be added to this post in the future!

Compliments to Ed Magik for informing and providing access to his studio connect (LCA-ISM) Video Resources). 
No, I did not forget my pants. 

Video # 1

Lillie Levine, Adanna Kenlow & Motown Maurice in the first scene. 
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Video # 2

This shoot is going to take a little longer than planned. 
Video # 3

Yes, it is I. Motown Maurice. 
Video # 4

You heard me. Its just like Candy Damn It! 
Kritika Kapoor is laughing a bit to much right now. 
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Video # 5

Video # 6

Lillie Levine, Motown Maurice & Adanna Kenlow

Video # 7

Julio Hanson takes center stage. 
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Yes, I owe these Black Spandex Super Tight Pants! And what?  

Ed Magik holding it down behind the camera. 
Ed Magik Related: Team Meeting...Check

Hey Motown. Did you say its just like candy? 

Hey! How much longer do I have to wait my turn? 

The dynamic due take over! 

You got to love the Larry Black Mustache on Motown Maurice
This is not what I signed up for! 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

Its my turn whether you like it or not! 


I said Word Up! Hey!!! Mother...
Finally its my solo.
Sexy Adanna Kenlow knows how to work it. 

Hold up guys. Its some basic technicalities I can fix.  
Video # 8

Where is the camera you want me to look into? 

Oh! This camera. My bad. 
I can also play music! 

I'm a musical beast. 
Do you feel that? 
Say hello to my little friend! 
You like it don't you! 
That's not a mad idea Adanna.  
..Not a bad idea at all. 

Yes, I'm also a vampire with a liken for feet. 
Sorry but the suspender idea isn't working. 

I feel like the world is mine in this attire. 

I don't want the shoot to be over yet. I'm having so much fun. I feel free and natural.
Ed Magik and Motown Maurice. 

Did I just do that? 
Final Thoughts

I debated about doing this for a while. I'm glad I did because it was a subtle preparation for the big shoot the following weekend. As for the as the final product is concerned, please hold tight. I'll get it done somewhat soon.

It was a fun shoot. The unedited footage by itself is worth putting up. Which is why put this message:

Temporary Note: More video will be added to this post in the future!

Special thanks to everyone that jumped on board to make it happen.

Mustache Related: Mustache/Auditions GONE!

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night 

Motown Maurice


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  2. AAAHHHH, OMG, SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't wait for the final videos!!

    --Sexy A ;-D


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