Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bing Originals: Supper Club

I honestly thought I would of never seen this commercial. This past Saturday, I ran into Nassali who I met at the shoot in May, and she told me how to find it on youtube. We took a photo together at the shoot and she discovered the photo and left a comment on my blog on Oct. 11th. Ironically, two days later we saw each other for the first time since at the HBCU party.

Surprising enough. I can somewhat  be seen in the commercial.

Scene Locations: 0:13, 0:14 & 16

Final Thoughts

I remember them liking my look and asked me to stand and walk in a few scenes. No one I know noticed me but I certainly pointed myself out.


Bing - Supper Club Extra

Without Swag, Non-Swag-able...(Video # 3)

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice


  1. Out of curiosity, do you know the name of the actress who plays "Kate" in this commercial? Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I have no clue of "Kate's" real name. Sorry. Please let me know you got my reply.


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